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Robison Family, continued (page 4)

The Children of George Heyward Robison and Elizabeth Ann Stewart (continued)

2)    Mary Stewart Robison (direct ancestor).   Mary was born about 1764 in Barnwell County, SC; died 2 Aug 1833 Richmond County, GA.  She is buried in the Arrington Family Cemetery (“New Savannah”), Augusta, GA.     Mary is mentioned in her father’s will.   Mary married three times, and outlived all three.    

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about this greatx5 grandmother, and she is one of those ancestors I would love to have known!       

Mary married 1st) Capt. Jeremiah Bugg, about 1780.    Jeremiah was born about 1752/1757 in Lunenberg Co., VA; died by March 1787 (I have seen a death date of August 27th... perhaps 1786?) in Augusta, GA;  the son of Edmund Bugg and Obedience Hatcher.   He was a Lt. Colonel Revolutionary War.  Some of my notes about Jeremiah include:     "Virginia records of land grants show the Bugg’s (New Kent) took up grants at an early date in the counties of Henrico, Augusta, Lunenburg and Mechlenburg. The same records show that as early as 1663, 1690, and 1693 Francis Sherwood and William Sherwood, Gentlemen, took up grants near the Bugg’s.   JEREMIAH BUGG was among the earliest settlers of Augusta GA candler’s (or Chandler’s?) Colonial Records show the Bugg’s owned large tracts of land in the vicinity of Augusta. Their lands extending to Butler’s Creek, about nine miles from town. One of the oldest maps of this section, published in 1780, shows the Bugg plantation on the Georgia side of the Savannah River where the Sand-Bar Ferry landed, and where the Dixie Highway Bridge now touches Georgia soil.   It was here that a desperate fight took place when the American forces retook the horses which the British had captured when sent across the river into South Carolina for pasturage. Here, too, the British surprised Mrs. Sherwood Bugg, directing the milking of her cows, when they made a secret approach to take Augusta, which had been wrested from their grasp; and here Major Carter, fatally wounded in the fight at the Whitehouse in September, 1781, during Gen Elijah Clarke’s unsuccessful attempt to capture Augusta, was nursed by the faithful hands of Mrs. Bugg herself until his death."

Last Will and Testament of Jeremiah Bugg, dated 10 August 1786, Richmond County, Georgia

In the name of God, Amen, I Jeremiah Bugg of Richmond County in the State of Georgia, Esqr. being of sound mind, memory and understanding, do make and declare this to be my last will and testament in manner following. That is to say I give devise and bequeath unto my beloved wife Mary Bugg, a tract of two hundred acres of land, be the same more or less lying on Green - - - -yer Creek in Richmond County aforesaid, adjoining land where Isaac Wood now lives: one hundred acres of which was devised to me by my deceased father and the remainder purchased from my brother William Bugg. also a negroe man slave named Bob, one sorrel horse braqnded in the mounting shoulder C. to hold the said trace of land, negroe man slave and horse unto my said wife Mary Bugg her heirs and assigs forever provided my son Samuel should die before her: but in case she should first die, then the same to go to unto my son Samuel his heirs and assigns. I also give devise and bequeath unto my said Wife Mary (excepting only one feather bed and furniture) all my house hold furniture, together with one third part of my Stock of cattle and hoggs: To hold the same to her, her Executors and Administrators I give devise and bequeath unto my Son Samuel Bugg and the Child or Children my Wife may be now pregnant with, all the rest and residue of my Estate both real and personal, which I now have, and that which I am entitled unto at the death of my dear mother: to hold the same to him or them (as the case may be) and to his and their heirs and assigns forever. I do hereby constitute and appoint my brothers William, Edmond and Samuel Bugg Executors of this my last will and testament, whom I also appoint Guardians to my son Samuel and the child my wife may be now pregnant with who shall keep all my Estate not given Wife together in the best possible means until my son Samuel becomes of age, and the profits thereof after my just debts and funeral charges are paid, to be applied in Educating and maintaining my said Son Samuel, and the child or children my wife may be now pregnant with; and in case the profits thereof should be more than sufficient for that purpose it is my Will and desire that such overplus may be laid out in the best manner for improving and increasing my child or childrens Estate. In testamoney whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal, the thirtieth day of August, One thousand seven hundred and Eighty Six.

Signed, Seal'd, published & decla\ J. Bugg (SEAL)
ared by the said Jeremiah Bugg \
to be his last will and testament in\
our presence, the day above mention'd

Sherw'd Bugg
Wm Bugg
Seaborn Jones

The above Last will and Testament of Jeremiah Bugg Dec'd was proved before me the 14th day of March 1787
Lewis Gardner, R. P. (?)

As you can tell from the above noted will, Mary & Jeremiah had one son:  Samuel Bugg.   

A)     Samuel Bugg was born about 1781-1784.   He died 27 May 1819 in Goshen, Richmond County, GA.   He was not of age when his father wrote his will August 12, 1786.  By 1801 Samuel was administering his father’s estate.     According to the notes of Julian J. Bugg,  (received October 2005)  he died "in the 35th year of his life".   If so, he was born in 1784.   Samuel died before his mother (who died in 1833), and there is no mention of his children in her will.   I can only assume those grandchildren were well provided for.  

Minutes of the Inferior Court, Richmond County, GA:  Dec 1798, page 241:  James Meriwether appointed guardian of Samuel Bugg, minor.

Minutes of the Inferior Court, Richmond County, GA:  July 30, 1799, Samuel, William and Edmund Bugg, showing they are testamentary guardians of Samuel BUGG, minor of Jeremiah Bugg, deceased, ask that James Meriwether be removed.

Augusta Chronicle, December 31, 1823:   "Notice...On the first day of January next, at the Market House, in the city of Augusta, will be hired, the Negroes belonging to William, Elizabeth, Louisa, and Robert Bugg, minors, for the ensuing year, and the Plantation will be rented at the same time.  A. Bugg, Guardian"

This is all I know about the descendants of Samuel Bugg and his wife, Nancy Jones, who married 25 Feb. 1807.  
  If you are related, I would love to hear from you!   (any corrections or additions always welcomed)

1. Samuel (son of Jeremiah & Mary) BUGG (b.1781/1784 d.27 May 1819-Goshen,Richmond County,GA)
sp: Nancy JONES (b.1788 m.26 Feb 1807 d.9 Nov 1868)
 |-2. Mary Anne Elizabeth (died an infant) BUGG (b.26 Dec 1807)
 |-2. William Henry BUGG (b.30 Jul 1810 d.1888)
 |-2. Elizabeth Watkins BUGG (b.16 Apr 1813 d.11 Jan 1872)
 |-2. Louisa Mariah BUGG (b.26 Apr 1815 d.26 Aug 1897)
 +-2. Robert Watkins BUGG (b.29 Apr 1817 d.18 Jun 1892)
   sp: Caroline Cordelia Smith RHODES (b.31 Jul 1817 m.21 Jul 1836 d.27 Jul 1897-Richmond County,Augusta,GA)
    |-3. Samuel BUGG C.S.A. (b.27 Jun 1837 d.6 May 1924-Gracewood,GA.)
    | sp: Mary KELLY (b.27 Nov 1840-Richmond County,GA m.16 Jul 1858 d.10 Feb 1925)
    |  |-4. Rev. Robert Watkins BUGG (b.13 Jun 1859)
    |  | sp: Georgiana TRIPPE (b.1859 m.26 Aug 1877)
    |  |-4. Louisa "Lou" Elizabeth BUGG (b.8 Sep 1863)
    |  |-4. Gerrard McLaughlin BUGG (b.14 Jul 1866)
    |  |   sp: UNKNOWN
    |  |-4. Anna Gertrude BUGG (b.17 May 1870 d.14 Jun 1891)
    |  |-4. Beulah Clifford BUGG (b.14 Dec 1878-Richmond County,GA d.31 Oct 1964-Augusta,Richmond Co,Georgia)
    |  | sp: Ernest Alexander WHITEHEAD (d.4 Feb 1936)
    |  |-4. Rosa Belle (Mrs. T. O. Sego) BUGG (b.8 May 1876)
    |  | sp: T. Optimus SEAGO
    |  |-4. Samuel (died an infant) BUGG (b.27 Nov 1861 d.11 Oct 1862)
    |  +-4. William Henry BUGG (b.10 Dec 1873 d.13 Oct 1896)
    |      sp: UNKNOWN
    |-3. Louisa Elizabeth BUGG   (died at age 16) (b.24 Oct 1846 d.28 Oct 1862)
    |-3. William Jones BUGG (b.17 Jun 1851 d.1917)
    | sp: Martha Evans BURKE (m.14 Aug 1873)
    |  |-4. Robert Sterling (died at age 20) BUGG (b.3 Jul 1874 d.3 Jul 1894)
    |  |-4. John Bohler BUGG (b.15 Feb 1876 d.12 Apr 1951)
    |  |-4. Samuel (died an infant) BUGG (b.30 May 1878 d.10 Sep 1879)
    |  |-4. Charles Wesley (died an infant) BUGG (b.8 Feb 1880 d.15 Feb 1881)
    |  |-4. Julian Jones BUGG (b.17 Mar 1881 d.3 Jan 1940-Fulton County,GA)
    |  | sp: Eulah May BUGG (b.20 Nov 1888 m.21 Jun 1907 d.11 Sep 1983)
    |  |-4. Claude Eugene BUGG (b.14 Aug 1884 d.9 Oct 1956)
    |  | sp: Sarah Samantha FRANCIS (b.13 May 1894-Burke County,GA m.6 Nov 1912 d.23 Mar 1943-Richmond County,GA)
    |  |-4. Pansy Lavinia (died a child) BUGG (b.26 Dec 1889 d.1 Nov 1901)
    |  +-4. Thomas Jones BUGG (b.25 Sep 1891 d.12 Dec 1981)
    |    sp: Ruby Jane ELLIS
    |-3. Moses Patterson Green BUGG (b.13 Jun 1853 d.14 Mar 1936-Richmond County,GA)
    | sp: Sarah "Elizabeth" SANDERS
    |  |-4. Lena M. BUGG
    |  | sp: Rev. Julius A. SPRAYBERRY (d.13 Aug 1938)
    |  |-4. (Mrs. F. F. Johnston) BUGG of Rome, GA
    |  |-4. Ruth BUGG
    |  | sp: Peter Joseph PARK (b.Macon,Bibb County,GA d.30 Mar 1944-Augusta,Richmond Co,Georgia)
    |  |-4. Birdie Watkins BUGG
    |  | sp: DeForest HALL (d.2 Jan 1980-Richmond County,Augusta,GA)
    |  +-4. Alexander Hamilton (2nd of the name) BUGG (b.Abt 1877 d.Oct 1920-Atlanta,GA)
    |    sp: Corrine
     |-3. Rev.  Alexander Hamilton Stephens BUGG (b.27 May 1857 d.31 Oct 1915)
    | sp: Nancy
     |  |-4. Prof. Robert W. BUGG of Grantville, GA (b.Apr 1885)
    |  |-4. Paul R. BUGG (b.Nov 1887 d.24 Jan 1938-Coweta Co.,GA)
    |  | sp: Sarah D.
     |  |-4. Anna G. BUGG (b.Oct 1894)
    |  +-4. Maud P. BUGG (b.Oct 1896)
    +-3. Robert Watkins (Jr.) (died an infant) BUGG (b.22 Nov 1848 d.6 Nov 1849)

Mary S. Robison married 2nd) Henry Arinton (Arrington), on 12 Apr 1792.   His last name, for obvious reasons, is often spelled “Arrington.”   I believe the name is correctly spelled “Arinton” - but will use both, as is often found in official records.    The name was often given to successive generations (spelled both ways!).   Henry & Mary were our direct ancestors.   

Henry was born about 1764; died 14 Apr 1793 in Augusta, GA; buried in Arrington Family Cemetery (“New Savannah”), Augusta, GA.   He was the son of William Arinton and Sarah (Sabra) Williams.   Henry died "in his 30th year."   

Augusta Chronicle, May 4, 1793:      "Richmond County, GA} by Wm. Freeman Esq; Register of Probates for the County of Richmond.   WHEREAS MRS. MARY ARRINGTON, Lud Williams, and Edward Rowell have applied to me for letters of administration, on the estate and effects of HENRY ARRINGTON, late of this county deceased."   All creditors and kindred to appear before the Register of Probates before June 4th to show cause why letters of administration should not be granted.    These are therefore to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and creditors of the said deceased, to be and appear before me at my office, on or before the 4th day of June next, to shew cause (if any they have) why letters of administration should not be granted.    Given under my hand and seal, at my office, the 4th day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred ninety-three;  and in the seventeenth year of the Independence of the United States of America."

Note:  My family in Augusta, GA, Jerry & Katie DeLaigle, found the “New Savannah” cemetery, named such by the GA DAR.   The name should rightly be the Arrington Family Cemetery.    1856,  "Commissioners' Sale.   On the first Tuesday of October next, at the Lower Market House in the city of Augusta.....pursuant to a decree of the Superior Court of Richmond county....granted on the 12th day of May last....the following property:       "All that tract or parcel of Land, on the Savannah River, in said county, adjoining lands of Turner Clandton and others, and containing 356 acres, lately owned by George L. Twiggs, deceased, and known as "New Savannah";  also 151 1/2 acres of Pine Land, attached thereto by the provisions of the will of said deceased, and bounded by lands of Mrs. Sarah L. Twiggs, Turner Clanton, George H. Cogle and others......    "The 'ARRINGTON CEMETERY," on said tract, with access to it by the HEIRS of the ARRINGTON FAMILY, as heretofore, will be reserved."

Notes of Russell K. Brown:   "Without knowing for sure, I suspect the Arrington cemetery name reflects the name (New Savannah) of the community it was located near. After the Revolution, Gen. John Twiggs and others founded a community on the river south of Augusta at the site of an old Indian camp. They built houses, warehouses and docks for the storage and shipment of tobacco down river to Savannah. The route to the location was called Tobacco Road because the farmers rolled their barrels of tobacco along it to the river. The community was called New Savannah. The road from Augusta to Bush Field airport is still called New Savannah Road.  Not the new road to Savannah, but the road to New Savannah. Bush Field was built on the site of John Twiggs's property, New Hope. Years later, John Twiggs' descendant, Warren Coleman, named his house in Augusta "New Hope." The Twiggs family cemetery has been preserved in very good condition on Goshen Industrial Blvd., about a half mile from the airport. A back eddy of the Savannah river at the airport is named Twiggs Dead River. Watkins and Twiggs were neighbors."

Returns of Mrs. Arrington for Henry Arrington, deceased:  1793-1795 - Returns of Mrs. Arrington, Edward Rowell, and Lud Williams, Admrs.    Robert Walton, Ambrose Gordon, Hugh McGee, apprs. Make report July 17, 1793.   "The widow since intermarried with Archibald Hatcher."  (note, in May 1795)

Mary and Henry had two daughters.   Archibald Hatcher was appointed guardian of Polly and Elizabeth Arrington, daughters of late Henry Arrington, dec'd at the request of their mother, Mrs. Archibald Hatcher, September, 1795.   

B)    Mary Arinton (Arrington) was born 1792, died 25 Jan 1817 at Bellevue, the Walker home, near Augusta, Georgia.  She is buried in the Arrington Family Cemetery (see notes above about the cemetery).   Mary married Gen. Valentine Walker on 5 May 1807 in Richmond County. GA.    They had no children.    

"VALENTINE ("VAL") WALKER (1779-1852) was a native of Charles City, Virginia, the son of Freeman Walker (I) and his wife Sarah, daughter of George Minge. Val Walker's wife first was MARY (ARRINGTON) Walker - died at Bellville on 25 January 1817 at the age of 24 (should have said 25- see below).  As a resident of Augusta, Georgia, Val was commissioned brigadier general of the 1st Brigade of the 2nd Division on 12 November 1810, and was promoted to major general of the 2nd Division on 9 November 1816. He resigned this commission in May of 1825. He represented Richmond County in the Georgia Senate, 1815-1826, 1833-1836, and was president pro tem. Of the Senate, 1820-1821Ex.  He was a delegate from Richmond County to the Convention of 1833.” He died 28 Apr 1852.   He married second Mrs. Zemula (Creswell) Whitehead on 17 June 1819. She was the daughter of Col. David Creswell of Jackson County and the widow of Amos Whitehead Jr. (1781-c1815).   Valentine and Zemula had one son:  Col. Clarence V. Walker.  

Sacred to the memory of
   Mrs. Mary Walker
 Late Consort of
         Maj. Gen. Valentine Walker,
       who departed this life on the
      24th day of January, 1818, in the
     25th year of her age.
Amiable & Exemplary in her deportment, she had
and endeared herself to all.  But as a wife & the mistress
of a family she was an example for her sex, mild,
gentle, dutiful & affectionate, she was the solace &
comfort of a fond husband & the prop of an aged
Mother & could the possessions & practice of all
the cardinal virtues have secured longevity the
deceased would have still have lived to cheer, animate
& to delight, but doth the cold hand of death has
prostrated her lovely form.  Yes she has fallen in the
spring tide of her life & has fought the melancholy
lesion that we are not to fix our thoughts upon
this but upon another & a brighter world.  

C)   Elizabeth E. Henry Arinton (Arrington) was born 1793, died between 1817/1820 in Richmond County, GA.   We are not sure where Elizabeth is buried, but it was probably on “Rosney,” the Watkins plantation outside old Augusta.   We have been unable to find this cemetery.    She is not noted as being buried in Arrington Family Cemetery at New Savannah, GA.    (direct ancestor)   

Elizabeth married Col. Thomas Watkins on 22 Feb 1809 in Richmond County, GA.  Thomas was the son of Col. Robert Watkins and Elizabeth Martha Walton.     Thomas was born between 1787-1788; died 7 Mar 1824 Augusta, GA, and also was probably buried at the Watkins family cemetery at Rosney.    ROBERT WATKINS -  May 3, 1824 - and MARY HATCHER, appointed guardians for Martha, Robert A., I. Thomas, and V. Walker WATKINS, minor orphans of Thomas WATKINS, deceased.      Mary Robison Bugg Arrington Hatcher raised her four grandchildren by Elizabeth & Thomas.   These grandchildren were mentioned in her will.     Their four children are discussed in greater detail on the last page of our Watkins material.   

"ROBERT WATKINS, who married his cousin Elizabeth Walton, resided at Rosney, Richmond Co., GA.  Their son THOMAS married ELIZABETH ARRINGTON, who was a niece of Mrs. Edward Rowell.    Martha WATKINS, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Arrington married Charles DELAIGLE of Richmond Co., GA."  (DAR book)   This quote about "Mrs. Edward ROWELL" refers to REBECCA GRACE ARRINGTON who married Edward ROWELL.  Rebecca was born 25 Aug 1759 in Southampton Co., Va/ died 16 Nov 1845 in Augusta, Richmond, Georgia.” Her father was William ARRINGTON, her mother was Sarah "Sabra" WILLIAMS, so she was Henry’s sister.      


Mary S. Robison married 3rd) Capt. Archibald Hatcher, on 4 May 1795 in Richmond County, GA.   He was born about 1755, died 13 Jan 1808 in Richmond County, GA.    Sept 1795, page 60 - Archibald Hatcher appointed guardian of Polly and Henry Elizabeth Arrington, daus of Late Henry Arrington, dec'd at the request of their mother, Mrs. Archibald Hatcher.  This Archibald was the son of Valentine, grandson of Henry Hatcher and Susannah Williamson, also Great Grandson of Benjamin Hatcher Sr. and Elizabeth Greenhaugh.    Capt. Hatcher was a sea captain, and a member of the Georgia State House of Representatives.

Captain Hatcher commanded the Georgia Rebel galley Bulloch, along with two other Rebel galleys, one commanded by Captain John Cutler Braddock, dealt the British a terrible blow off St. Simons Island, Ga in mid-April, 1778.  Captain Archibald Hatcher, Captain of one of the state Galleys was awarded a Warrant for Three Hundred Acres of land as a Bounty, agreeable to and act and Resolve of The General Assembly, passed at Augusta, and to Three Hundred Acres by resolution of Congress, Sept. 16, 1776, per certificate. Commodore Bonven.    A Galley was a small sailing ship. (on one outing Captain Archibals Hatcher and another American captain captured three British War ships, their 'Galleys 'were not much more than 'sloops'. There was a group of Georgians that fled Georgia, especially those from around Augusta, at one point the Mayor of Augusta was tarred and feathered by the Whigs (American Patriots). The British Troops were employed to punish the 'Patriots', many others were involved in very severe acts that made them very unpopular with the British and the Tories(supportors of the King) Early in the Rev. War Home was a very dangerous place for the Patriots therefore many took refuge in other states. Many of the  Hatcher’s left Georgia ca. 1776/78 for South Carolina, which was only about 20-25 miles from Augusta.  “The old Ninety-Six District, part of which later became Edgefield Co. was where Benjamin, son of Jeremiah, brother of Robert, Nephew of Henry, and cousin of Archibald (resided).”

Archibald HATCHER, dec'd.  March 30, 1808:  Mary Hatcher and James Meriwether appoint Admrs.  Littleberry Bostick, Chesley Bostick, Hezekiah Beal, Sec.  Returns both in Louisville and Augusta.

Augusta Chronicle, in April 1808, printed the names of nominees to fill Archibald Hatcher’s seat in the Georgia State House of Representatives.   May 5, 1808:  A special election was held to fill his vacant seat after his death.   Nicholas WARE won the seat with 118 votes.  His friend, Walter LEIGH, came in second with 85 votes.

Elizabeth Henry Arinton & Col. Thomas Watkins were our direct ancestors