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Nicolas de l’Aigle                              Marguerite, his wife                    Charles DeLaigle                                     Nicolas de l’Aigle home                   
DeLAIGLE FAMILY, continued (page 4)
Nicolas de l’Aigle was born 18 Dec 1766 at Attancourt, Haute Marne, France.   He was baptized the same day, per baptismal record.     He left France on May 18, 1792, for Saint Dominique during the French Revolution.  He dwelt at the residence of Mollet a l'Artibouille, parish of St. Marc, in the Island of St. Dominique about August, 1792.   There was a revolt by black slaves on the island, necessitating his escape for America, and in the family Bible it states that Nicolas deLaigle was put "in the feather bed" and put on a ship and sent to Charleston, S.C. and then went on to Savannah,” arriving in America in 1794.     

He was a merchant in Savannah, GA for awhile becoming a naturalized citizen on December 16, 1803 while there.   After his marriage, they moved to Augusta, GA.  He amassed a considerable fortune for the day as a planter with a plantation (14,000 acres) along the Savannah River.  He owned the first  brickyards in the South, and built a beautiful home in Augusta on Greene Street, as well as owning several other properties.  •  By the plantation standards of 1818, he was among the “greats” of the Augusta area, owning over 100 slaves.  •  As an influential citizen of Augusta, on March of 1825 he was among the delegation that welcomed the Marquis de LaFayette to the city, greeting him in French.  •  On  August 18, 1832, the leaders of Augusta met “in the name of Washington, that 'saint of liberty'."   They agreed to send delegates to the state convention to be held in Milledgeville, where there was a proposed resolution for the convention to have "full powers" to act with regards to nullification of the tariff laws;  but the Augusta leaders said...."we will not give our votes to any candidates....who are advocates of that doctrine".    "Backers at this meeting included many of the leading citizens:  Valentine Walker,  Thomas Flournoy, Thomas Cumming, William Cumming, Nicholas DeLaigle ...." (etc).  •  In March of 1845, he was one of the city leaders involved in the construction of the Augusta Canal.  •  There are tales about the magnificent home the built on Greene Street, supposedly built from bricks he had to import from England; “the entire top floor with a solid mahogany staircase lading up to it.   The house had three drawing rooms ,and there were slave quarters in the rear which had a large brick fireplace and a brick oven.   Beneath the house, as was fitting for a French owner, were two plastered wine cellars, floored with brick and provided with shelves along the walls for kegs and demijohns.”  This home was torn down to make way for the Interstate system through Augusta.   But several other DeLaigle homes survive, most notably another one on Greene Street across from the courthouse.   

Nicolas married Marie Marguerite Roullet/Roslette (LaGarde) ca 1800 in Savannah, GA.  Marguerite was born 1766 in Saint Dominque, West Indies, of French ancestry.   The actual spelling of her maiden name has been lost.   Marguerite’s first husband was Pierre Antoine Jacques LeGarde, who died 13 Sep 1798 in Savannah, GA.   Marguerite and Jacques had escaped from St. Dominique with their two surviving daughters, Cleobelle and Emma, on the same ship as Nicolas de l’Aigle.    

A published account about Nicolas and Marguerite says, "Legend has romantic stories of Nicolas de l'Aigle,  who escaped death on the guillotine during the French Revolution.   Migrating to San Dominogo, he found his life again endangered so he was smuggled aboard a vessel bound for America.   Pirates captured the ship and compelled many of its passengers to "walk the plank", but de l'Aigle, flourishing a Mason medal was saved, with his companions, a family named Le Garde.  Mon. LeGarde died in Savannah and de l'Aigle brought Madame LeGarde and her two children to Augusta where he later married her.   On his flight from San Domingo he covered gold pieces in cloth, sewed them as buttons on his clothes.   In Augusta, he accumulated land, slaves, and money, and the legend still persists that the de l'Aigle treasure is buried somewhere in the city."

(Portraits of Nicolas and Marguerite and their son Charles DeLaigle shown above; photos of their tombstones below)


Marguerite’s daughter’s by her first marriage:  Cleobelle LeGarde married Joseph Bignon in Augusta, GA.  Her other daughter, Emma, returned to France, married and raised a large family there.   I have no information on Emma’s descendants, but some of the descendants of Cleobelle LeGarde Bignon were as follows:  
1. Cleobelle LEGARDE (b.Abt 1793-Saint Domingue d.19 Dec 1857-Augusta,GA)
sp: Joseph BIGNON (b.Abt 1785-Saint Domingue m.24 Apr 1811 d.By 1866)
 |-2. Emma BIGNON (b.21 May 1812-Augusta,GA d.9 Feb 1863-Augusta,GA)
 | sp: Adolphus GARDELLE (b.28 Dec 1801-Castlenau,Barbarens,Gers,France m.26 Apr 1835 d.8 Dec 1862-Augusta,GA)
 |  |-3. Josephine Marie Clio GARDELLE (b.16 Jan 1832-Augusta,GA d.22 Apr 1909-Augusta,GA)
 |  | sp: Louis Joseph BARBOT (b.31 Jan 1831-Charleston,S.C. m.23 Nov 1853 d.24 Dec 1913-Augusta,GA)
 |  |-3. Caroline Emilia/Emma GARDELLE (b.21 Jan 1835-Augusta,GA d.3 Oct 1903-Augusta,GA)
 |  | sp: Adolphus D. DOYLE (b.6 Feb 1839 d.18 Jun 1916-Augusta,GA)
 |  |-3. Joseph-John Augustus (died a baby) GARDELLE (b.2 Jun 1839-Augusta,GA d.29 Jul 1840-Augusta,GA)
 |  +-3. Dr.  Louis Adolphus GARDELLE (b.8 Sep 1848-Augusta,GA d.11 Nov 1937-Augusta,GA) (lived in home at 404 Telfair)
  |    sp: Emily TUTT (b.27 Feb 1857 d.30 Mar 1931-Augusta,GA)
 |-2. Joseph Nicholas BIGNON (b.1 Mar 1814-Augusta,GA d.Bef 1865)
 |-2. Charles Louis BIGNON (b.Abt 1815)
 |-2. Bernard BIGNON (b.23 Sep 1815-Augusta,GA d.17 Nov 1884-Augusta,GA)
 | sp: Celeste SETZE (b.8 May 1820-Augusta,GA m.23 Jan 1845 d.8 May 1899-Augusta,GA)
 |  |-3. John Peter BIGNON (b.16 Nov 1845 d.18 Oct 1894-Augusta,GA)
 |  | sp: Catherine GOUMET (b.Abt 1848-South Carolina d.24 Feb 1886-Augusta,GA)
 |  |-3. Charles Nicholas BIGNON (b.Abt 1848 d.6 Oct 1889-Augusta,GA)
 |  | sp: Sarah B. HOLMES (b.Abt 1854 d.29 Aug 1937-Augusta,GA)
 |  |-3. Adelle Julia Setz BIGNON (b.12 Jan 1850-Augusta,GA d.17 Sep 1914-Augusta,GA)
 |  |-3. John Edward BIGNON (b.12 Jan 1851-Barnwell county,SC)
 |  |   sp: UNKNOWN
 |  |-3. Louis Alexandre BIGNON (b.Abt Feb 1852-Augusta,GA)
 |  |-3. Laura Elizabeth BIGNON (b.15 Sep 1854-Augusta,GA d.24 Jan 1941-Augusta,GA)
 |  | sp: James Palmer DOUGHTY (b.7 Jul 1849 m.19 May 1873 d.22 Mar 1929-Augusta,Richmond County,GA)
 |  |-3. Joseph Henry BIGNON (b.Abt Mar 1857-Augusta,GA d.By 1933)
 |  | sp: Laura Hope EMBREE (b.Abt 1861 d.21 Dec 1945-Augusta,GA)
 |  |-3. Emma C. BIGNON (b.Abt 1859-Augusta,GA d.13 Sep 1914-Baltimore,MD)
 |  | sp: John Henry PRONTAUT (b.10 Jul 1842-New York City,NY d.9 Dec 1898-Augusta,GA)
 |  +-3. Albert B. BIGNON (b.13 Jun 1862-Augusta,GA)
 |-2. Amelia Adella Josephine (died at age 12) BIGNON (b.18 Jun 1818-Augusta,GA d.4 Oct 1830-Charleston,S.C.)
 |-2. Emilius (died at age 11) BIGNON (b.1819-Augusta,GA d.12 Oct 1830-Charleston,S.C.)
 |-2. Dr. John Edward BIGNON (b.19 Aug 1820-Augusta,GA d.13 Sep 1851-Augusta,GA)
 | sp: Harriet Jennings O'BANNON (b.7 Jun 1818-Barnwell county,SC m.Abt 1843 d.Abt 1875)
 |  |-3. Cleo LeGarde BIGNON (b.21 Apr 1844-Barnwell county,SC d.6 Mar 1885-(cannot verify this death date))
 |  | sp: Richard BEST (m.13 Mar 1861)
 |  |-3. Georgiana C. LeGarde BIGNON (b.18 Jul 1850-Augusta,GA d.18 Jun 1912-Augusta,GA)
 |  | sp: Capt. James DICKS (b.26 Jun 1813-Ellenton,SC d.28 Apr 1885-Ellenton,SC)
 |  +-3. John Edward (Jr.)   (died a child) BIGNON (b.13 Jan 1852-Augusta,GA d.14 May 1854-Augusta,GA)
 |-2. Cecilia LaVa BIGNON (b.16 May 1823-Augusta,GA d.25 Sep 1854)
 | sp: John J. CLAYTON (b.Abt 1812 m.1 Jul 1846 d.29 May 1868)
 |  |-3. John J. (Jr.) CLAYTON (b.1847 d.May 1882)
 |  |-3. George E. CLAYTON (b.Abt 1849-Augusta,GA d.Mar 1879-Augusta,GA)
 |  |-3. William Henry CLAYTON (b.Abt 1851-Augusta,GA d.19 Jan 1861)
 |  +-3. Charles A. CLAYTON (b.Abt 1853)
 |-2. Adolphus Peter BIGNON (b.Abt 1826-Augusta,GA d.4 Jul 1896-Augusta,GA)
 | sp: Mildred
  |  |-3. Ann W. BIGNON (b.Abt 1856)
 | sp: Pamella SETZE (m.14 Nov 1867)
 |-2. Dr. Henry Augustus BIGNON (b.28 Dec 1828-Augusta,GA d.21 Jun 1871-Augusta,GA)
 | sp: Savannah GETCHINS
 |  +-3. Henry Alexander (died a baby) BIGNON (b.3 Mar 1854-Augusta,GA d.23 Jun 1854-Augusta,GA)
 |-2. Adela Josephine Emilia (died a child) BIGNON (b.29 Dec 1830-Augusta,GA d.28 Jan 1833-Augusta,GA)
 +-2. Francis Armand (A.F.) BIGNON (b.2 Mar 1833-Augusta,GA d.19 Jan 1884-Augusta,GA)
   sp: Emily DOYLE (b.7 Mar 1832 m.17 Nov 1858 d.17 Feb 1905-Augusta,GA)
    |-3. Mary Ann BIGNON (b.12 Sep 1859 d.15 Dec 1947-Augusta,GA)
    | sp: Charles L. JOHNSON (b.12 Nov 1854 d.14 Dec 1923-Charlotte,NC)
    |-3. Henry LeGarde BIGNON (b.7 Feb 1862-Augusta,GA d.28 Jan 1926-Augusta,GA)
    | sp: Katie A. SOFGE (b.Abt 1866-Augusta,GA m.5 Sep 1889 d.10 Jul 1930-Augusta,GA)
    |-3. Gladys Cecile BIGNON (b.27 Feb 1864 d.5 Nov 1960-Augusta,GA)
    | sp: Frank OVIATT (d.Bef 5 Nov 1960)
    +-3. Katherine Doyle BIGNON (b.14 Jan 1868-Augusta,GA d.15 Apr 1937-Augusta,GA)-----

Nicolas died 22 Oct 1853 in Augusta, GA.   Marguerite died 10 Aug 1849 in Augusta.     His obituary read:  “ANOTHER OLD CITIZEN GONE:   "It is a melancholy duty we have to perform this morning, in announcing the death of another of our oldest and most respected citizens.  Mr. Nicolas DeLaigle, who departed this life yesterday, at his residence near the city.  He died at the advanced age of 87 or 88, was a native of the northern portion of France, and resided in our midst some fifty or sixty years.   He leaves behind him a large family and numerous friends, who will sincerely mourn their loss.  Enemies he has left none.   His funeral takes placed this afternoon, at half past three o'clock, from the Catholic Church."   Nicolas and Marguerite are buried in the family plot in Magnolia Cemetery.   Nicolas  deeded the land for Magnolia Cemetery to the city of Augusta by 1818.   Magnolia Cemetery became one of the nation’s first ‘garden cemeteries.”    

Nicolas and Marguerite had one son, Charles DeLaigle.   

Charles DeLaigle was born 29 March 1806.   He inherited his father’s many holdings in and around Augusta.    In December, 1864, the city of Augusta formally posted a "card" thanking plantation owners for providing Negroes to assist in building fortifications around the city of Augusta, during the Civil War:  Among those thanked was Charles DeLaigle.    Charles died 30 Apr 1866 in Augusta.  But, as with so many others, most of his holdings were lost due to the war, and in April, 1869 the brickyards were sold.    

May 1, 1866:    "ANOTHER OLD CITIZEN GONE.  Charles DeLaigle, Esq., died at his residence near this city, on yesterday afternoon from disease of the heart.   He had been in feeble health for some time, and for several days had sunk rapidly under the inroads of the disease.  We have recently been called on to announce the demise of one and another, and another, of the older class of our citizens, and now the destroyer has cut down one who embodied in an eminent degree the high qualities that make up the good citizen, and the cultured gentleman.  He will be buried from the Catholic Church this afternoon at five o'clock."  

Charles married Mary Elizabeth Martha Watkins - daughter of Thomas Watkins & Elizabeth Arrington,on  21 Jan 1829  at First Presbyterian Church, Augusta, GA. Martha  was born ca 1811/12.    Charles and Martha would have a total of 15 children, but only eight lived to maturity.   Martha died 22 Dec 1852 at the birth of their last child.  Further information provided about Martha’s brothers on page 12 of the Watkins’ family.  

Charles and Martha’s children were:   

1)    Maj. Louis Nicholas DELAIGLE C.S.A. (b.9 Aug 1830-Augusta,GA d.1868-Augusta,GA (age 38 yrs))
 | sp: Mary Stedman CLARK (b.4 Jan 1840-Augusta,Ga m.17 Mar 1858 d.3 Jul 1922-Wilmington,NC (age 82 of Nephritis))
2)    Elizabeth Adella DELAIGLE (b.12 Sep 1831-Augusta,GA d.7 Oct 1841-Augusta,GA  (age 10 Yrs))
3)   Charles Arrington DELAIGLE (b.1 Nov 1833-Augusta,GA d.7 Jan 1859-Augusta,GA (age 26))
 | sp: Albina V. DORTIC (b.1836-Augusta - Richmond County,GA m.5 May 1858 d.21 Mar 1914-Augusta - Richmond County,GA)
4)    Dr. Augustus Armand DELAIGLE (b.22 May 1835-Augusta,GA d.29 Jun 1862-Savage Station,VA during the Civil War (age 27))
5)    Lt. Henry Robert DELAIGLE C.S.A. (b.20 Mar 1837-Augusta,GA d.16 Jul 1869-Augusta,GA (age 32))
6)    Virginia Martha DELAIGLE (b.16 Aug 1838-Augusta,GA d.1 Apr 1917-Augusta,GA (age 78 Yrs 7 Mo))
 | sp: Thomas Newton HOPKINS (b.17 Jun 1839-Augusta,Ga m.by 1860 d.3 Jun 1893-Augusta,GA (age 56))
7)    Anna Matilda DELAIGLE (b.19 Jun 1840-Augusta,GA d.22 Mar 1847-Augusta,GA (age 6 yr 9 mo))
8)     Emily Clio DELAIGLE (b.25 Aug 1841-Augusta,GA d.25 Sep 1850-Augusta,GA (age 9 yr 1 mo))
9)     Edward Theodore DELAIGLE (b.23 Dec 1842-Augusta,GA d.24 Aug 1844-Augusta,GA  (age 1 yr 8 mo))
10)    Mary A. DELAIGLE (b.29 Jan 1845-Augusta,GA d.14 Jan 1911-Charlotte,North Carolina)
 | sp: Osborne Minor SADLER (b.2 Oct 1842 m.20 Dec 1871 d.18 Nov 1921-Atlanta,Fulton County,GA)
11)   Nicholas L. Stedman DELAIGLE (b.18 Jun 1846-Augusta,GA d.26 Jul 1909-Burke County,GA)
 | sp: Annie Mae GODBEE (b.15 Oct 1863-McBean,GA m.26 Feb 1879 d.1 Mar 1931-Burke County,GA)
12)    Emma E. DELAIGLE (b.1848-Augusta,Ga d.Unknown)
 | sp: Joseph B. HARRISS (b.1843-Georgia d.8 Jan 1909-Savannah,Chatham County,GA)
13)   Arrington Watkins DELAIGLE (b.23 Jun 1849-Augusta,GA d.24 Jun 1850-Augusta,GA  (age 1 yr))
14)   Martha DELAIGLE (b.Mar 1851-Augusta,GA d.27 May 1853-Augusta,GA (age 2 yr 2 mo))
15)   Catherine Campbell DELAIGLE (b.22 Dec 1852-Augusta,GA d.7 Nov 1855-Augusta,GA (age 2 yr 10 mo))

sp: Marie Jeanne Celia LAFITTE DE BRUX (b.23 Apr 1812-Augusta,Ga d.6 Jan 1873-Augusta)

Charles married 2nd) Marie Jeanne Celia LaFitte De Brux, widow of Louis Michel Leon Brux, on 26 Apr 1854 at Trinity Church in Augusta, GA.   Celia was supposedly an old sweetheart of Charles, although he married Martha prior to Celia’s marriage to Mr. Brux.     Celia had two living children from her first marriage:   Genevieve Emelia DeBrux, who died at age 20 in Nov, 1855; and James Augusta Brux who married Elvina Dupont     I have some information on their descendants for anyone who is interested.   Celia is buried across the street from our DeLaigle plot in Magnolia Cemetery.   

Charles left his property to his children.  However, Celia appealed to the courts to allow her to receive a portion of the estate.  The house at 349 Telfair was built between 1870 and 1873.  Celia de l'Aigle bought the property from her husband Charles' children in 1870, so the house must have been built shortly thereafter, and she didn't live there long, as she died in 1873. We found a copy of the deed to the Telfair property at the Courthouse.  The land just to the East of 349 Telfair was left by Charles to Virginia DeLaigle Hopkins (a daughter), according to the deeds.  We not sure why the house appears for the 1st time in the tax rolls in 1896, but it was definitely built much earlier. The house at 551 Greene Street was built in 1875, in the more fashionable Second Empire style."

     Family  of Leon de Brux and Celia LaFitte (pdf)
Nicolas & Marguerite’s DeLaigle’s tombstones, Magnolia Cemetery, Augusta, GA
Charles DeLaigle
Mary Elizabeth Martha Watkins DeLaigle tombstones, Magnolia Cemetery, Augusta, GA

(see portrait of Charles as a child below)
Marie Marguerite R. LeGarde de l’Aigle, and Charles DeLaigle   Photos courtesy of Mike Harris.

We are so grateful to Minor Sadler Harris, Jr. for providing these photos of the portraits of Marguerite and son, Charles!   
 Sexton Lodge -
Magnolia Cemetery