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McCLURE FAMILY, continued (page 6)

The children of William E. McClure and Eleanor Ewing Purdom  (Continued)

Rev. James Richard McClure was born ca 1818.    The most Robert and I have been able to determine about James, or Richard (since he apparently went by both)  is mainly from Census records and the few mentions in newspapers that we can find.     His wife’s name was Lucinda, and they had two children:  

1)  Tabitha E. McClure,  born ca 1849.    We are hopeful others might have information about Tabitha.   

2)  Melissa A McClure.   Robert McClure found Melissa’s grave in Beechwood Cemetery, Cornersville, TN.     Her tombstone states that Melissa was born 30 Jul 1850, died 4 Sep 1870.   

In the 1860 and 1870 Census’, they are living in Cornersville, TN - where in 1870 his occupation is listed as ‘minister.’   Daughter Tabitha was not listed, and has perhaps married by 1870.   Thanks to Robert finding Melissa’s grave, we know she died in September 1870 at age 20.    By the 1880 Census, James and Lucinda are living in Douglas County, Colorado.    We found numerous marriage records of marriages James performed, but no other personal information, and we find no record of marriages performed after 1882.  

George Ewing McClure was born 25 May 1822.    George never married.   He died 20 Apr 1870.  

Dr. Robert Greene McClure was born  12 Apr 1824 in Lewisburg, TN.  Robert was a physician and lived all his life in or around  Lewisburg, Marshall Co., Tennessee.  He served during the Civil War with the 41st Regiment Tennessee Volunteers, CSA.   One company from Marshall composed of 101 men was sent to the Forty-first. This company was known as the Lewisburg and Cornersville Company. The company officers of this company were R. G. McClure, captain; J. C. Osborn, J. M. Vancleave and R. P. Robins, lieutenants. The regimental officers at first were Robert Farquaharson, colonel; R. G. McClure, lieutenant-colonel, and T. G. Miller, major.  Lt Col. Robert G. McClure was listed as prisoner of war l Mar 1862 at Boston Harbor, Massachusetts. His organization was given as 41st Regiment Tennessee Volunteers under Col. Robert Farquharson. He was listed as exchanged 27 Aug, 1862.

“From Camp Trousdale the Forty-first was sent to Bowling Green, thence on December 23d to Fort Donelson, where it was captured February 15, 1862. The men were exchanged at Vicksburg in September and the regiment reorganized at Clinton. The regiment marched and counter-marched through Tennessee and northern Mississippi till January, 1863, when it was ordered to Port Hudson. On May 2 it was ordered to Jackson to avert the doom overhanging Pemberton and Vicksburg. After the fall of Vicksburg it was ordered, September 7, to Mobile. It did guard duty on the coast for a time, but was ordered up to Chickamauga and again joined Johnston's army at Dalton in May, 1864. It took part in the Atlanta campaign till the fall of Atlanta; thence was ordered into Tennessee; was at Franklin and Nashville and was then sent to North Carolina, where it surrendered at the close of the war.”

“In 1871 the people of Marshall voted an appropriation of $315,000, to the propose building of the Cumberland & Ohio Railroad through the county. In 1873 the amount was divided, $200,000 being still appropriated to the above road, and $115,000 to the Duck River Valley Railroad. The panic of 1873 destroyed the hopes of the Cumberland & Ohio Road; but the Duck River Valley Road was completed to Lewisburg from Columbia, in April, 1877, and in October, 1879, it was completed to the Lincoln County line. Besides the $115,000 a large individual subscription was raised. Dr. R. G. McCLURE and Col. J. H. Lewis were instrumental in securing the road. Dr. McClure was president of the company for three years.”

Robert married Mary Elizabeth Ewing, (2 Oct 1828-24 Oct 1906)  daughter of Lile A. Ewing and Rebecca Leper, on 5 Jan 1847.    They had eight children.    Robert died 18 Jun 1881 in Lewisburg, TN   

Their descendants (as we know them) were:  

1. Dr. Robert Green MCCLURE C.S.A. (b.12 Apr 1824-Lewisburg,TN d.18 Jun 1881-Lewisburg,TN)
sp: Mary Elizabeth EWING (b.2 Oct 1828 m.5 Jan 1847 d.24 Oct 1906)
 |-2. Cordelia Tennessee MCCLURE (died an infant) (b.14 Mar 1848 d.1 Jul 1848)
 |-2. Alexander Doak MCCLURE (b.9 Jul 1850 d.5 Apr 1920)
 | sp: Louise Benjamin {Burgman MILLER (b.3 Jun 1847-Pontatoc,MS m.3 Dec 1878)
 |  |-3. Eunice MCCLURE (twin?) (b.Abt 1880)
 |  |-3. Ewing Givhan {?} MCCLURE (twin?) (b.Abt 1880)
 |  |-3. Alexander Miller MCCLURE (b.Abt 1882)
 | sp: Frances Roberta CALLAWAY (b.2 Feb 1863 d.28 Feb 1948)
 |  |-3. Robert Edwin MCCLURE
 |  | sp: Mary Kenna WALKER
 |  |  |-4. Frances Roberta Walker MCCLURE
 |  |  | sp: Robert Brooks (III) PETERS
 |  |  +-4. Robert Edwin (Jr.) MCCLURE
 |  +-3. Elizabeth Lyle MCCLURE (b.27 Sep 1901 d.Cal 1989)
 |    sp: Rev. Daniel Patrick (Jr.) MCGEACHEY a Presbyterian minister in NC.
 |     |-4. Daniel Patrick (III) MCGEACHEY (b.19 Nov 1929)
 |     | sp: Alice Randolph NEELY
 |-2. William Lyle MCCLURE (died an infant) (b.6 Jul 1851 d.15 Aug 1851)
 |-2. Anna Ellen MCCLURE (b.21 Aug 1855 d.6 Oct 1919)
 | sp: P.C. SMITHSON
 |-2. Carrie Eagleston MCCLURE (b.13 Feb 1860 d.17 Mar 1935)
 | sp: John B. KNOX of Anniston, AL
 |  |-3. Carrie KNOX
 |  +-3. Mary Lyle KNOX
 |-2. Robert Green (Jr.) MCCLURE (b.29 May 1862 d.30 Nov 1927-Indianapolis,IN)
 | sp: Jane Locke BRADFORD (b.26 Feb 1864-Davidson County,TN d.Davidson County,TN)
 |  |-3. Marie MCCLURE   (Mrs. Howell)
 |  |-3. Alex M. MCCLURE
 |  +-3. Dr. Robert Locke MCCLURE Physician in Indianapolis (b.1894-Marion,IN)
 |-2. Mary Lyle MCCLURE (b.12 Mar 1865 d.Abt 1940)
 | sp: Charles HOTCHKISS
 +-2. Leila Stoddard MCCLURE (b.19 Jun 1869 d.4 Jan 1929)
   sp: Samuel K. HARWELL

Mary E. McClure was born ca 1827.   She married James L. Reid/Reed.   I’m afraid that is all we know; hopefully there are descendants who will contact us.   

Susan E. McClure was born 9 Apr 1828.  Susan never married.  She died 16 Aug 1854

WILLIAM DICKSON McCLURE was born 20 Sep 1830 in Cornersville, TN.    William D. was a dry goods merchant in Cornersville, TN.   There is an interesting newspaper clipping titled 'As In 1878' and reads as follows:   "The following are prices that obtained in 1878, as shown by a bill of goods and produce handled in a transaction wherein the late William Sanders sold some wheat and eggs to Mr. W. D. McClure, then a merchant in Cornersville:  Domestic 7c. per yard; ladies and gentlemen's shoes $3.50 per pair; a slate 15c.; calico 6 ¼ c. per yard".   

Robert (Bob) McClure of AZ provided the following story, from Marshall County Historical Quarterly, Vol III, No 2:

 •  "In one of the heated political campaigns preceeding the civil war occurred the most tragic event in the history of Cornersville.  A man named Thompson and Dr. Pugh became involved in a personal difficulty over political differences which led to a tragic end. Dr. Pugh ran upon Thompson and stabbed him fatally with a knife and then ran across the street.   As he fell dying, Thompson drew a derringer pistol and fired at the fleeing doctor. The weapon contained two balls, both of which went wild, one of them striking Mr. W. D. McClure, father of Hon. W. P. McClure, in the breast, inflicting a dangerous wound, the other penetrating the heart of Mr. House,  who stood by Mr. McClure across the street, killing him instantly.   Dr. Pugh is thought to have [lain] concealed under an old out building all day disappearing in the night nevermore to be heard of."

William married Mary Orlena Pillow, on 8 Apr 1852; daughter of Robert W. Pillow and Dorothy Ann Hall.    Mary was born 20 Sep 1836.    She died 23 Sep 1905, and her obituary reads:    "The widow of W. D. McClure, long a prominent merchant of Cornersville (Tn) and who preceded her to the grave twelve years ago, died at the home of her son, Mr. W. F. McClure, in this place, last Saturday afternoon.   Her death was not unexpected, as she had long been in declining health.  She was 69 years of age last Wednesday, was a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and leaves a large circle of sorrowing friends.  She is survived by four sons and two daughters, all of whom were present at her bedside except one son, Mr. Thos. McClure, who was unable to be present.  Her remains were taken to Cornersville for burial in Beechwood cemetery on Sunday, the funeral service being conducted by Rev. J. M. Brown, Rev. S. H. Polk, and Rev. J. A. Malloy".    William Dickson McClure died 29 Nov 1893 - and they are buried beside each other in Beechwood Cemetery, Cornersville, TN.     

William and Mary Orlena Pillow McClure had the following children  (their children discussed on the next 2 pages):

1)    Robert McCLURE (b.2 Jun 1853-Tennessee d.8 Feb 1866-Cornersville,Marshall Co.,Tennessee)
2)    WALTER FLAVIS (Sr.) McCLURE * (b.1 Mar 1856-Cornersville,TN d.24 Jul 1915-Birmingham,AL)
 | sp: * MARY ELIZABETH "Lilie" HAMPTON (b.6 Sep 1863-Leighton,AL m.11 Aug 1885 d.23 Jun 1925-Nashville,TN)    (see HAMPTON Family)
3)   Thomas Hall MCCLURE (b.5 Oct 1858-Cornersville,Tennessee d.8 Aug 1921-Cornersville,Marshall Co.,Tennessee)   (their children on next page)
 | sp: Kate
4)   Anna Ewing MCCLURE (b.1861-Cornersville,Tennessee d.6 Jun 1946-Cornersville,TN)
5)   William "Willie" Pillow McCLURE (b.1866 d.15 Oct 1933)
6)   John Bell McCLURE (b.1869 d.8 Jan 1921)
7)   Mary "Lois" Pillow McCLURE (b.Jan 1876 d.26 Apr 1961)
   sp: John Thomas MARTIN
(pictures from Beechwood Cemetery, Cornersville, TN, below)
Beechwood Cemetery
Cornersville, TN

Pictured below are the gravestones of some of the children of Wm & Mary O. McClure:

“Little Bobby” McClure (1853-1866)

Thomas Hall McClure (1858-1921)

Anna “Amma” Ewing McClure (1861-1946)

John Bell McClure (1869-1921)
Gravestones of
William D. McClure
and Mary O. Pillow McClure


Note:   I have been to visit Beechwood Cemetery in Cornersville.  The day I went it was pouring down rain, and the pictures I took were terrible!   
  I must thank Robert McClure for providing these wonderful
black and white photos.

I must also thank Robert Horn, who took the time on the way to work one morning to take pictures at Beechwood and send them to me.    Quite a wonderful thing for a virtual stranger to do!   But, of course I now consider him a dear friend!
Thank you,  Bob!