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The children of William E. McClure and Eleanor Ewing Purdom

About the family of Alexander Ewing McClure, as provided by Robert McClure:

Alexander Ewing McClure was born 4 Sep 1814 in Greenville, TN.    As a child, Alexander and his family moved to Giles County, Tennessee. As a young man he studied law and began practice in Lewisburg, Marshall Co. TN. He is on  record as the clerk of the Marshall County court in 1839.

A. E. McClure (in later life he was to use his initials exclusively) came  to Texas with his father-in-law, Nathan Glenn in 1840. He owned property in Ft. Houston (now Palestine). He purchased five acres of land immediately to the north of the city limits of the new city of Palestine and built a house at what is now 921 N. Perry St, Palestin. The house (considerably refurbished) still stands at that address.   By an act of the Fifth Texas Congress, Burnet county (a "judicial county") was formed from the northern part of Houston County. Fort Houston was the seat of justice and Alexander E.  McClure was the first Chief Justice. The county of Burnet functioned for a brief time, but became defunct when judicial counties were declared unconstitutional in 1844.   The McClure-McReynolds-Fowler House.

The story of the demise of Burnet County appears in something of a light vein in a small volume entitled, "History of Palestine", by S. P. Allen and an unnamed collaborator:    "All the usual activities were carried on in Burnet County: court being held, taxes being assessed, marriage licenses issued, etc. The county seat, Fort Houston, began to improve and might even have flourished into a city,  leaving the present city of Palestine a 'cottonpatch or a goober field' except for the ruling of the Supreme Court declaring judicial counties unconstitutional and all transactions of such null and void.      When this happened, the people of the town and the area were greatly disturbed  and highly critical of the action of the court. Many vexing and even embarrassing questions were raised. People who were married under the jurisdiction of Burnet County were uncertain of their status. Many remonstrances were sent to Judge Ochiltree of the district court in session at Nacogdoches, whose order had gone out in support of the action of the Supreme Court.

"Alexander E. McClure, Chief Justice of Burnet County, was sent with the people's protest, fully signed, against Judge Ochiltree's decision. The judge, upon hearing of Mr. McClure's mission, sent him word not to present the petition, as it would be considered an act of resistance to the law, and would probably lead to Burnet County's Chief Justice being committed to jail. Thus ended both the people's wrath and Burnet County. All acts and transactions under its jurisdictions were still legal and binding under the authority of Houston County and the Nacogdoches disrict."    A. E. McClure's daughter, "Mollie", is believed to be the first white child born in Anderson County after it was formed from Houston County March 1846. In the 1848 census, the McClure household shows four whites and two Negro slaves.

A. E. McClure was first District Clerk as indicated by the meeting of the July 1846 term of Court of Anderson County, and continued to hold this office for several terms.    He and his brother-in-law, I. W. Ewing, were the second owners of The Trinity Advocate from 1852 until his death in 1870.   From the Huntsville Item for Jan 15, 1855: "Messrs Ewing & McClure are now the proprietors of the Palestine Advocate, having we presume, purchased the interests of Mr. Rogers and the late Judge Martin."

A. E. McClure was listed as treasurer of Palestine Encampment #3 of Knight's Templars Order on the 24th ult. (that would be 24th Nov 1853)

Alexander Ewing McClure married Ann Elizabeth Glenn (9 Jul 1822 Prince Edward Co, VA-Jul 1860 Palestine, TX)  on 15 Oct 1837 in Marshall County, TN.    They had nine children.   After Ann’s death he married Mrs. L.C. Small  (m.16 Jan 1862).   He died in 1870 and is buried at the East Hill Cemetery in Palestine.

The descendants of A.E. And Ann are:  

1.1. Alexander Ewing MCCLURE (b.4 Sep 1814-Greenville,TN d.9 May 1870-Palestine,TX)
sp: Ann Elizabeth GLENN (b.9 Jul 1822-Prince Edward Co,VA m.15 Oct 1837 d.Jul 1860-Palestine,TX)
 |-2. Robert A. MCCLURE (b.28 Nov 1840-Fort Houston,Houston Co.,TX d.11 Dec 1915-Rusk,Texas)
 | sp: Mary Maria SKILTON (b.15 Dec 1843-Union County,AR m.1 Oct 1866 d.28 Sep 1881-Palestine,Anderson County,TX)
 |  |-3. Annye Skilton MCCLURE (b.14 Aug 1867 d.19 Nov 1889-Rusk,Texas)
 |  | sp: Joe G. SUMMERS
 |  |-3. Dr. Marshall Ewing MCCLURE (b.30 Jun 1869-Palestine,Anderson County,TX d.23 Mar 1934-Alto,TX)
 |  | sp: Annella Boyd ARMSTRONG (b.29 Dec 1873 m.8 Sep 1892 d.19 Aug 1899-Rusk,Cherokee CO. TX)
 |  | sp: Corinne Howell GOOLSBEE (b.11 Aug 1876-Crocket,Houston County,TX m.16 Dec 1900 d.1 Jul 1951-Alto,TX)
 |  |-3. Phila MCCLURE (b.30 Jul 1873 d.28 Jun 1957-Birmingham,AL)
 |  | sp: Lawrence Pollard HURTER (b.7 Jul 1856 m.28 Jul 1897 d.29 Mar 1925-Birmingham,Jefferson County,AL)
 |  |-3. Dr. Robert Quarles MCCLURE (b.20 Dec 1876-Palestine,Anderson County,TX d.1933)
 |  | sp: Fay MCCLELLAN
 |  |-3. Zella MCCLURE (died a baby) (b.7 Aug 1878 d.27 Sep 1879)
 |  |-3. Cornelia Howard MCCLURE (died a baby) (b.20 Jan 1879 d.7 Feb 1880)
 | sp: Elizabeth Ellen KIRBY
 |  +-3. Kirby MCCLURE (b.30 Mar 1884-Palestine,Anderson County,TX)
 |    sp: Alice MERIDITH
 |-2. William Amos MCCLURE (died an infant) (b.10 Mar 1843)
 |-2. Nathan MCCLURE (died an infant) (b.22 Dec 1844 d.27 Dec 1844)
 |-2. Mary Ellen MCCLURE (b.1847)
 | sp: James B. HAMLETT
 |  +-3. Annie Laurie HAMLETT
 |    sp: Ed SMITH
 |-2. Georgia Virginia MCCLURE (b.10 Mar 1850)
 | sp: Robert BROYLES (m.19 Dec 1872)
 |  |-3. Daniel BROYLES
 |  |-3. Marshall BROYLES
 |  |-3. Nellie BROYLES
 |  | sp: R.B. SINGLETON of Cherokee Co, TX
 |  |-3. Tom BROYLES
 |  |-3. Annie BROYLES
 |  +-3. Alexander BROYLES
 |-2. William G. (Glenn?) MCCLURE (b.1852)
 | sp: Annie LEE
 |  |-3. Glenn MCCLURE
 |  +-3. Zula MCCLURE
 |    sp: C.P. GIPSON
 |-2. Alexander Purdom MCCLURE (b.1855 d.1889)
 | sp: Minnie LAWRENCE (m.16 Jan 1882)
 |  |-3. Robert Allison MCCLURE
 |  |-3. Leonora Roberts MCCLURE never married, lived Longview
 |  +-3. Joe Ellen MCCLURE never married, lived Longview
 |-2. Thomas Marshall MCCLURE (b.23 Nov 1856 d.1 Apr 1912)  He was publisher of the Alto Herald and is buried in the Alto City Cemetery.    Also lived in Lone Oak, TX.
 | sp: Ayleta TERRELL (m.1 May 1910)
 |  +-3. Eunice D. MCCLURE (b.Abt 1889)
 |    sp: A.J. LEWIS
 |-2. George Ewing MCCLURE (never married) (b.1859)

Robert Alexander McClure, son of Alexander  & Ann,  was born 28 Nov 1840 in Fort Houston, Houston Co., TX, near the current city of Palestine, which  is now in Anderson Co., TX.  After the outbreak of the War Between  the States, he enlisted as a private in Captain Peter Hardeman's company  (Co. A) in Col. Pyron's regiment of the 2nd Texas Cavalry. He saw action  in New Mexico during the early days of the war, but little thereafter.  At the end of the war, he was acting postmaster at Eagle Pass, Maverick Co, TX  (the military having taken over operation of the post offices). He served  in that post from Feb 1865 to 8 Mar 1866. He was mustered out at San Antonio, TX, and returned to Palestine to take up the practice of law. He married Mary Maria Skilton 1 Oct 1866  in Palestine and raised his family there.    She was born 15 Dec 1843 in Union Co. Arkansas. This was her second  marriage. Her first on 9 May 1859 was to Jno. R. Woodward who did not survive the Civil War, dying in New Mexico in the battle of Mesilla and being buried in Las Cruces.  They had one son, Johnnie, b 1861.  She was never in good health and toward the end of her days was almost a complete invalid. Her mother, Nancy Quarles Skilton, lived with them and kept things going for the family. Mary died 28 Sep 1881 in Palestine and is buried at  the old city cemetery in Palestine.     In later life he moved to Rusk, Texas in Cherokee and was a district judge.   He died in Rusk on 11 Dec 1915 at 4:30 in the morning. He is buried in the  Rusk City Cemetery.

Robert & Mary’s children were:   
1)   Annye Skilton McClure, b. 14 Aug 1867, d. 19 Nov 1889, married Joe G. Summers; dau: Kathleen
2)   Marshall Ewing McClure, b. 30 Jun 1869, d. 23 Mar 1934   (see below)
3)   Phila McClure, b. 30 Jul 1873, d. 1957, married Lawrence Pollard Hurter; 3 children:  Elizabeth, Anne, & Lawrnece, Jr.  
4)   Dr. Robert Quarles McClure, b. 20 Dec 1876, d. March 14, 1927., married Faye McClellan; 2 children:  Mary (died a baby) and Virginia.  He attended Tulane Medical School in New Orleans and graduated at the top of his class; according to the Texas Medical Association he practiced medicine in 1902 in Gilmer, Upshur Co, Texas. Then in 1904, he was in El Paso, Texas. In 1908 he was back in Gilmer, and in 1910 he was in Glenwood, Arkansas.  An Arkansas death record has him dying in Miller Co (the Arkansas side of Texarkana).
5)   Zella McClure, (died a baby) b. 7 Aug 1878 d. 27 Sep 1879
6)   Cornelia Howard McClure,  (died a baby)  b. 20 Jan 1879 d. 7 Feb 1880  of Catarrhal fever

Dr. Marshall Ewing McClure (1869-1934) wasthe second child of Robert A. McClure and  Mary Maria Skilton. He was raised in Palestine, but graduated from High  School in Rusk, Cherokee Co., TX. He studied medicine first at the University of Texas in Galveston, and later at Tulane in New Orleans  (1889-91). He graduated from Tulane on 1 Apr 1891. He set up practice in Alto, Texas, and continued to practice there until his death on  23 Mar 1934 of a heart attack. (Note, he did one year of post graduate study at Tulane in 1895-6 also.)  He married Annella Boyd Armstrong on 9 September 1892.  Annella died 19 Aug 1899.     He married  Corinne Howell  Goolsbee on 16 Dec 1900 in Crocket, Houston County, TX.  Corinne was born 11 Aug 1876 in Crocket, Houston County, TX; died 1 Jul 1951 Alto, TX.     They are buried in the family plot at the Alto City Cemetery.

Marshall and Corinne had one child:   
Robert William MCCLURE (b.23 Feb 1904-Rusk,Cherokee CO. TX d.5 Mar 1965-Alto,TX)
   sp: Arozena LUKER (b.Feb 1910 m.19 May 1933 d.3 Dec 1974-Alto,TX)
Robert  was a general insurance agent in Alto, having become licensed to sell insurance on 28 Dec 1935.  During the depression, he was also an agent for the Federal Land Bank. In the late 1930's and throughout most of the 1940's he also operated a tomato packing shed during the tomato harvest season.   

Robert and Arozena had two sons.    i)   Robert Marshall McClure, and ii)  William Luker McClure (15 Apr 1950-15 Apr 1950)      

Robert (Bob) McClure provided the information on his family, and the wonderful pictures!
Thank you, Bob!  

Alexander Ewing McClure
Ann Glenn McClure
His wife
Robert A. McClure
Dr. Marshall Ewing McClure
Corrie Goolsbee McClure, his wife. (1876-1951)
Robert W. McClure
Arozena Luker McClure (1910-1974)  with son, Robert M. McClure