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Walton Family, continued (page 3)

The children of Robert Walton and Frances Sherwood, continued

3.   George Walton was born 17 Feb 1723/1724 in Prince Edward Co., VA.   He died 17 Nov 1796 in Cumberland Co., VA.  (Note:  I call him “Uncle George.”   He was the uncle and guardian of at least Sally and George Walton, children of his brother, Robert Walton -and as a descendant of theirs, I called George “uncle” with affection!)   "Uncle George" Walton most definitely lived in the southern part of Prince Edward County, where he was quite active in the Briery Presbyterian Church. He applied to the Prince Edward Court in September of 1759, that the non-conforming (i.e., non-Episcopalian – and hence perhaps not entirely loyal English subjects) Scotch-Irish people in his neighborhood who were “performing divine service at the head of Bryery River in the Presbyterian way” be licensed to exist with legal protections.  Since the younger George Walton (signer) had no living parents and no property, hence no future security, his uncle apprenticed him to a carpenter in the neighborhood, but the boy seems to have also pursued some formal schooling – probably with his uncle’s financial support.  

There were/are numerous descendants of Uncle George Walton in Georgia; too many for this format.   Attached is a pdf file with all of our notes on Uncle George and his descendants, 6 generations (more current ones not included for privacy.


Uncle George married Martha HUGHES, daughter of Robert & Martha Morton HUGHES, on 14 Aug 1749. Martha was born 25 Nov 1734.   She was the sister of Mary Hughes who had married George’s brother Robert.    So George and Martha were both aunt & uncle to Robert’s children by blood, not just marriage.    George was guardian of at least Sally and George Walton (signer), which to me is really something considering the size of his own family.  

George Walton's will, dated 2 September 1796 and probated in Prince Edward County (VA) 17 July 1797, conveyed extensive acreage in the southeastern part of Prince Edward County, along Bush River and Camp Creek, north of Mt. Pleasant Church, and along Meherrin River, near the town of Meherrin.  It conveyed to his wife Martha four thousand acres "on the north side of Green River in Kentucky," and land in Prince Edward County, VA., and to his youngest son Thomas "the residue of my lands on Bush River," adjoining Whetstone's Branch, on which Thomas Walton's family is believed to have lived.  (Bk 3, p 77)   The will of George Walton's widow Martha, dated 17 September and probated 27 September 1813, appointed her son Thomas as executor.  (District Court Will Bk 1, p 55).   The 1782 census of heads of families lists George Walton in Prince Edward County with twelve whites and sixty-four blacks."  

MARTHA WALTON afterwards made her will, which was recorded in October 1814, by which she gave to THOMAS WALTON, her son, certain slaves, etc., and to his children by name, certain other slaves.  To her granddaughter Fanny Moore, a pecuniary legacy.  The other children of her daughter Moore, she added, were intentionally pretermitted [meaning children not born yet - the 'testator' did not know them at the time the will was written - I assume this to mean she did not want any unknown, later born children to inherit].   To her son-in-law JOSEPH YARBROUGH, she gave the half of the mill and its appurtenances on Meherrin River.  The residue of her estate she desired might be divided into five equal parts, of which:  one was given to her son Thomas Walton; one to the children of her daughter Temperance Yarbrough; one to the children of her daughter Susanna Morton - Hughes Morton being excepted; one to Robert and Thomas Walton - sons of her son Robert; and the remaining fifth to her daughter Sally Bitts (sic).   Her daughter Martha Knight, and her son John B. Walton, and all her grandchildren not expressly provided for, she added were intentionally omitted.   

Martha Hughes Walton’s will was the cause of a lawsuit among their descendants.   Information about it can be found in the book Virginia Reports, available through Google books.     Their children and some of their grandchildren can be identified by this lawsuit.    

October 4, 1815, Virginia Argus:  VIRGINIA: At Rules holden in the Clerk's office of the Superior Court of Chancery for the Richmond District, the 25th day of June 1815:   WOODSON KNIGHT and PATTY his wife, formerly Patty Walton, one of the daughters of George Walton, dec.; Walton Knight, Thomas Knight, Tarlton W. Knight, John H. Knight, and David H. Williams and Elizabeth Williams his wife, Robert Knight, Sally B. Knight, which said Walton, Tarlton W John H. Elizabeth  W. Robert and Sally B are children of the said Woodson and Patty Knight, and grandchildren of George Walton, dec., Plaintiffs.   AGAINST:   Joseph Yarbrough, exor of Martha Walton, who was executrix of George Walton, dec.; Watkins Dupuy, and Elizabeth Smith his wife, Thomas Walton, Thomas Walton, jun., Robert Walton, Mary Walton, Martha Walton, Elizabeth Walton and Catharine Walton, infants and children of Thomas Walton, sen.   Davis and Dosha his wife, Fanny Moore, Nancy H. Knight, Polly Yarbrough, Richard Yarbrough, Fanny Yarbrough, Martha Yarbrough, Sally Yarbrough, and Joseph Yarbrough, infant children of Joseph Yarbrough, William Moore and Sally his wife, and Thomas & William Morton, infants under the age of twenty-one years, and Robert and Thomas Walton, children of Robert Walton, and Elisha Betts & Sally his wife -----  THE Defendants    Davis and Dosha his wife, Fanny Moore, William Moore and Sally his wife, and Thomas and William Moore, and Robert and Thomas Walton not having entered their appearance and given satisfactory evidence, that they are not inhabitants of this country:  It is ordered, That the said Defendants do appear h ere on the first day of the next term and answer the bill of the Plaintiffs; and that a copy of this order be forthwith inserted in some  newspaper published in the city of Richmond, for two months successively and posted at the front door of the Capitol, in the said City.   A Copy - Teste. Wm. W. Hening, C.C. August 23.  

This lawsuit went on for several years:    "Virginia Will Records" From Cases in the Court of Appeals of Virginia, by Francis W. Gilmer:  27, 1820,  Knight v. Yarbrough:   GEORGE WALTON, deceased, will recorded October 1814.  Issue:  Thomas who has issue;  John B., and Robert who has issue: Robert and Thomas Walton; a daughter who married Moore and has issue among others, Fanny Moore; Temperance, wife of Joseph Yarbrough, who has issue; Susanna, wife of Morton and has issue among others, Hughes Morton; Sally wife of Bitts; and Martha wife of Woodson Knight.  Lands in Kentucky, a mill and lands on Meherrin River."

A legal announcement in the Richmond Enquirer, dated August 31, 1821, led me to try and learn more about ALL of the names mentioned, and my study is ongoing.   If you have any information about these families, all descendants of George and Martha, please feel free to contact me!   It is one of the loveliest legal postings (genealogically) I have found in the newspapers.   It read:       
Richmond Enquirer: “VIRGINIA: At rules holden in the Clerk’s Office of the Superior Court of Chancery for the Richmond District, the 20th day of June 1821, WOODSON KNIGHT, and PATSY, his wife, Plaintiffs, against ZACHARIAH WILLIAMS, husband, and Blanchey, Martha, Robert, and _______ Williams, children and heirs of Martha Williams, formerly Walton, deceased, Augustus Walton, Thomas Scott and Polly his wife, formerly Walton in the wife’s right; JamesMcClanahan & Betsey his wife, formerly Walton in the wife’s right; Robert Walton and Thomas Walton, which said Martha, Augustus, Polly, Betsey, Robert, and Thomas are children, heirs and distributes of Robert Walton, deceased; the said Thomas Scott, only son, heir and distribute of Frances Walton deceased, in his own right; Polly Jenkins, formerly Moore; George w. Moore; Simeon Crawford and Pamelia his wife, only daughter and heir of Jesse H. Moore, deceased; Gararway (sic) Davis and Nancy Hughes his wife, formerly Moore; Thomas, Nancy, Rowanna and Sally Benning, children, heirs and distributes of Martha Benning, deceased, formerly Moore; Thomas Moore, John Moore; William Moore; Moses Fort and Dosha his wife, formerly Moore, Thomas Thweatt and Frances Flanders his wife, formerly Moore, which said Polly, George W., Jesse H., Nancy Hughes, Martha, Thomas, John, William, Dosha and Frances Flanders, are children heirs, and distributes of Thomas Moore and Nancy his wife, formerly Walton; Hughes Morton; Thomas Morton; John Davis and Dosha his wife, formerly Morton, in the wife’s right; William Moore and Sally his wife, formerly Morton in the wife’s right; and William Morton, which said Hughes, Thomas, Dosha, Sally and William are children, co-heirs and distributees of William Morton and Susan his wife, formerly Walton; Joseph Yarborough and Walton Knight and Nancy his wife, formerly Yarborough, in the wife’s right; Joshua, Hardy and Polly his wife, formerly Yarborough in the wife’s right; Fanny Yarborough, Martha Yarborough, Richard Yarborough (who are of full age), and Sally and Joseph Yarborough (infants by guardian to be assigned to them), which said Joseph is the husband, and the said Nancy, Polly, Fanny, Martha, Richard, Sally and Joseph are children, heirs and distributees of Temperance Yarborough, formerly Walton, deceased; Watkins Dupuy and Elizabeth his wife, formerly Walton, only daughter, heir and distribute of John B. Walton deceased; Elisha Betts and Sally his wife, formerly Walton; Asa Dupuy the administrator, and Robert Walton and George Walton, (who are of full age), Mary , Martha, Elizabeth, and Thomas Walton (infants by guardian to be assigned them), children, heirs and distributes of Thomas Walton, deceased; Joseph Yarborough as executor and devisee of the said Martha Walton, the trustee; Walton Knight in his own right, and Tarlton Knight….. Defendants…… [end of article as available]

George Walton and Martha Hughes at the following children:  

1)   Jesse Hughes WALTON (b.17 Sep 1750-Cumberland County,VA d.2 Feb 1791-Prince Edward County,VA)
2)    Frances WALTON (b.26 Apr 1752)
 | sp: (Mr.) SCOTT of Virginia
3)    Hon./Senator Robert J. WALTON of Frog Hall, Richmond Co., GA (b.4 Feb 1754-Prince Edward County,VA d.20 Aug 1800-Richmond County,GA)
 | sp: Blanche GLASCOCK (b.1759 m.1775 d.26 Aug 1800)
4)    Mary "Molly" WALTON (b.7 Feb 1756-Richmond,Virginia)
 | sp: Francis DEGRAFFENREID (b.1747 m.18 Nov 1771 d.1815)
5)    Cpt. George Jr. WALTON (b.5 Oct 1758-Virginia d.15 Sep 1777-Chatham County,GA)
6)   .Nancy Hughes WALTON (b.1 Apr 1760 d.1809)
 | sp: Thomas MOORE of Columbia Co., GA (b.1756-Prince Edward County,VA m.1776 d.1806)
7)   Martha "Patty" WALTON (b.8 Jun 1762)
 | sp: Woodson KNIGHT (b.Abt 1746 m.18 Jun 1781)
8)   Endrica Dosia (Eudosia) WALTON (b.4 Mar 1764)
 | sp: John  WALTON of Columbia Co., GA (b.Abt 1760 m.22 Jan 1784 d.1809-Columbia County,GA)
9)    Susannah "Suckey" WALTON (b.22 May 1766)   (son of Sherwood)
10)   Temperance WALTON (b.5 Mar 1769)
 | sp: Joseph YARBOROUGH/YARBROUGH (m.19 Dec 1785)
11)   John B. WALTON (b. 30 Nov 1770, deceased by 1821)
    Sp:  Bagnois (Bagnols?), m. 4 or 8 Oct 1796.    
12)   Sally  WALTON (b.29 Apr 1772 d.5 Mar 1857)
 | sp: Elisha BETTS of Virginia (m.17/27 Jun 1787 d.14 Mar 1825)
13)   Thomas WALTON (b.13 Feb 1775-Prince Edward County,VA d.1815)
   sp: Elizabeth PANKEY (b.Abt 1777-Lucy's Springs,Chesterfield Co.,VA m.6 Oct 1796 d.1815-near Meherrin,Prince Edward County,VA)


4)   Frances Walton, daughter of Robert Walton and Frances Sherwood, was born 14 Jan 1726/1727 in New Kent Co., VA; died 1766 in Bedford County, VA.   Frances married Colonel Richard Callaway in Brunswick, Virginia in 1745, his first wife.  Richard was born in Essex County, VA on June 14, 1717.    Late in the year 1766, soon after the birth of their daughter, Theodosia, Frances Walton Callaway died.    

Richard Callaway was the son of Joseph Callaway and Catherine (?), and seems to have lived an exciting life!   After Frances died in 1766, leaving him with many children to care for, he married the widow of John Hoy, Elizabeth Jones, in Bedford, Virginia, 1767.  Elizabeth was born in Virginia.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Gabriel Jones and (?) Strother. Elizabeth died 1813 in Winchester, Kentucky."   As a young man, Richard was appointed Constable of Lunenburg County, Virginia on May 5, 1746; And on August 20, 1747, he patented his first land, 244 acres in Brunswick County, Virginia on the lower side of Buffalo Creek (VA).   In November 1758, he took the oath as Colonel of Militia for Bedford County.  Records offer the conclusion that Richard Callaway did actively participate in some capacity during the French and Indian War.  He died March 8, 1778, killed by Shaunnes who attacked him and his work crew at the site of his ferry across the Kentucky River.  His body was interred March 1778 in Boonesborough, Kentucky. According to the French Tipton Paper, Colonel Callaway was buried at the Lisle Cemetery located very near Ft. Boonesborough.    

I have meager notes on the CALLAWAY Family, but offer them here in pdf form.   

This is all we know about the descendants of Frances Walton and Richard Callaway [more information always welcomed!]:

1. Frances WALTON (b.14 Jan 1726/1727-New Kent Co,VA d.1766-Bedford County,VA)
sp: Col. Richard CALLAWAY (b.4 Jun 1717-Essex County,VA m.1745 d.8 Mar 1778-Kentucky)
 |-2. Sarah CALLAWAY (b.7 May 1746 d.8 Mar 1780)
 | sp: Gabriel PENN (m.Sep 1761 d.1798-Amelia Co.,Virginia)
 |-2. Edward CALLAWAY (b.1747)
 |-2. George CALLAWAY (b.12 Jan 1748 d.Jan 1773)
 | sp: Amelia CALLAWAY (m.8 May 1770)
 |  +-3. Elizabeth "Betsey" CALLAWAY (b.21 Sep 1771-Bedford County,VA d.24 Mar 1819-Madison County,KY)
 |    sp: John FITZPATRICK (PATRICK) (b.1762-Augusta County,VA m.2 Dec 1787)
 |-2. Zachariah CALLAWAY (b.4 Sep 1750 d.1781)
 | sp: Susan MILLER (m.18 Dec 1774)
 |  |-3. Sally CALLAWAY
 |  | sp: Daniel NEAL OR O'NEAL
 |  |  +-4. Caleb NEAL
 |  |    sp: Esther SURBER
 |  |     +-5. Caroline NEAL
 |  |       sp: John SHEFFIELD
 |  +-3. Amelia CALLAWAY
 |    sp: George DOOLEY (m.10 Dec 1792)
 |-2. Mary CALLAWAY (b.1752 d.1829)
 | sp: Charles GWATKIN
 |-2. Nancy CALLAWAY (b.1754 d.1840)
 |-2. Mildred "Milly" CALLAWAY (b.1756 d.Abt 1810-Bedford County,VA)
 | sp: Thomas NOELL
 |-2. Isham CALLAWAY (b.Sep 1758)
 |-2. Elizabeth CALLAWAY (b.14 Aug 1760 d.15 Oct 1850-Winchester,Franklin County,Tennessee)
 | sp: Samuel HENDERSON (m.7 Aug 1776 d.1816-Winchester,TN)
 |-2. Caleb CALLAWAY (b.9 Aug 1762 d.1811)
 | sp: Elizabeth CALLAWAY
 |-2. Frances "Fanny" CALLAWAY (b.16 Jun 1763 d.Nov 1803)
 | sp: John Charles HOLDER (b.1744 d.1804)
 |  |-3. Theodoshea HOLDER (b.1781 d.1822)
 |  | sp: Samuel Richardson COMBS (b.1776 d.1 Oct 1833)
 |  |-3. John Walton HOLDER (b.1785 d.1842)
 |  | sp: Catherine PENN
 |  |-3. Caleb HOLDER (b.1787 d.1818-Augusta,Richmond Co.,GA)
 |  |-3. Richard Calloway HOLDER (b.1789 d.Oct 1841)
 |  | sp: Harriet Jane DUNBAR (b.1795-Orangeburg County,South Carolina d.1824-Richmond,Madison County,Kentucky)
 |  |-3. Lydia HOLDER (b.1791)
 |  |-3. Sophia HOLDER (b.1793 d.1806)
 |  |-3. Frances HOLDER (b.1795)
 |  | sp: Edward MCGUIRE
 |  +-3. Catherine HOLDER (b.4 Apr 1797 d.2 Apr 1884)
 |    sp: Richard Gott WILLIAMS (b.23 May 1786 d.3 Jan 1876)
 |-2. Lydia CALLAWAY (b.14 Oct 1764 d.6 Feb 1835-Clark County,KY)
 | sp: Christopher IRVINE (b.11 Sep 1755 m.1781 d.6 Oct 1786-Ohio)
 | sp: Richard HICKMAN (m.29 Oct 1789)
 +-2. Theodosia CALLAWAY (b.8 Aug 1766 d.13 Jun 1822)
   sp: William CALLAWAY

6)  Sherwood Walton was born 10 Jul 1728 in New Kent County, VA; died abt 1811 in Amelia County, VA.   In April, 1752, Lt. Gov & Commander in Chief Robert Dinwiddie directed to William Byrd, William Wynne, Peter Fontaine, Junr., James Terry, William Irby, Nathaniel Terry, Robert Wade, Hampton Wade, Andrew Wade, Hugh Moore, and SHERWOOD WALTON, Gentlemen," to administer oaths of office to the various county officers, but since it was mostly a ceremonial occasion, no real business to speak of was taken care of.    On Tuesday the 19th day of May, 1752, the gentlemen of Halifax County met at Hampton Wade's house and held court.    "The interest that was always attached to court at once began to draw new settlers to Punch Spring. The territory was becoming more thickly settled, but the General Assembly for added safety wanted towns established in open areas. In 1759 it was ordered that 100 acres belonging to James Roberts, Jr., and adjoining the courthouse be laid off into a town to be called Peytonsburg. Pursuant to the Act of Assembly, Sherwood Walton laid off 104 acres into 210 lots, the plat of same being presented at court on July 16, 1761."  Sherwood was one of the first elders at "Old Briery Church," which was organized about 1755.    Sherwood married Susannah Jouett, daughter of Matthew Jouett and Susanah Moore.     I have never seen a copy of a will for Sherwood Walton.    We don’t have much information on his descendants, but everything we have is posted in the pdf file below.   We are always interested in learning more!

                                                           Family of Sherwood Walton (pdf)

All we know about the descendants of Sherwood Walton and Susannah Jouett’:

1. Sherwood WALTON (b.10 Jul 1728-New Kent Co,VA d.Abt 1811-Amelia County,VA)
sp: Susannah JOUETT
 |-2. Gen. Matthew WALTON Congressman of KY (b.Abt 1754-VA d.18 Jan 1819-Springfield,Washington Co.,KY)
 | sp: Frances W. WATKINS (m.25 Jan 1791)
 |  +-3. Fanny (dau of Matthew & Frances) WALTON
 |    sp: Frederick (?) NANTZ
 |     +-4. Nancy A. NANTZ
 |       sp: Samuel BOOKER
 |-2. Frances WALTON (b.Abt 1756-Virginia d.Abt 1786)
 | sp: Joshua ATKINSON (b.1755-Amelia Co.,Virginia m.5 Aug 1777d.Adair County,KY)
 |  |-3. Thomas Walton ATKINSON (b.1778-Amelia Co.,Virginia d.1862)
 |  |-3. Betsey ATKINSON
 |  |-3. Ann ATKINSON
 |  +-3. Sherwood ATKINSON
 |-2. John  WALTON of Columbia Co., GA (b.Abt 1760 d.1809-Columbia County,GA)
 | sp: Endrica Dosia (Eudosia) WALTON (b.4 Mar 1764 m.22 Jan 1784)
 |-2. Susannah WALTON (b.Abt 1762)
 | sp: John SCURRY
 +-2. Charlotte WALTON (b.Abt 1764-Amelia County,VA d.Kentucky)
   sp: Anthony, Jr. HUNDLEY (b.Amelia County,VA d.By 1819)
    |-3. Sherwood Walton HUNDLEY
    |-3. Francis HUNDLEY
    |-3. Nancy HUNDLEY
    |-3. Susan M. HUNDLEY
    |-3. Charlotte HUNDLEY
    |-3. William HUNDLEY
    +-3. John Boswell HUNDLEY

7)  Sally Walton, daughter of Robert Walton and Frances Sherwood, was born about 1730 in New Kent County, VA.    I have no further information about Sally.   


Next Page, Robert & Mary Hughes Walton’s children:       "The first evidence of George the Signer's line lies in the records of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia, pages 108 and 109, where it is reported that Robert and Frances (Sherwood) Walton had: Robert, Rebecca, Joseph, George, Frances and Sherwood. "The son Robert, Jr. was born in 1717 or 1718; his father was not living within the parish when he was asked to serve as secretary, but moved in, and recorded three of his children previously born, the first three listed above. Robert, Sr. died about 1734."   "Robert, Jr. and Mary (Hughes) Walton were the parents of George the Signer as well as John, Robert and Sara(h)".