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Walton Family

“The Walton's were originally from Wales where they were very clannish, built a town with a wall around it and were called Walltowns, which was later softened to Walton.”    This is one of the theories about the early Walton’s, most of the information handed down through families.   Other statements are:  "All the Walton's in the Revolution came of seven brothers, sons of Lord Walton of England, who came to America in 1710-11-12-13;”  or... "It has been handed down from sire to son from the remotest generation that the Walton's are Welsh and lived in Wall - towns, and were so called, the name becoming Walton later.    Researchers agree that the origin of the Walton Family was in England as far back as the 1100s.  When surnames were first being used, places and localities were the source of names taken by individuals and families. The Walton name could have originated from the fact many towns of this early period had defensive walls and reference to the town itself might have been simply, the "walled town".   “Many of the Walton Family who immigrated to America came from the region of Lancaster County, England, particularly from the area around Preston, although England has other Walton names in areas including Yorkshire. Current maps of this area still carry the Walton name in places and towns such as Walton le Dale, Higher Walton, and Walton Woods.”

There is disagreement about the Colonial destination of the Walton’s.    I am in the camp of the those who feel they had to have followed the course so many of our ancestors took -  in that they came first to Virginia.    A John Walton is listed in the "Ship Passenger List (The South - 1538-1825)", as coming to Virginia on the Elizabeth in 1620.  In "Greer's Early Virginia Immigrants" alone, 16 Walton's immigrated to Virginia between 1635 and 1656, and seven of these were named John Walton.  Some are firmly of the opinion that the original immigrant Walton landed in Pennsylvania,  and one account states that “On board the good ship "Welcome" which anchored in the waters of the Delaware on October 3, 1682, and which brought the celebrated William Penn to the future port of Philadelphia, came the pioneer WALTON.”

In "Walton American Patriots" several opinions are expressed:   “family tradition the story goes: Since the oldest son received all the fathers' inheritance so the 3 younger sons immigrated. One was Robert. He immigrated in 1682 on the good ship Welcome with William Penn landing in Delaware 3 Oct 1682. Though no evidence has been found to document this.”    However,  “Mrs. Will Barrett Walton says family tradition has it that 3 brothers came from Scotland and located in Prince Edward, Virginia.  A letter by one Walton descendant says the 3 brothers came to America in 1710-1713.  Another descendant wrote the brothers were descendants of John Walton of Wales.”   Still another historian names Robert I as the immigrant, and states that he and Fran were the parents of 5 children: Robert II who married Mary Hughes; George I - b. 2-17-1724 and married Martha Hughes (This historian names Robert and Martha Hughes of Virginia as the parents of Sally and Martha.); Joseph; Sherwood; and  Sally {Frances?}.”   

I recently spent a little  time looking into the early JOHN WALTON”s - immigrants.     

Woodson’s and Their Relations says that John Walton the Jamestown immigrant on the ‘Elizabeth’ --”came from Lancaster County, England and landed at Jamestown, Virginia in 1620.”  From him are descended most of the Virginia Walton's.”   He was living Accomack in 1634.    This John Walton died in 1640, leaving a will naming his infant son, another John.   "John Walton, Jr." was mentioned in the 1640 will of his father John as being about 1 year old.  A John Walton, Jr. and was known to be in colonial Virginia... and there are many mentions of a John Walton after 1640 - the supposed death date of his father.    While this John would have been in Accomac Co, Virginia - he would have been too young to be the John Walton mentioned as receiving land from Gov. Berkeley in 1651/2.

There was John Walton, 1637 immigrant Charles River County.   

There was also the John Walton, 1638 immigrant to Accomac.  This John Walton was the servant who, along with John Crowder, were transported to the colony by Alice Bagwell (whose son was Thomas Straton).      By 1651 he appears to be the John Walton who received the patent for 500 acres and 300 acres of land in Northumberland County on the south side of the Potomac River, from Sir William Berkeley, for transporting  persons.  Harper's Magazine, Volume 81, page 889, tells us what happened to the 300 acres of JOHN WALTON (patented Sept. 1651/2) that he seemingly almost immediately assigned to "John Hallowes" (1652) -----    "Of the elder brother of Laurence Washington, JOHN, nothing is known between February 1655, when is made administrator on his mother's property, and July 16, 1659, when he is found in Virginia *** 300 acres in Northumberland (alias Westmoreland) county, patented by him in 1664, being described as "due by patent to JOHN WALTON in 1642; assigned by [John Walton] to JOHN HALLOWS, by him in 1656 to Nicholas Lansden, and by him to Major [JOHN] WASHINGTON, 16 July 1659 (Chester MS)."     [note:  Walter Brodhurst and John Hallowes were also assigning interest in patents about this time.   John Hallowes is mentioned often in conjunction with John Walton]  1652, March 10:  Mr. Hallowes assignment of a patent (of 500 acres of land assigned to him from JOHN WALTON) to John Jenkins.  1652, April 13:  JOHN WALTON signs oath to Commonwealth of England.  He is leaving Westmoreland County with unsettled a/cs, there is "A Huy and Cry after" him.  21 October 1654.   1652, September 20:  JOHN WALTON his assignment of the patent to Mr. Hallowes.  1653, November 21:  Mr. Hallowes his letter of attorney:  Power of Attorney.  Mr. John Hallowes to JOHN WALTON, dated 5th November. 1654, May 10, pg. 25:  Power of Attorney:  Michael Tainter, mariner, to John Hallowes, gent., to call JOHN WALTON, cooper, unto account "concerning debts he hath received of mine by virtue of a letter of attorney," to receive payment in amount of the debts, etc.   Westmoreland County, VA Records, 1661-1664 by John Frederick Dorman pages 100-101. 21 Oct. 1659. Patrick Spence of Westmoreland County, planter, to John and Christopher Butler. For 6000 pounds of tobacco to be paid 3000 pounds in 1660 and 3000 in 1661. 250 acres upon Potomack River being one moiety of that plantation whereon I lately lived and whereon David Norry now liveth and FORMERLY GRANTED BY PATTENT  UNTO JOHN WALTON. Signed by Patrick Spence.   His wife was Elizabeth.   Was this the father of EDWARD WALTON, born about 1651, who was in York County by 1671?     And perhaps another son was William....

There was a William Walton, son of a John Walton, 1669:   In 1669 William Walton, son of John, sold 300 acres of land in Accomack County that had been acquired by his father from Thomas Gascoigne.     THOMAS GASCOIGNE/ Gaskins/Gascoyne/Gaskoyne (probable son of Henry Gascoigne) came to Virginia in the Bona Nova in 1619.   As "Thomas Gasko" he was living at Flowerdieu Hundred, 16 February 1623/4, but had moved to the Eastern Shore by Feb. 1624/5 (listed as Thomas Gaskoyne, age 24).   His first land patent was issued 9 September 1636 for ****300 acres in Accomack County on the main creek of the old plantation, now Northampton County - 50 acres being for his personal adventure, and 250 acres for the transportation on Josias Gambling, and Josias, Eliz, Alice and Mary Gaskins.   **** He sold this land to JOHN WALTON, whose son WILLIAM WALTON sold it to Richard Whitemarsh, who included it in a patent for 458 acres in Northampton County, 30 October 1669.    Thomas Gascoigne had moved to Northumberland County by 15 September 1649 where he patented 240 acres in Great Wicocomoco River, being a neck of land bounded on the north by a branch parting this land from land of John Dennis and on the south from land of Peter Knight.

That brings us to EDWARD WALTON.   Edward Walton, born about 1668/1672.   The Gulf States Historical Magazine, Volume 2, page 116, states he was in New Kent County, Virginia, and his family can be determined from the St. Peter's Parish Register.    He died about 1720.    Was his father the Edward born about 1645?     In any case, descendants of Edward Walton intermarried with descendants of * Robert Walton (whose wife was Frances Sherwood).    Knowing that often, during these early Colonial times, “cousins” married “cousins,”  it is interesting to suppose there was a common antecedent.     I began collecting information on Edward (Jr/s?) descendants because it became impossible to collect information on my Walton’s*, without collection information on Edward’s family, just to keep them straight!   

There was also a John Walton, 1648 immigrant  to Nansimond County, Virginia.    I have nos tried to research this John.    

It’s hard to believe we will ever solve the contradictory views, or determine exactly who the original immigrant was for our Walton’s of Augusta.   If there were any documents that might answer the question they would have been discovered by now?!    So I must start with the ancestor we are sure about, and that is Robert Walton.   But I do wish we could solve the question of Robert’s father.... was Edward  Robert’s father! ?

Certainly our earliest documented ancestor, Robert Walton, was in Virginia.  In "Descendants of Stephen Pankey, Sr." it states:  ".....Robert Walton, of Prince Edward County, born about 1692, and his wife Frances, born 17 January about 1697; died 10 March 1780.....was a son of ROBERT WALTON, SR. (See C. C. Walton's Chart of Walton's of Virginia.).”  

ROBERT WALTON was born circa 1692/4, and died 5 Mar 1733/1734 in New Kent County, VA (usually designated “Jr.”)    Wilmer Kerns, whose opinion I value very much, stated this about Robert:   “Robert Walton "Jr.," was probably the son of Edward Jr. and Elizabeth Walton.   He is listed as Robert Walton "Jr." in the St. Peter's Parish records of New Kent County, where he served as Clerk of the Vestry from 1723 to 1734. The designation "Jr." does not necessarily mean that his father was named Robert, but that a Robert Walton older than he was living in the same locality. It is believed that Robert "Jr." lived and died in New Kent County, where he, as eldest son, would have inherited his father's estate in 1720. William and Thomas Walton, alleged younger brothers of Robert "Jr.," resettled in an area of Goochland County that became, in 1749, Cumberland County. Two children of Robert "Jr.," George and Robert "III" Walton, settled in the same vicinity of Goochland and/or Cumberland County, as evidenced by land records and other courthouse documents. Robert "Jr." married Frances Sherwood (in approximately 1715) who was born on Jan. 17, 1697 and died on March 10, 1780.”    Their children were born in New Kent County, VA.   I do not know the parents of Frances Sherwood.  

Robert Walton and Frances Sherwood’s children were:   

1)    Robert (II) * WALTON (b.7 Jan 1717/1718-Prince Edward County,VA d.25 Jan 1750-Cumberland Cty,VA)
 | sp: Mary HUGHES * (b.11 Mar 1723/1724-Cumberland Cty,VA m.1740 d.24 Nov 1760-Littleton Parish,Cumberland County,Virginia)
2)    Rebecca WALTON (b.20 Apr 1720-New Kent Co,VA d.1789)
 | sp: Charles PEARSON
 | sp: John (son of George James, of Eng) WALTON (b.1707 d.1796)
3)    Joseph WALTON (b.10 Feb 1721/1722-New Kent Co,VA d.Dec 1800)
 | sp: Mary
4)  George  WALTON (Uncle George) (b.17 Feb 1723/1724-Prince Edward County,VA d.17 Nov 1796-Cumberland Cty,VA)
 | sp: Martha HUGHES (b.25 Nov 1734-Prince Edward County,VA m.14 Aug 1749 d.18 Sep 1813-Cumberland County,VA)
5)   Frances WALTON (b.14 Jan 1726/1727-New Kent Co,VA d.1766-Bedford County,VA)
 | sp: Col. Richard CALLAWAY (b.4 Jun 1717-Essex County,VA m.1745 d.8 Mar 1778-Kentucky)
6)    Sherwood WALTON (b.10 Jul 1728-New Kent Co,VA d.Abt 1811-Amelia County,VA)
 | sp: Susannah JOUETT
7)    Sally (dau of Rbt Sr) WALTON (b.1730-New Kent Co,VA)

The children of Robert Walton and Frances Sherwood

1)   Robert Walton (II) was born 7 January 1717/18 in  New Kent County, VA; died 25 January 1750 in Cumberland County, VA   Robert Walton's birth was written in the Vestry Book and Register of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA as "Robert, son of Robert and Frances Walton born January 7th, 1717/18".   Robert Walton listed as Vestry Clerk for St. Peters Parish Church, New Kent Co., Va. from 1723 to 1734.

The Will of Robert Walton (II)  - Cumberland County Will Book 1, pp 15, 16, 17

    I, Robert Walton of the County of Goochland being in perfect mind and memory thanks be to Almighty God for the same do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament and first and primarily I Recommend my soul to God that gave it and my body I Recommend to the Earth to be decently Interred at the Discretion of my executors hereafter named and as touching such Worldly Estate as it hath pleased Almighty God to bless me withal in this Life I give and Dispose of in manner and form following.
Imprimus: I order that all my just Debts be ___?tually paid:
 Item: I give and bequeath unto my son John one hundred and thirty acres of Land be the same more or less I purchased of Sanberry Woodson on James River to him and his heirs and assigns forever with Negro Toby and my desk.  
  Item: I give and bequeath unto my son Robert four hundred acres of land in the County of Albemarle below Slate Mountain to him and his heirs and assigns forever with my Negroes Charles and Philis and Peter, the said Philis' child and her increase with my Surveyor's Instruments and one Feather Bed and furniture.  But if my loving wife Mary shall be now with child my will is that the Negroes mentioned to be willed to my son Robert be equally divided between the child and my son Robert when the youngest comes to age which shall be at Twenty one years.  
  Item:  I lend my aforementioned Tract of Land on James River to my loving wife during her Natural life or Widowhood and give and bequeath unto my said wife my Negro Duke,
a horse and side saddle, a bed and furniture and the work of the Negroes until the children   come to age for and toward the maintaining and schooling my said children.
 Item : All the rest of my land not here devised, I will to be sold toward the payment of my Debts and that my loving wife shall make undoubted title thereof in fee simple.
 Item:  All the rest of my goods and chattels __ ? of what nature of property soever, I will it to be divided between my loving wife, my son Robert and the other supposed child and lastly, I constitute and appoint my loving wife Mary Walton whole and sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament making Void and Null all other wills by me heretofore made.  In witness thereof, I, the said Robert Walton have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this XXVII (27) Day of February MDCCXLVI  (1746)
       R. Walton (SS)
Signed Sealed & Delivered, To be his last Will & Testament in Presence of us -   Anthony Hughes;  Samuel (his mark) Cocker;  Eliz. E. Hughes

(Page 17)(Codicil) 26th June 1750.  Though I have formerly made my will, because of some alterations, I do make this codicil to my will - First, I give and bequeath to my son John and his heirs forever one hundred and fifty acres of land where I now live.  I give and bequeath to my son Robert and his heirs forever about six or seven hundred acres of land on Stanton River agreed for of Randolph.
 Item:  I give and bequeath my two new Negroes to my daughter Sarah and the child my wife now goes with to be equally divided between them when they come of age but in case either of them should die before they should attain to the age of Twenty-one years then the Survivor shall enjoy the deceased's part.
 Item:  I Repeal this part of my will as appointing my loving wife whole and sole Executrix and I Constitute and Appoint Tucker Woodson and George Walton Executors of this my last Will and Testament.
 Item:  I give and bequeath to my son Robert and his heirs forever one hundred and twenty-five acres of land in Cumberland Co. on the Chapple Roads.
 Item:  I give and bequeath to my Daughter Sarah and the child which my wife now goes with the sum of two hundred pounds Current money of Virginia to be equally Divided between them when they come of age or marry.
 Item:  I give my Two Executors above named full power and lawful authority to sell and Convey any of my Lands not here Divised towards raising money to pay my Debts and Legacies and to Saving the Rest and all the Lands which my executors shall think proper to keep shall be Equally Divided among all my children.  Witness thereof I Declare this to be part of my last will and Testament and have thereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this fifth day of September, one thousand seven hundred and forty-nine.
      Robert Walton (Seal)
Signed Sealed & Delivered, In presence of us……Sherwood Walton
My dear friend and Walton/Watkins cousin, Mrs. E. Richards, stated:  “Apparently, daughter Sarah Walton was born after the original 1746 writing of the will and son George Walton "the Signer" was the child born after the writing of the Codicil in Dec. of 1749.  The law of Primogeniture was still in effect in VA before the Revolution and when an individual died without a will, legally all his property would go to the oldest son with a dower to the widow.  Robert Walton was making sure all of his children inherited something from his estate.  In actuality, by the 1700's, arrangements were often made to share an estate among heirs even without a will.”

Cumberland County Court Order Book (No. 2) 1752-58:      The written last will and testament of Robert Walton decd. was presented in court by Mary Walton the Executrix therein named who made oath thereto according to law and the same being proved by the oaths of the witnesses thereto as also a codicil to the said will was proved by the oaths of the witnesses thereto and by the court ordered to be recorded and on the motion of the said Executrix certificate is granted her for obtaining a probate thereof in due form.
Cumberland Court (VA), 23rd May 1757
   On the motion of George Walton and Tucker Woodson executors of Robert Walton deceased setting forth that the certificate of the proof of the said "Robert Walton's Will" varies in the record book from the certificate in the Minute Book in this, that by the minute book it appears that certificate was granted to the said George Walton and Tucker Woodson for obtaining a probate thereof and by the record book it appears that the certificate was granted to Mary Walton the widow of said Robert and it appearing to the court that the certificate in the record book is erroneous (torn) ordered to be certified.

Robert Hughes appointed guardian to Robert Walton orphan of Robert Walton, deceased.
George Walton appointed guardian to Sally Walton and George Walton infants, orphans of Robert Walton decd
Tucker Woodson appointed guardian to John Walton, infant, orphan of Robert Walton, deceased.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Robert Walton (II) married Mary Hughes, born 11 Mar 1723/1724 Cumberland County, VA; died 24 Nov 1760 Littleton Parish, Cumberland County, Virginia, about 1740, the daughter of Robert Hughes and Martha Morton.   "Mrs. Walton did not survive her husband by many years.  By the time son George was 7 years old, their son was an orphan under the guardianship of his father's brother - also named George Walton - who had recently married Martha Hughes, the sister of the Mary Hughes Walton."  Note from  Mrs. E. Richards, 2004:  "Mary Hughes Walton, widow of Robert Walton, married after her first husband's death to John WINFREY, on April 27, 1752.   He was the manager or overseer of Robert Walton's plantation.  She died within a year or so of that marriage."

Robert Walton and Mary Hughes had the following children.

1)     John  * WALTON (b.1742/1743 d.1781/1783-Augusta,Ga (will made in 1778))  (brother of signer)
 | sp: Elizabeth "Betsey" CLAIBORNE (m.15 Feb 1768/1769)
2)      Robert (III)  WALTON (b.1744/1745 d.12 Jul 1797-Augusta,Ga)   (brother of signer)
 | sp: Frances CARTER
3)   Sarah "Sally * WALTON (b.8 Oct 1746-Swift Creek,Goochland/Cumberland County,VA d.20 Nov 1805-Kentucky)   (sister of signer)
 | sp: THOMAS * (called "Jr.) WATKINS (b.Abt 1738/1741-Powhatan Co,VA m.8 Feb 1762 d.1778-Henrico County,Virginia)
 | sp: Joshua MORRIS (b.Circa 1753-James City County,VA d.Circa 1840-Arkansas)
4)    GEORGE WALTON (b.1749-Farmville,Cumberland County,VA d.2 Feb 1804-Augusta,Ga)   (Signer of the Declaration of Independence)
    sp: Dorothy CAMBER (b.1754-Chatham County,GA m.1775 d.12 Sep 1832-Pensacola,FL)

John Winfree’s & Mary Hughes Descendants, as I know them, were:  

1. John WINFREY (WINFREE) (b.17 Aug 1728-St. Peter's Parish,New Kent County,Virginia)
sp: Mary HUGHES * (b.11 Mar 1723/1724-Cumberland Cty,VA m.27 Apr 1752 d.24 Nov 1760-Littleton Parish,Cumberland County,Virginia)
 |-2. John WINFREY (WINFREE) (b.1755 d.1830)
 |-2. Frances WINFREY (Mrs. Howard) (b.1757)
 |-2. Capt. Jesse WINFREY (WINFREE) of Georgia (b.Abt 1758-Probably Cumberland County,VA d.By Nov 1815-Columbia County,GA)
 | sp: Frances A. SPENCER (b.Abt 1766-Charlotte County,VA m.16 Jun 1791)
 |  |-3. Eliza Julia WINFREY (b.Abt 1792/1795-Georgia d.By 1815)
 |  | sp: Adam WALKER (m.3 Jan 1810)
 |  |  |-4. Robert W. WALKER (b.Abt 1811)
 |  | sp: Jonathan WOOD (m.29 Mar 1814)
 |  |  +-4. Jonathan Winfrey WOOD (d.By Jan 1846-Columbia County,GA)
 |  |-3. Sarah W. WINFREY (b.Abt 1794-Georgia)
 |  | sp: James Isaac WALKER (m.10 Nov 1813)
 |  |  |-4. Eliza Jane WALKER (b.Abt 1816-Columbia County,GA)
 |  | sp: Ewell MCCOY (m.24 Jan 1830)
 |  |  +-4. Green MCCOY
 |  |-3. Frances A. WINFREY (b.Abt 1796-Georgia)
 |  | sp: Dr. David A. COOPER
 |  |  +-4. Sarah E. COOPER
 |  |-3. Benjamin E. WINFREY (b.Abt 1798-Georgia d.Bef 28 May 1823-Columbia County,GA)
 |  | sp: Sarah TINDELL (m.13 Feb 1816)
 |  |  +-4. Robert WINFREY
 |  |-3. Nancy WINFREY (b.Abt 1800-Georgia)
 |  | sp: James STALLINGS (m.23 Apr 1820)
 |  |  |-4. Elizabeth STALLINGS (b.21 Mar 1821-Columbia County,GA d.21 May 1906-Cherokee,TX)
 |  |  | sp: John J. PERKINS
 |  |  |-4. Susan Elmira J. STALLINGS (b.5 Jun 1825-Columbia County,GA d.28 Feb 1904)
 |  |  | sp: Jeremiah "Jerry" ELLIOTT (m.12 Apr 1839)
 |  |  |-4. Samuel J. STALLINGS (b.1827-Newton County,GA)
 |  |  | sp: Mary Ann HUCKELBY
 |  |  |-4. William C. STALLINGS C.S.A. (b.1829-Columbia County,GA d.29 Jan 1865)
 |  |  |-4. Mary J. STALLINGS (b.1833-Monroe County,GA)
 |  |  | sp: John MAYHAR (m.25 Sep 1871)
 |  |  |-4. James L. STALLINGS (b.1835-Monroe County,GA)
 |  |  | sp: Martha R.
  |  |  |-4. John A. STALLINGS C.S.A. (b.1838-Monroe County,GA d.31 Jul 1862)
 |  |  |-4. Nancy Jane STALLINGS (b.1840-Monroe County,GA)
 |  |  +-4. Martha A. STALLINGS (b.1842-Monroe County,GA)
 |  |-3. Ann Lee WINFREY (b.Abt 1802-Georgia)
 |  | sp: Thomas COLVARD
 |  +-3. Martha Hughes WINFREY (b.16 Dec 1806-Columbia County,GA d.2 Dec 1873-Talbot County,GA)
 |    sp: Sterling JONES (m.9 Nov 1823)
 |    sp: William P. DRANE
 |-2. Jacob WINFREY (died in battle during Revolution) (d.Battle of Guilford Court House in Revolution)
 |-2. Elizabeth WINFREY (Mrs. Farris) (not sure of her mother - Mary or Judith?)
sp: Judith
My family’s line of Walton ancestry and descent:

Robert Walton & Frances Sherwood, to their son:

Robert Walton & Mary Hughes, through 2 of their children:

John Walton who married Elizabeth Claiborne, and their daughter Elizabeth Martha Walton

And Sarah Walton who married Thomas Watkins, and their son Col. Robert Watkins.

Col. Robert Watkins married his first cousin, Elizabeth Martha Walton.   

Their son was Col. Thomas Watkins who married Elizabeth Arrington.

Thomas & Elizabeth’s daughter was Mary Elizabeth Martha Watkins.

Martha Watkins married Charles DeLaigle, only son of Nicolas de l’Aigle of Augusta, GA.  

From there:

Personally:  My gg-grandmother was Virginia DeLaigle, who married Thomas Newton Hopkins of Augusta, GA

Their daughter was Rebecca “Pet” Hopkins who married Thomas Davis Jackson (they moved to Bham 1902)  

Pet & T.D.’S daughter was my grandmother, Helen Jackson, who married Robert McClure

Helen & Robert’s daughter was my mother,
Jeanne McClure, who married Samuel H. Sanders, Jr.   

Virginia Sanders Mylius