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PERKINS FAMILY, continued (page 2)

CONSTANTINE PERKINS (son of Nicholas Perkins, Jr.) was born about 1682 in Henrico County, VA.   His birth date is from the assumption that CONSTANTINE PERKINS became of age in 1703 when he was deeded 100 acres of land by his father.  A manuscript in the DAR library in Washington D.C.  (without giving reference), states that he died September 3, 1767. On the other hand, it may be possible that he is the CONSTANT PERKINS whose funeral took place December 18, 1770 (Douglas Register). CONSTANTINE PERKINS left a will in the form of a deed recorded 1761 in Goochland Deed Book I, page 148.    July 9, 1724  he patented three tracts of land (of 347 acres, 250 acres, and 250 acres) each on Beaverdam Creek in that part of Henrico County which later was to become Goochland County.  Goochland County was formed in 1728 and his  land seems to have been at the corner where Goochland, Hanover, and Louisa Counties meet.   By 1761, his first wife dead, CONSTANTINE PERKINS was considering a second marriage. Before contracting this alliance he made a series of deeds to his children some of which were not to be effective until his death.    He basically disposed of all of his land and slaves by directing where they were to go after his death....    “...to my well Beloved Son Joseph Perkins I do give...at my decease...Land lying and being in the Countys of Hanover, Louisa and Goochland but when taken up it was in County of Henrico as by the Patent for the said Land bearing Date the Ninth day of July one thousand Seven hundred and twenty four." The land included 347 acres, 3 rods, and 20 poles.  

May 19, 1761:     To all Christian People to Whom this Present Writing shall come I CONSTANT PERKINS of Louisa County send Greeting. Know ye that I the said CONSTANTINE PERKINS for divers Good Causes but more Especially for the natural love and Affection which I have and do bear to my Loving Children Hereafter Mentioned I give unto them and their Heirs forever the Following Lands and Negroes Viz, to my belov'd Son Constantine Perkins Junior after my decease I give him my said son two hundred Acres of Land lying in the County of Gochland but taken up in Henrico by Patent bearing date the ninth day of July one thousand seven hundred and twenty four will more fully appear which land is part of the aforesaid Patent for the land whereon my said son now lives, also I give my said son at my Decease one negro man Slave nam'd Peter which said land and Negroe I give to him and his heirs forever. Next at my decease I give to my Belov'd son Nicholas Perkins one Negroe man Slave nam'd Jacob to him and his heirs forever.

Next at my Decease I Give to my Beloved son William Perkins one Negroe slave named Adam to him and his heirs forever which said Slave is now in Possession of my said son William Perkins; next at my Decease I give to my Belov'd son Stephen Perkins one negro Slave nam'd Nathaniel to him and his heirs forever; next I give to my daughter Ann Perkins now Ann Oglesby two Negro Slaves the one nam'd Judith & the other nam'd Tom to her heirs forever. Next I give to my Daughter ELizabeth Perkins now Elizabeth Ellis three Negroe slaves namely Moses Ester and Doll, at my decease to her and her heirs forever, next I give to my Grand Daughter Ann Perkins now Ann Clarkson Daughter of my son Constantine Perkins one Negroe Slave called Peter, to her and her heirs forever, next I give to my Granddaughter Jemiah Oglesby Daughter to my Daughter Ann one slave named Isham to her and her heirs forever, next I give to my Daughter Eliz Perkins now Elizabeth Ellis after my Decease one Negroe slave named Sarah to her and her heirs forever. Next after my Decease I give Ann Perkins now Ann Oglesby one negroe slave Thamer to her and her heirs forever, next after my decease I give to my first mentioned son Constantine Perkins Junr one Negroe slave named Harry to him and his heirs forever, all the above gifts I warrant and forever defend from the claim challenge or demand of any other person or persons whatsoever, to the only proper use and behoof of the above mentioned persons they and their Heirs forever, each person to whom the above is Given. Lastly all the Remainder part of my Estate not particular mention'd Real and Personal at my Decease I give to be equally divided among all my children, viz. Constantine Perkins, Nicholas Perkins, William Perkins, Stephen Perkins, Joseph Perkins, Harden Perkins, Mary Atkinson, Ann Oglesby, Elizabeth Ellis, to them and their Heirs forever. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 19th day of May one thousand seven hundred and sixty one. Sealed Sign'd and Deliver'd in presence of:   John Boswell and
Robert Wilson                     CONSTANT PERKINS (Seal)

He married first ANN (POLLARD) (last name not proven).   On May 1, 1754, a deed is recorded from CONSTANT PERKINS and wife - to Joseph Pollard is the basis for this, but Joseph was a generation younger than Anne and Constant.   It has been claimed that Ann was the daughter of Stephen Pollard and Ann Hughes and that the POLLARD family came from King and Queen County. As the records of King and Queen County have been destroyed, the evidence to support the claims will probably never be found. Anne  was the mother of his children.   

After settling the disposition to be made of his estate at his death in the above deeds, CONSTANTINE PERKINS felt free to enter into a second marriage late in life. If born in 1682, as is thought, he was 79 at this time. Goochland Marriage Bonds show that a license was issued him May 27, 1761, with Jesse Payne acting as bondsman. Four days later the marriage occurred and is recorded in THE DOUGLAS REGISTER (transcribed and edited by W. Mac Jones, 1928): “Married, Constant Perkins & Mary Allen both in this parish 1761 May 31.”   The twice widowed Mary Allen had already made a deed of gift to her children James Allen, Elizabeth Allen and Mary Allen on Mar. 7, 1753. The year following her marriage to Constantine, she and her husband deeded on Aug. 2, 1762, to Nathaniel Dennis, "son of the said Mary Perkins," 100 acres which "is the Same Tract or parcel of land which the said Mary Perkins in the Time she lived Widow of James Allen deceased Bought of John Shewmaker."     Mary was not destined to survive her third husband.

By 1763 CONSTANTINE PERKINS was again a widower. That he was indeed an old man is confirmed by a deed he made Nov. 16, 1763 , giving the slave Peter to his "Granddaughter Anne Clarkson wife of David Clarkson" and "after my granddaughter's decease to Frances Clarkson daughter of my granddaughter." This great-granddaughter had been born July 8, 1761.    Despite his age, CONSTANTINE PERKINS became a bridegroom for the third time in 1763 when he married Ann Walker.   She also was a widow and on Sept. 16, 1771, made a deed to her children for love and affection in Goochland County, VA.

Having reached the age of almost 90, CONSTANTINE PERKINS died and was buried in Goochland Co., Va., Dec. 18, 1770.

Constantine and Anne had the following children:   

1)  Col. NICHOLAS PERKINS * (b.1718-Albemarle Co.,VA d.1762-"Berry Hill" Plantation,Halifax County,VA)
 | sp: Bethenia HARDIN * (b.1719-Henrico Co,VA m.1738 d.Aft 1762-Breckinridge Co.,KY.)
2)    Stephen PERKINS (b.Abt 1717)
3)    Constantine (Jr.) PERKINS (b.Abt 1720)
 | sp: Mary WALKER
4)    William PERKINS (b.Abt 1722)
 | sp: Lucy WATKINS
5)    Elizabeth PERKINS (b.Abt 1724)
6)    Ann PERKINS (b.Abt 1727)
 | sp: (Mr.) OGLESBY
7)    Hardin PERKINS (b.Tuckahoe Creek,Henrico Co.,Virginia Colony)
 | sp: Sarah PRICE
8)    Mary PERKINS (b.Abt 1733)
9)     Joseph PERKINS (b.Abt 1735)

Col. NICHOLAS PERKINS (son of Constantine & Ann) was born 1718 in Albemarle Co., VA, died 1762 at “Berry Hill” Plantation, Halifax County, VA.    Nicholas served as a colonel in the militia during the French & Indian Wars.    -In 1751 he was one of the Processioners for St. James, Northhampton parish, Goochland Co,VA.  In 1754 he was in Goochland County, VA.  About 1755 he moved westward, settling on the Dan River at Perkins Ferry in Halifax Co,VA in the section which became Pittsylvania Co, VA  in 1767.   In 1759 he was a Justice of the Peace in Halifax Co. where he built his plantation,  Berry Hill  which was used as a hospital during the Revolution.   

The Will of Nicholas Perkins, Will Book O - 1753-1772. Part 1 Page 143

In the name of God, Amen. I, Nicholas Perkins being in perfect mind and memory do make this my last will and testament. Revoking all other by me made. First I bequeath my soul to Almighty God, relying on his mercy through Christ. Also after my just debts paid, My will and desire is to give to my son • Charles Perkins two Negroes named Hang and Jimmey. • Also my son Constant Perkins the upper part and half of my land on the side of the river I now live after the same is equally divided together with one Negro boy called Jacob.  • Also give and bequeath to my loving daughter Bethunia two Negroes named Dinah and Abraham. •  Also to my daughter Susannah two Negroes viz, Feby and Solomon.  •  And to my daughter Anna to Negroes Barshuba and Dan.  • Also to my daughter Mary two Negroes named Simon and Ned.  •  And also to my beloved daughter Elizabeth two Negroes Viz, David and Ben. And also my will and desire is to give and bequeath •  to my son Peter Perkins the one half of my lands lying on Dan River on the north side of the said river and the upper part of - the same.   •  Also to my son Nicholas the looser part off the said land together with the land and mill on Mobleys Creek.   •  I also give to my son Thomas Hardin Perkins the lower part and half the land I now live on after being divided Viz, as below mentioned and my will and desire is that all my lands lying on the waters of Cascade Creek shall be sold together with seven hundred acres." in North Carolina lying on Sevines Creek and the money so arising after my debts as before mentioned and funeral charges being paid the remainder to be equally divided between my beloved wife and children and my desire is that all the residue and remainder of my estate Rail and personal to give and bequeath to my loving wife Bethunia during her natural life and after her deceas to be equally divided amongst my surviving Children.

I also leave my beloved wife whole and sole executrix as witness say hand and-seal February 25th 1762.

(Signed) Nicholas Perkins. SEAL.

Signed sealed and delivered in presence of.-James Roberts, Jr - Elizabeth "her" Roberts  mark".

At a court held for Halifax County the 17th. day of June 1762. This last will and testament of Nicholas Perkins deceased was exhibited into court-by Bethunia Perkins his widow. Relict and executrix therein appointed who made oath thereto according to law and the same being proved by the oaths of the several witnesses is ordered to be recorded and on the notation of the said executrix certificate is granted her for obtaining a probate of the said will in due form, she giving security whereupon the said Bethunia together with James Roberts and Peter Perkins her securities entered into bond as the law directs and acknowledged the same.    Test. Robert Munford, Cl

Nicholas married Bethenia Hardin, (born 1719 in Henrico Co, VA, died aft 1762) ca 1738, daughter of Thomas Hardin and Mary Giles.    The Hardin’s were neighbors in Henrico Co.    Bethenia bought 434 acres on both sides of Cascade Creek in Halifax County for £20 on 7 September 1763, of which she deeded 180 acres to George Russell and 254 acres to Isaiah Watkins for £150 total on 26 December 1763.  In 1765 she gave slaves and other personal property to children, Peter, Charles, Susanna, Thomas Harding, Constant, Annie, Mary, and Elizabeth.  

Nicholas Perkins and Bethenia Hardin had the following children:  

1)    Col. Peter PERKINS (b.26 Mar 1739-Goochland County,VA d.12 Feb 1813-Williamson County,TN)
 | sp: Agnes (dau of Peter) WILSON (m.Abt 1760)
2)  Col. Charles Ellis PERKINS  (b.6 Mar 1742/1743-Goochland County,VA d.Abt 1780-Guilford Co.(Now Rockingham),North Carolina)
 | sp: Mary TATE (m.11 Aug 1760)
3)    BETHENIA PERKINS * (b.7 Jul 1743-Goochland,Virginia d.1809-Stokes County,NC)
 | sp: Col. Absalom BOSTICK (b.Abt 1740-New Kent,Henrico Co,Virginia m.22 Jun 1762 d.Jun 1803-Stokes County,NC)
4)    Nicholas, Jr. PERKINS (b.7 Jul 1745-Goochland County,VA d.8 Dec 1800-Davidson County,TN)
 | sp: Leah (dau of John & Martha Gaines) PRYOR (b.20 Nov 1747 m.26 Aug 1765 d.8 Feb 1810)
5)    Maj. Constantine PERKINS (b.20 Nov 1747-Goochland County,VA d.Abt 1790-Pittsylvania Co.,VA)
 | sp: Agatha (dau of Gideon & Sarah Miller) MARR
6)    Susannah PERKINS (b.20 May 1750-Goochland County,VA d.Abt 1815)
 | sp: Green PRYOR
 | sp: John Miller Marr (son of Alexander) MARR
 | sp: Col. Thomas (son of John & Dorothy Edwards) HARDEMAN (b.8 Jan 1750 d.3 Jun 1833)
7)    Anna G. PERKINS (b.9 Aug 1752-Goochland County,VA d.20 May 1829-Henry County,VA)
 | sp: Joseph H. SCALES (m.8 Jan 1771)
8)    Mary Hardin PERKINS (b.6 Aug 1754-Goochland County,VA d.24 May 1798-Davidson County,TN)
9)    Lt.  Thomas Hardin PERKINS (b.3 May 1757-Halifax County,VA d.15 Nov 1838-Williamson County,TN)
 | sp: Mary Magdalena O'NEAL (b.4 Mar 1763 d.28 Oct 1835-Davidson County,TN)
 | sp: Rachel TATE (d.24 Feb 1838-near Clarksville,TN)
10)    Elizabeth PERKINS (b.1 May 1759-Halifax County,VA d.7 Jan 1818)
   sp: Capt. William (son of Giles & Hannah Hughes) LETCHER (m.20 Nov 1778 d.2 Aug 1780)
   sp: Col. George (son of Robert & Ruth Stovall) HAIRSTON (b.1750 d.1827-Henry Co.,VA)


BETHENIA PERKINS, daughter of Nicholas Perkins and Bethenia Hardin, was born 7 Jul 1743 in Goochland County, VA, died 1809 in Stokes County, NC.   She married Col. Absalom Bostick on 22 Jun 1762 in Halifax County, VA.    

 Bethenia Perkins and Absalom Bostick had the following children:

1)  . Maj. John BOSTICK Rev. War (DAR # 158183) (b.18 Jun 1765-Rowan Co/Stokes County,NC d.20 Sep 1850-Triune,Williamson County,TN)
 | sp: Mary JARVIS/GERVAIS (b.18 Jun 1764 m.1784 d.1833-Williamson County,TN)
2)    * BETHENIA BOSTICK (b.18 Mar 1767-probably Pittsylvania County,VA d.1832-NC)
 | sp: Capt. SAMUEL HAMPTON * (b.Abt 1758 m.19 Aug 1785 d.19 Dec 1802-Stokes Co.,NC)
 | sp: Charles PERKINS (b.13 Mar 1778-Virginia m.23 Jan 1804 d.14 Feb 1813-Stokes Co.,NC)
 | sp: Isaac JONES
3)    Absalom II BOSTICK (b.1769-Rowan Co/Stokes Co.,NC d.1855-Christian County,Kentucky)
 | sp: Nancy DALTON (b.20 Apr 1768 d.Marshall Co.,TN.)
 | sp: Dolly WHITE (m.15 Nov 1822)
4)    Don Ferdinand BOSTICK (b.9 Mar 1772-Pittsylvania Co.,VA d.1822/1824-Stokes Co.,NC)
 | sp: Elizabeth Ann RAND (b.12 Aug 1784-Halifax County,VA m.28 May 1799 d.Aft 1830-Stokes Co.,NC)
5)    Susannah BOSTICK (d.By 16 Aug 1811)
 | sp: William BLACKBURN
6)    Anne BOSTICK (b.Cal 1779-Surry County,NC d.Possibly In Mississippi)
 | sp: Thornton Preston GUINN (d.1831)
7)    Manoah Hardin BOSTICK (b.20 Aug 1780-Surry County,NC d.4 Jul 1843-Greene Co.,IL)
 | sp: Jane "Jincey or Dilcey" SCALES (m.14 Dec 1803)
 | sp: Frances Taliaferro HARVEY/HARVIE (b.Cal 1794 m.23 Jun 1823)
8)   Christina BOSTICK (b.1785-Surry Co. d.1 Jan 1863-Stokes County,NC)
   sp: David, Jr. DALTON (b.15 Jan 1771-Albemarle Co.,VA d.19 Mar 1847-Snow Creek,Stokes Co.,NC)