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Walton Family, continued (page 2)

The children of Robert Walton and Frances Sherwood, continued

2.  Rebecca Walton was born 20 Apr 1720 according to parish records at St. Peter's Church; she died 1789. She married  1st) Charles Pearson, and I know of 5 children:   1) Sherwood Pearson (b 1742), 2) Joseph Pearson, (b 1743), 3) Richmond Pearson (b 1750),  4) Elizabeth “Betsy” Pearson, and 5) Frances Walton Pearson.    I would love to know more about them, if anyone has more to share.    She married 2nd. John Walton, my notes say the son of George James Walton “of England” and Elizabeth Rowe.   I do not know these Walton’s relationship to our Walton’s.   Son:  6) Thomas Walton.   Here are the descendants, as I know them, of Rebecca Walton:  

1. Rebecca WALTON (b.20 Apr 1720-New Kent Co,VA d.1789)
sp: Charles PEARSON
 |-2. Sherwood PEARSON (b.1742 d.28 Oct 1816-Pittsylvania County,VA)
 | sp: Elizabeth LIGON (m.3 Sep 1770)
 |  |-3. John Richmond PEARSON
 |  |-3. Richmond Liggon PEARSON (b.22 Aug 1772 d.3 May 1857)
 |  |-3. Hal L. PEARSON (b.24 Aug 1775 d.3 Dec 1807-Kentucky)
 |  |-3. Joseph PEARSON (b.15 Jan 1777 d.3 Dec 1807-Green County,KY)
 |  |-3. Sherwood (Jr.) PEARSON (b.22 Aug 1779 d.29 Feb 1808)
 |  |-3. James Mastin PEARSON (b.6 Jun 1782 d.27 Dec 1869)
 |  |-3. Thomas PEARSON (b.2 Jan 1785 d.5 Jul 1785-Lawrence Co.,AL)
 |  |-3. (Doctor) PEARSON (b.17 Apr 1787 d.Abt 1834-McMinn County,TN)
 |  |-3. Elizabeth W. PEARSON (b.9 May 1790)
 |  |-3. Charles PEARSON (b.8 Apr 1792)
 |  |-3. Polly PEARSON (b.9 Nov 1794 d.12 Jan 1875-Franklin County,VA)
 |  +-3. William L. PEARSON (b.19 Aug 1799 d.17 Jun 1864)
 |-2. Joseph PEARSON (b.1743 d.1832-Davie County,NC)
 | sp: Catherine (1)
  |  |-3. Joseph R. PEARSON
 |  |-3. Elizabeth W. PEARSON
 |  |-3. Catherine PEARSON
 |  |-3. Sarah Ellen PEARSON
 |  |-3. Josephine PEARSON
 |  |-3. William G. PEARSON
 |  |-3. Charles (son of Joseph) PEARSON
 | sp: Eleanor (2) BRENT
 |  |-3. Mary Y. PEARSON
 |  | sp: Joseph WELCH/WALSH
 |  +-3. Anna Maria PEARSON
 |    sp: John FARLEY
 |-2. Richmond PEARSON (b.1750-Dinwiddie County,VA d.1819-Davie County,NC)
 | sp: Sarah HADEN (m.5 Nov 1772)
 |  |-3. Betsey PEARSON (b.10 Aug 1776)
 | sp: Eliza Coit MUMFORD (b.1761 m.1780)
 |  |-3. Jesse A. PEARSON
 |  |-3. Joseph (son of Richmond) PEARSON
 |  |-3. Charles R. PEARSON
 |  |-3. Giles William PEARSON
 |  |-3. John Stokes PEARSON
 |  |-3. George (son of Richmond) PEARSON
 |  |-3. Sarah A. PEARSON
 |  |-3. M. Eliza PEARSON
 |  +-3. Richmond Montforth PEARSON (b.1805 d.1878)
 |    sp: Margaret C. WILLIAMS (b.1811 m.11 Jun 1842 d.1855)
 |-2. Elizabeth "Betsy" PEARSON (b.1756/1757)
 |-2. Frances Walton PEARSON

sp: John (son of George James, of Eng) WALTON (b.1707 d.1796)
 +-2. Thomas (son of John & Rebecca) WALTON
   sp: Rebecca MORRIS
    |-3. Elias Rowe WALTON (b.1764/1765)
    | sp: Mary BRITT
    |  +-4. Mary WALTON
    |-3. William (son of Thomas & Rebecca) WALTON (b.1774/1775-Brunswick County,VA)
    | sp: Lucy BRITT
    |-3. John (son of Thomas) WALTON (b.1767)
    |-3. Thomas (Jr.) (son of Thomas) WALTON (b.1770)
    +-3. Mary (dau of Thomas) WALTON (b.1774)

3) Joseph Walton was born 10 Feb 1721/1722 in New Kent Co., VA,  he died in Dec. 1800.  Notes of Wilmer Kerns:  Joseph Walton was born Feb. 10, 1722, and married a woman named Mary. A Joseph Walton bought 400 acres in on both sides of Brimmer Creek (sic) in Goochland County on July 10, 1745. On Sept. 5, 1749, Joseph bought 192 acres along Bremore Creek of the Fluvanna River. One person claiming to be a descendant of Joseph says that he died in Richmond County, Georgia. That is not consistent with a court record in Lunenburg County, Virginia, dated Oct. 3, 1768, where his orphan son, Jesse Walton, was bound to Isaac Hill.

Most of my information about Joseph and his son William and their descendants comes from Mrs. Elizabeth Lamkin Johnson, who I know would not object to my mentioning her.  She generously shared all of her family notes on this family.   Elizabeth wrote:   "Robert Walton II and Joseph Walton - father of William Walton, Revolutionary soldier of whom our families are directly descended, were brothers. Therefore, Joseph Walton, our great-great-great grandfather was the uncle of George Walton, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and Robert Walton II, father of George Walton - the signer - was the uncle of [our] William Walton.”   GA D.A.R.:  “One of his sons, WILLIAM WALTON, settled in Columbia County, GA and was a member of the Revolutionary Congress at Philadelphia in 1781 as shown by an original letter addressed to him on Nov. 6th of that year, by John Laurens, of S.C. who was asking his influence in the forming of a corp of troops, at the head of which was John Lauren.’     

Joseph Walton married Mary, and they had 3 children we have been able to identify:  1)  William; 2) Frances; and 3) Jesse.     We know quite a bit about William Walton, but nothing else about Frances or Jesse.  

William Walton, son of Joseph, was born 11 Feb 1754 in Prince Edward Co., VA.  He moved to Columbia County, GA  in 1790.   On Feb. 26th 1792. WILLIAM APPLING sold to the Commissioners of the Courthouse, for five shillings, for use as a Courthouse and Gaol, five acres laid out of his premises by WILLIAM WALTON, Esquire, excepting a graveyard not exceeding 1/4 acre to be laid off square including the graves appertaining to said yard.   Mrs. Johnson said that King George IV of England gave a grant to William WALTON, Revolutionary War soldier.  (Ella Gertrude Walton Lamkin's home place was located on this grant, in Columbia County, 20 acres.  In 1993, the only part we still own of this land grant from the king is the 7 1/2 acres of the home place across Little Kiokee Creek on the Old Washington Road.  (These 7 1/2 acres join Elizabeth Benton Lamkin Johnson's property.   This home place, "The Oaks" [plantation] from her mother, Daisy Elizabeth Lamkin) and the 7 1/2 acres owned by Robert Walton LAMKIN, Jr., deceased, and now belonging to his heirs (his children)."     "In late July 1818, William WALTON was coming home through a section known as Deer Park when he was attacked by a big stag.   He was seriously injured, but managed to drag himself home.   He finally died from these wounds on August 1, 1818.  He was buried in the Walton Cemetery on the land he owned and settled.     

William married Sarah Grinage on 22 Dec 1792 in Columbia Co., GA.  At times her last name is spelled with 2 “n’s” - Father not confirmed.   There was a Joshua Grinage who died in 1823, will filed in Lincoln Co, but I have not seen a transcript of it.  He was mostly likely her father.   He had a daughter, Mary, who married in 1809:   April 6, 1809, Thursday, 'MARRIED, on Thursday evening the 29th ult. By the Rev. A. Marshall, Mr. JOHN M. JAMESON, of this City to the agreeable Miss MARY GRINAGE, daughter of Joshua Grinage, Esq. of Lincoln County."    I have other misc. notes on Joshua, if anyone is interested.     WILL of Sarah G. Walton:  WALTON, Sarah s/July 30 1833. p/Nov 23 1833 (nee Sarah Grinage, widow of William Walton, Rev Soldier) Daughters, Blanche Woods, Frances Cartledge. Son Jesse, Grandson John W. Ramsey, Exr. James Cartledge. Witness: Isaac Ramsey, George O'Neal and Hezekiah Baston.

We have quite a bit of information on the descendants of William Walton; too much to display here.   Please see the following pdf file about William Walton, six generations.    Further generations are not included for privacy.   Feel free to contact me if you would like more information, including other pictures.    

                                William Walton of Columbia County, Georgia (pdf file)       

Just a few generations of William’s descendants were:

1. William  WALTON  (son of Joseph & Mary) (b.11 Feb 1754-Prince Edward County,VA d.1 Aug 1818-Columbia County,GA)
sp: Sarah GRINAGE (m.22 Dec 1792 d.30 Oct 1833-Columbia County,GA)  (parents unknown)
 |-2. Joseph (II) WALTON (died a child) (b.28 Oct 1793-Columbia County,GA d.1 Sep 1805-Columbia County,GA)
 |-2. Pallie Naomi WALTON (b.20 Aug 1795 d.17 Mar 1817)
 | sp: Samuel (son of John Jr. & Mary) RAMSEY (b.1789 d.6 Mar 1815)
 |  |-3. John Walton RAMSEY (b.1812)
 |  |-3. Blanchy S. F. RAMSEY (died a child) (d.14 Oct 1817)
 |  |-3. S.F.C. RAMSEY (b.10/(18?) Dec. 1814)
 | sp: Jonathan W. WOOD (b.1785)
 |-2. Blanche L. WALTON (b.5 Sep 1797-Columbia County,GA d.24 Aug 1864)
 | sp: Jonathan W. WOOD (b.1785)
 |  |-3. Thomas WOOD (b.Abt 1833)
 |  |-3. Eugeni(a) WOOD (b.Abt 1836)
 |  +-3. Blanche R. WOOD (b.Abt 1848)
 |-2. William Fairfax WALTON (died age 19) (b.20 Aug 1794 d.1 Aug 1815)
 |-2. Jesse Sims WALTON (b.17 Aug 1801-Columbia County,GA d.10 Aug 1866-Columbia County,GA)
 | sp: Palatiah Ellis JONES (b.19 Sep 1813-Columbia County,GA m.23 Feb 1830 d.1 Nov 1890-Columbia County,GA)
 |  |-3. Sara Frances WALTON (died a baby) (b.1 Jan 1831-Columbia County,GA d.4 Oct 1831-Columbia County,GA (age 9 months))
 |  |-3. Joseph Ellis WALTON (died a baby) (b.12 Sep 1832-Columbia County,GA d.9 Jun 1833-Columbia County,GA (age 9 months))
 |  |-3. Jesse Alphonso WALTON (b.11 May 1834-Columbia County,GA d.1898-Richmond County,GA)
 |  | sp: Mary Louisa Hannah SMITH (m.26 Feb 1857)
 |  |-3. William Thomas WALTON (b.9 Nov 1836-Columbia County,GA d.14 Oct 1895-Columbia County,GA)
 |  | sp: Mary Simmons BERRY (b.1841 m.24 May 1860)
 |  |-3. Lucilius Diogenes WALTON (b.22 Mar 1839-Columbia County,GA d.11 Dec 1888-Columbia County,GA)
 |  | sp: Jane Catherine MCLEAN (b.17 Mar 1849 m.21 Feb 1867 d.29 Jul 1888)
 |  |-3. Mary Elizabeth WALTON (b.14 Mar 1844-Columbia County,GA d.Mar 1928-Atlanta,GA)
 |  | sp: James Luke CLANTON (b.1844 m.23 Dec 1868 d.5 Apr 1892)
 |  |-3. Ellis Jones WALTON (b.23 Apr 1846-Columbia County,GA)
 |  | sp: Mary Amelia MCLEAN (b.20 Sep 1851 m.7 Dec 1870 d.20 Jul 1883)
 |  |-3. George Tatnall WALTON (b.8 Feb 1849-Columbia County,GA)
 |  | sp: Alice Isabella (or Isabel) MCLEAN (b.9 Jul 1859 m.16 Oct 1879 d.24 Nov 1907)
 |  |-3. Ella Gertrude WALTON (b.1 Jul 1852-Columbia County,GA d.11 Apr 1944-Augusta,GA)
 |  | sp: James Alexander (I) LAMKIN (b.5 Oct 1850-Columbia County,GA m.14 Nov 1882 d.14 Apr 1922-Columbia County,GA)
 |  |-3. Dr. Robert Jones WALTON (b.19 Sep 1854-Augusta,GA d.Apr 1925-Harlem,GA)
 |  | sp: Margaret ("Maggie") DENT (b.1864 m.10 Apr 1884 d.25 Sep 1918-Harlem (Augusta),GA)
 |  | sp: Ada ZACHARY (bu.Harlem Cemetery,Harlem,GA)
 |  +-3. Carrie Palatiah WALTON (b.3 Jan 1858)
 |-2. Hiram WALTON (died a child) (b.6 Aug 1803-Columbia County,GA d.2 Feb 1815-Columbia County,GA)
 |-2. Thomas Jefferson WALTON (died a child) (b.25 Mar 1805-Columbia County,GA d.5 Feb 1815-Columbia County,GA)
 +-2. Frances Georgie WALTON (b.19 Aug 1807-Columbia County,GA d.27 Oct 1865-Lincoln County,GA)
   sp: James (Jr.) CARTLEDGE (b.13 Jan 1796 d.12 Jun 1851-Lincoln County,GA)
    |-3. Sarah Frances (died an infant) CARTLEDGE (b.13 Oct 1825 d.23 Oct 1825)
    |-3. Rebecca Sarah (died at age 15) CARTLEDGE (b.12 Mar 1827 d.30 Nov 1842)
    |-3. Frances Walton CARTLEDGE (b.29 Mar 1829 d.27 Apr 1908)
    | sp: Jeremiah Green REESE/REES
    |-3. Walton CARTLEDGE C.S.A. (b.17 Jul 1831)
    | sp: Priscilla (dau. of Jeremiah & Mary Ramsey) CARTLEDGE
    |-3. James Jackson (III) CARTLEDGE (b.13 Sep 1834 d.20 Dec 1892)
    | sp: Nancy Jane (dau of Humphrey & Jane Smith) EVANS
    +-3. Jesse Mercer CARTLEDGE C.S.A. (b.5 Feb 1837-Columbia County,GA d.23 Apr 1909-Lincoln County,GA)
      sp: Martha Jane BENTLEY (b.9 Mar 1839-Lincoln County,GA m.16 Jan 1855 d.25 Apr 1898-Lincoln County,GA)
My family in Augusta, Jerry & Katie DeLaigle, took the following pictures of the little Walton family cemetery in Columbia County, GA:  

Walton Family Cemetery,
Columbia Co., GA

Original stone wall around cemetery
(built by slaves)

Gravestones of:

William Walton, Revolutionary Soldier, as placed by the DAR

Gravestone of Jesse Sims Walton and his wife, Palatiah Ellis Jones Walton.