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Walton Family, continued (page 4)

The children of Robert Walton (II) and Mary Hughes,  four children

The Descendants of Robert Walton & Mary Hughes (pdf)

“The “Signer” and his Siblings”

John Walton was the eldest child of Robert Walton and Mary Hughes.   He was born  ca 1742/1743, and died between June 11, 1781 when his will was written, and Aug 1, 1783 when there was appraisement of his estate, most like dying in 1783.  

The notes of Mrs. E. Richards:   Since John's name is listed first in his father's will and first in the codicil written later, it can be assumed that he was the oldest son.  There is approximate birth date for Sarah/Sally, the third child, of 1746 so working backward by two year intervals, a birth year of about 1742 can be given for John, the first child.  John was born on the south side of the James River in the part of Goochland Co., VA which became Cumberland County in 1748-49.  The choice of the name "John" is puzzling because there were no uncles or any proven Walton ancestors named John.  On the Hughes side of the family, Mary Hughes had no brothers named John and her father Robert had no brothers named John.   Mary Hughes did have a cousin named John, son of her uncle Stephen Hughes, and several researchers believe that Mary's grandfather was John Hughes.
     John's father Robert Walton II died either late in 1749 or early in 1750 when John was about 7 or 8 years old.  John was left land on the James River "bought of Sanbourn Woodson", his father's desk and a slave Toby.  In the codicil, John was left land "where I now live" by his father.  It appears that these two mentions are about the same tract of land.  Until 1757, John apparently lived with his mother on the home place both before and after her remarriage in 1754 to John Winfrey.  In 1757, some event occurred causing the court to appoint guardians for all four of the Walton siblings:  John, Robert III, Sarah/Sally and young George.  Tucker Woodson, the children's uncle, was appointed John's guardian.   At the September Court 1760, John was asked to choose a new guardian and he chose his father's brother George Walton.  The very interesting guardian accounts filed by the children's guardians can be found in Cumberland Co. Will Book I.  The last account recorded for John Walton, orphan of Robert Walton deceased, was filed by George Walton in August Court 1763 by which date John would have been 21 years of age (using the 1742 birth date).
      The next document found so far on John Walton is in Cumberland Co. VA Deed Book 4, pages 7-9, dated April 22, 1765.  By this deed, John Walton "of the province of North Carolina late of the county of Cumberland in Virginia" sold to Wade Netherland  and described as being the land John inherited from his father Robert Walton.  The words used to describe the land were taken straight from the wording of the will itself so there is no doubt that the John Walton of this deed is in fact the John Walton whose mother and father were Robert Walton II and Mary Hughes Walton.  So, sometime after August of 1763 and April of 1765, John Walton had made his way to somewhere in North Carolina.
      But John was not finished traveling because by 1768, he was a Justice of the Peace in St. Paul's Parish in Georgia (from which the county of Richmond was formed) and had been "awarded by Royal Grant 859 acres along Uchee Creek above public road laid out for Quakers".  He was also a tax collector for Augusta and surveyor of roads for St. Paul's Parish.   (from "The Waltons, Columbia County's Past")  

 In Prince Edward Co., VA Deed Book 4, pages 168-171 there is a document dated May 1, 1772 whereby John Walton gives his Power of Attorney to his brother Robert Walton of the County of Charlotte, VA and asked him to solicit and procure the Partition and Division of the undivided lands belonging to the four heirs of Robert Walton, deceased, by suit or any other method and then to sell for John such portions allotted to him as his share.  John received grants of land in St. Paul's Parish in 1774 and in 1775.  
       Material from the "Biographical Directory of the United States Congress" follows: "John Walton, delegate from St. Paul Parish to the Provincial Congress at Savannah, GA in 1775, elected to the Continental Congress Feb. 26, 1778; signed the Articles of Confederation on behalf of GA on July 24, 1778; held office of surveyor of Richmond Co. for several years; died at New Savannah, GA in 1783."
        “He was one of four patriots who, on July 4, 1774, signed a notice appearing in "The Georgia Gazette" of that date, condemning the taxes imposed on the Colonies by the British Parliament, and calling upon the people of the Province to assemble at Tondee's Tavern, in the city of Savannah, to formulate plans to redress their grievances.   He was at a later date, a delegate from the Parish of St. Paul's (now Augusta, Richmond County) to the Provincial Congress assembled at Savannah to approve the "American Bill of Rights."   He was one of a committee of five appointed at this meeting to frame and present an address to the British Governor, Sir James Wright.  His name appears as one of the signers of the famous "Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union" of the Thirteen States, drawn up on July 9, 1778."   
    In February of 1769 in Richmond Co., VA (St. Paul Parish), John married Elizabeth Claiborne, daughter of Leonard Claiborne.  

After John’s death, Elizabeth, married second to David Douglass.   To see information about Elizabeth & David Douglass’s children, go to the Claiborne Family.

The only surviving child of John Walton was daughter Elizabeth Martha who married Robert Watkins, (cousin) her father John's nephew, son of Thomas and Sally Walton Watkins.

             Last Will and Testament of JOHN WALTON,  June 11, 1778, Richmond County, GA

In the Name of God, Amen.   I, JOHN WALTON, of the parish of Saint Paul and State of Georgia, being of perfect health, sound mind and memory, but that that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament in the first place I resign my soul into the hands of Almighty God who gave it hoping for a happy resurrection by and through the merits of our blessed saviour and redeemer Jesus Christ and I desire that my body may be decently interred at the discretion of my executors hereafter named; and as touching such worldly goods as it hath pleased almighty God to bless me with, I give bequeath devise and dispose of them in the manner and form following.  

In the first place I lend to my beloved wife ELIZABETH, all that plantation or tract of land purchased of her father LEONARD CLAIBORNE and known by the name of the "upper place" during her natural life, it being in lieu of all Dower.   I give and bequeath unto my said wife Elizabeth the following negroes to wit, Ned, his wife Jinny, Fanny, Benn, Little Jinny, Judy, Milo, his wife Nanny, Arthur,  Bigg, Tim, his wife Nan, London, Charity, Old Lucy, Molly, Little Lucy, Booker, Guinea, Jack, Boatswain, Sparker & Natt, being twenty in the whole together with all their future increase to her, her heirs & assigns forever.  I also give unto my said wife Elizabeth all my household furniture, plate, carriages & carriage horses to her, her heirs and assigns forever.   
Item, I give & bequeath unto my son, LEONARD CLAIBORNE WALTON, all my lands at New Savannah to be taken possession of by him when he shall arrive at the age of twenty-one years except that part allotted for his mother's Dower, which he is to inherit at her decease, to him his heirs and assigns forever.
Item, I give and bequeath & devise unto my daughter ELIZABETH MARTHA WALTON five hundred acres of land, on Savannah River in the parish of Saint George and known by the name of "Sweetwater Plantation, to her, her heirs and assigns forever.  
Item, I give and bequeath & devise unto my son JOHN WALTON & the child my wife now goes with, all the rest and residue of my lands, not particularly mentioned that I may die seized of or entitled to in this State or else where, to be equally divided when the Elder shall come to the age of Twenty-one years, to them their heirs & assigns forever.    My intention is that if either of them should die before them come of age, the other is to heir the whole of this Legacy.  
Item, it is my will and desire that all the remainder of my negroes, not heretofore mentioned together with the work horses, stock & tools, to be kept together at my plantation at New Savannah, (that is to say, at any of them except the plantation Lent my wife Elizabeth as above) or elsewhere at the discretion of my Executors and after all my just debts are paid, moneys arising from the crops to be laid out, in negroes, or put out to interest at the discretion of my Executors (that is to say all except the necessary expenses of my children, in schooling, boarding, clothing & so forth) which said monies, negroes, work horses, stock & tools are to be equally divided between my three children & the one my wife now goes with, when my son Leonard Claiborne shall come of age, but in case my daughter Elizabeth Martha should marry before that time or choose to divide when she comes of age, she shall be at liberty to take her third or fourth part, as the case may be, according to the number of children then alive when she either marries or comes of age.  

Lastly I do ordain constitute and appoint my friends, WILLIAM GLASCOCK, BRITTON DAWSON & my brother GEORGE WALTON executors of this last will and testament and whereas I expect my friend, a neighbor, Britton Dawson,  will have the most trouble in management of the Estate, that is in hiring of overseers, providing necessaries for the plantation in hearing and in determining complaints of the negroes and so forth.   It is my will and desire that the said Britton Dawson be allowed out of said estate the sum of fifty pounds per annum so long as he shall act in the said business and I do hereby renounce and revoke all other wills by me heretofore made, appointing this to be my last will and Testament.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this Eleventh day of June in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred & Seventy Eight.  

Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said JOHN WALTON the Testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who were present at the signing and sealing thereof,
                                                                            Jno. Walton   (L.S.)
Barbara Manson, And. McLean, Donald Cameron

STATE OF GEORGIA:    "BY JNO. APPLING ESQ.   Register of Probates for the City of Richmond, Personally appeared Andrew McLean having one of the subscribing witnesses to the within Last Will & Testament of John Walton late of County of Richmond (planter) deceased and being duly sworn on the holy Evangelist of Almighty God made oath that he was personally present & did see the Testator sign, seal, publish, pronounce & declare the same to be & contain his Last Will & Testament and that he was of sound disposing mind and memory according to the best of his knowledge and belief and that he signed his name as a witness to the said Will at the request and in the presence of the Testator, I in the presence of Barbara Manson and Donald Cameron who he saw sign their names as witnesses to said will likewise.    And at the same time George Walton & William Glascock named executors qualified as such before me.  Given under my hand this              day of ______.           Jno. Appling, R. P.

(Note:   As of April 30, 2004,  a typed copy of the above Will is on file at the Richmond County Courthouse in Augusta, GA.   The dates of probate by John Appling were not filled in. /vsm)   In “Men of Mark in Georgia,” it is stated his will was was admitted to probate on the 24th of June 1793, but the appraisement of the estate of John Walton was in 1783.       “Appraisement of estate of John Walton, late of New Savannah in Richmond County, Aug 1, 1783.  Thos. Glascock, Jeremiah Bugg, Edward Rowell, Appraisers.   Note:  Several negroes were sold during the British Invasion and two are now run away, and the stock being plundered and dispersed, can not now be produced by Excrs and they ask for more time."

ELIZABETH CLAIBORNE:   Georgia Gazette gives the marriage of Elizabeth to John Walton:    February 15, 1769:   MARRIED, At Augusta, Mr. JOHN WALTON TO Miss BETSEY CLAIBORNE, daughter of Leonard Claiborne, Esq.     She is further identified by her first husband John Walton’s will:   From John Walton's will:   In the first place I lend to my beloved wife ELIZABETH, all that plantation or tract of land purchased of her father LEONARD CLAIBORNE and known by the name of the "upper place" during her natural life, it being in lieu of all Dower.   I give and bequeath unto my said wife Elizabeth the following Negroes to wit, Ned, his wife Jinny, Fanny, Benn, Little Jinny, Judy, Milo, his wife Nanny, Arthur,  Bigg, Tim, his wife Nan, London, Charity, Old Lucy, Molly, Little Lucy, Booker, Guinea, Jack, Boatswain, Sparker & Natt, being twenty in the whole together with all their future increase to her, her heirs & assigns forever.  I also give unto my said wife Elizabeth all my household furniture, plate, carriages & carriage horses to her, her heirs and assigns forever.

Elizabeth married second David Douglas.   This wedding was announced in the Royal Georgia Gazette, March 29, 1781:   MARRIED:  At Augusta, Mr. David Douglass to Mrs. Walton, widow of John Walton, Esq.        Dec 23, 1785:    DAVID DOUGLAS and wife ELIZABETH, Folio 188:  merchant of Augusta.  To Edward Rowell of New Savannah, one acre on Butler Creek, during the natural life of said Elizabeth, being a part of tract given her by JOHN WALTON, dec'd, for that term.   Test:  Seaborn Jones, John LeFever, Dalziel Hunter.  Her second husband drowned in 1790.

In 1791, her son-in-law Robert Watkins made arrangements to help his mother-in-law:      April 10, 1791, ROBERT WATKINS, page 37, of Rosney, Richmond Co., Atty at law; to THOS. WATKINS of Augusta, GEO. WATKINS of Wilkes Co., and JOHN DOUGLAS of New Providence, all Esqrs.  All slaves, etc.   Whereas ELIZABETH DOUGLAS, widow and relict of David Douglas of Burke Co., dec'd, is the mother of Elizabeth Martha, only surviving child of a former marriage of the said Elizabeth Douglas with the Hon. John Walton of New Savannah, Richmond Co., dec'd, and who intermarried with and is the wife of said Robert Watkins by which said last intermarriage he acquired an ample estate as the inheritance of said Elizabeth Martha.   Whereas DAVID DOUGLAS died leaving his estate in debt,  etc, depriving his widow and four children of any support.  Moved by filial affection etc, Robert attended sale of David Douglas property and bought slaves etc., paid two executions in favor of Elizabeth LeCONTE.  In consideration of love, etc. for said Elizabeth Douglas and her four children and for 5 shillings paid him by Thos. Watkins, George Watkins and John Douglas; he relinquishes to them all said property in trust for maintenance of said Elizabeth Douglas and her four children.   Test.:   William Glascock.   

We know two of the  four children of Elizabeth CLAIBORNE Watkins and David DOUGLASS:    1)  Samuel Claiborne DOUGLASS, and 2)  Ann Watkins DOUGLASS.    I don’t know who the other two children were.     

John Walton and Elizabeth Claiborne had the following children:  

1)    Elizabeth Martha * WALTON (b.1772-Georgia d.3 May 1809-Rosney Plantation,GA)
 | sp: Col. ROBERT WATKINS * (b.1763/1764-Cumberland County,Virginia m.22 Jun 1785 d.17 Aug 1805-Bath,SC)
2)    Leonard Claiborne WALTON (died by 1791) --- was mentioned in his father’s will, but he apparently died young.   I can find no further information about Leonard.  
3)    John W. (son of John) WALTON  (b.Bef 1778 - died by 1791) was mentioned in his father’s will, but he apparently died young.  I can find no further verifiable information about John.   
4)   ("the child my Wife now goes with”) WALTON (died young by 1791) -  Elizabeth was apparently pregnant with a fourth child at the time John wrote his will.   We can find no further information about this child.   

The Power of Attorney for Robert Watkins (husband of Elizabeth Walton who was daughter of Elizabeth Claiborne & John Walton) proves that by November 1791, Elizabeth Walton Watkins was the sole surviving child of John Walton and Elizabeth Claiborne.


 Further information about the only surviving child of John Walton & Elizabeth Claiborne

Elizabeth Martha Walton was born 1772 in Georgia, died 3 May 1809 on the Watkins plantation, “Rosney,” at New Savannah, GA (outside Augusta).   Elizabeth married her cousin, Robert Watkins, son of Sallie (Sarah) Walton and Thomas Watkins., on  22 June 1785.   On May 11, 1809, the Augusta Chronicle mentions her death:   “Mrs. Watkins, 37 years old, died 5/3/1809 at Rosney, left five children.”

POWER OF ATTORNEY:    "STATE OF GEORGIA.   KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that I, ROBERT WATKINS of Rosney in the same State, Attorney at Law, heir at law by intermarriage with ELIZABETH MARTHA WALTON, only surviving issue of the honorable JOHN WALTON Esquire of New Savannah in the said State, deceased, who was assignee representative and heir at law of LEONARD CLAIBORNE Esquire, late of the State of Virginia, attorney at law, deceased, do hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my trusty friend Thomas Woodleif, Esquire, of the Said State of Virginia, my true and lawful attorney, for me and in my name, to ask for, demand, and receive, or sue and loyally recover whatsoever the lott or lotts, land or lands, which may be my right, in the said last mentioned State, as heir at law and legal representative as aforesaid.    And I do hereby further authorize my said friend, to rent, lease, sell, or otherwise dispose of the same, or any part thereof to my use and benefit, and in my name to transfer and convey the same, and do bind myself, my heirs executors and administrators to uphold and support the said Woodleif in all which legal acting and doings; and to ratify and confirm what my said attorney may do in this respect, which shall be as binding up on me and my heirs, as if the same had been transacted by myself in person.   19th NOVEMBER, 1791.       Signed and sealed & delivered ROBERT WATKINS, L.S. in the presence of J. C. WALTON, THO. WATKINS, Recorded November 19th, 1791."

An excerpt from a family letter provided by Mrs. Richards:   Per a letter from Elizabeth’s son, Claiborne, in 1846, in which he mentions his mother:      "Be pleased to send my Mother's letter or bring it with you after Christmas.  It is a choice family relict - and recalls a few short warm recollections of my Mother whose maternal love I enjoyed only to the age of seven years.  Still, I remember her distinctly as fond, kind -- though very ill, having suffered a long time from Consumption."

Elizabeth Walton and Robert Watkins had the following children:

1)     John Walton WATKINS (b.1786 d.29 Oct 1791-Rosney Plantation,GA) (died a child)
2)     Col. THOMAS WATKINS (b.bet 1787-1788 d.7 Mar 1823/1824-Augusta,Ga)
 | sp: Elizabeth E. Henry * ARRINGTON (b.1793 m.22 Feb 1809 d.1817/1820-Augusta,Richmond County,GA)
3)     Maj. Robert (Jr.) WATKINS State Representative (b.1789-Richmond County,Augusta,GA d.1 Apr 1828-Augusta,Richmond County,GA - aged 39)
 | sp: Helen DOUGLASS
4)     Elizabeth Claiborne WATKINS (b.1792 - died a baby)
5)     Sarah Walton WATKINS (b.1793-Richmond County,Augusta,GA d.13 Jul 1798-Richmond County,GA)  (died a child)
6)    George Washington WATKINS (b.By Nov 1798-Richmond County,Augusta,GA d.1823-Rosney Plantation,Augusta,GA)
 | sp: Mary Jane FRIPP (m.1821)  [they were the parents of one daughter before George died too young]
7)     Martha WATKINS (b.1800-Richmond County,Augusta,GA d.May 1802-Rosney Plantation,GA)  (died a baby)
8)     Dr. Claiborne Anderson WATKINS (b.1802-Richmond County,Augusta,GA)
 | sp: Martha Ann GIBSON (b.1811-probably In Camden,GA m.17 Jan 1827 d.28 Sep 1861-New York City,NY)
9)     John Robert WATKINS (b.1805-Richmond County,Augusta,GA)

Further information about the children of Elizabeth Walton and Robert Watkins provided on another page.

Elizabeth Martha Walton was my greatx5 grandmother