Manoah Bostick Hampton and Cynthia Mitchell Hampton
     “Lilie” Hampton             4 oldest children of Lilie Hampton & Walter McClure          Lilie Hampton McClure and her family, 1923

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Hampton Family, continued (page 2)                        

Capt. Samuel Hampton was born ca 1758 in that part of Rowan County, NC that became Surry County and then Stokes County.   He was one of the executors of his father James Hampton’s will, and was left property by his father (Book 2, page 3 ¾) in Stokes County who “willed to his youngest son Samuel 280 acres on Townfork Creek except ½ acre for cemetery."   Samuel served in the Revolutionary War, when he “volunteered in the first troops of militia under Col. Joseph Williams, Major Joseph Winston, and Capt. Richard Goode and served in the Cherokee Expedition.  Later he served five months under Gen. Ashe and Capt. Shephard and fought in the Battle at Brier Creek, SC.  He served as lieutenant under Capt. Smith in the Battle of Kings Mountain, taking command of the company after Capt. Smith's death.  He commanded as captain under Cols. Campbell and Cleveland; served as captain in the battle of Cowpens.    This service was verified by testimony by John H. Hail, 78 years of age in 1840 who knew personally of Samuel Hampton's service in the Revolution.  Copy furnished in DAR Membership Applications # 71051, #527719.”  He married Bethenia Bostick on 19 Aug 1785, the daughter of Col. Absalom Bostick and Bethenia Perkins,  in Surry County, NC.   Bethenia was born 18 Mar 1767, prob. in Pittsyvlania County, VA and died 1832.    Samuel Hampton died 19 Dec 1802 in Stokes County, NC.   

Samuel and Bethenia had the following children:   
1)   James M. HAMPTON (b.13 Sep 1786-Surry County,NC d.27 Oct 1837-Lincoln County,TN)
 | sp: Sarah (Sally) FLYNT (m.29 Sep 1807)
2)   Samuel (Jr.) HAMPTON (b.14 Oct 1790-Stokes Co.,NC d.18 Feb 1874-Itawamba County,MS)
 | sp: Elizabeth BARNETT (b.6 Nov 1795 m.23 Dec 1812 d.4 Apr 1871)
 | sp: Elizabeth MEDLEY (m.4 Sep 1872)
3)   John B. HAMPTON (b.12 Jan 1793-Stokes Co.,NC d.7 Jun 1881-Walkertown,Forsyth Co.,NC)
 | sp: Mary "Polly" E. GUINN (b.10 Mar 1796 m.15 Dec 1813 d.9 Nov 1882)
4)   Mary HAMPTON (b.14 May 1795-Stokes Co.,NC d.Fayette Co.,TN)
 | sp: Henry C. HAMPTON (b.Abt 1795-North Carolina m.26 May 1814)
5)   Susannah/Susan HAMPTON (b.27 Mar 1797-Stokes Co.,NC)
 | sp: Hampton BOSTICK (b.25 Apr 1793 m.15 Nov 1812 d.1822-Dallas County,AL)
6)   MANOAH BOSTICK HAMPTON (b.25 Jun 1799-Stokes County,NC d.16 Feb 1858-Lawrence County,AL)
   sp: Cynthia MITCHELL (b.24 Jun 1795-Iredell County,NC m.28 Feb 1822 d.21 May 1853-Murfreesboro,TN)

Manoah Bostick Hampton was born 25 June 1799 in Stokes County, NC.   He married Cynthia Mitchell  (24 Jun 1795-21 May 1853)  on 28 February 1822 in Stokes County, daughter of Andrew Mitchell and Sarah “Sally” Snoddy.   Manoah and Cynthia followed in the footsteps of many of our Scots/Irish families.    They moved from the Carolinas into lower Tennessee and North Alabama, together or following each other.   It surely had to do with the Indians being removed.  In 1830, Congress passed the Indian Removal Act. During this time, the US government constructed forts all through North Alabama and Southern TN, and there is a Hampton Fort in north AL.  In 1835, the Indians agreed to move beyond the Mississippi River.  By 1840, all of the Eastern tribes had been subdued... as in the "Trial of Tears."    By 1835 Manoah and Cynthia are in Huntsville, AL, where he acquires at least 200 acres of land and was a farmer.    Manoah died 16 February 1858, and Cynthia died 21 May 1853.  

Cousin Betty Bostwick, who has the portraits of Manoah and Cynthia Mitchell Hampton (pictured above), visited their graves and obtained affidavits regarding the inscriptions on their tombstones:    

In Memory Of
Daughter of Andrew and Sarah Mitchell
Born in Iredell County, N.C.
June 24th, 1795
Married M. B. Hampton
The 28th of February, 1822
Departed this life at
Murfreesboro, Tenn.
The 21st of May, 1853
She lived and died a Christian and was beloved
By all who knew her.
M. B. H.

In Memory of
Born in Stokes County, N.C.
June 25, 1799
Married Cynthia Mitchell
The 28th of February, 1822
Departed this life at his home
In Lawrence County, Ala.
The 16th of February, 1858

Manoah and Cynthia had the following children:
1)   Mary Mitchell HAMPTON (b.Abt 1823-North Carolina d.1 Feb 1899-Lincoln County,MO.)
 | sp: Thomas Franklin HOUSTON (b.30 Jul 1818-Hunting Creek,Iredell Co.,NC)
2)   Dr. John Placibo HAMPTON (b.22 Jan 1825-Lawrence County,AL d.8 Jun 1907-Madison Co,AL)
 | sp: Amanda Evans EVANS (b.6 Sep 1831 m.16 Nov 1848 d.20 Dec 1851)
 | sp: Susan Ann BURT (b.30 Jan 1836/1838 m.6 Jun 1854 d.8 Aug 1867)
 | sp: Mary Thomas BATTLE (b.21 Feb 1844 m.1868 d.May 1884)
3)   Cynthia Amanda HAMPTON (b.10 May 1827 d.18 Sep 1843-Athens,AL)
4)   Susan E. HAMPTON (b.Abt 1828/1831-Alabama d.Missouri)
 | sp: "Van" T. CHILTON (b.Abt 1818-Virginia)
5)   Matilda HAMPTON (b.Abt 1833-Alabama d.Probably Montana)
 | sp: Dr. William PARBERRY (b.Abt 1833-Kentucky)
6)    MANOAH BOSTICK (II) HAMPTON (C.S.A.) (b.16 Apr 1835-Leighton,Colbert C.,AL d.2 Mar 1915-Leighton,AL)
 | sp: EMMA JANE * BATTLE (b.17 Aug 1840-Meridianville,(Madison County),AL m.31 May 1860 d.7 Jun 1882-Lawrence County,AL)
 | sp: Lida  (b.Nov 1875-Illinois)
7)   Thomas F.  HAMPTON (died a child)  (d.1 Aug 1835-Leighton,AL)

Further details about the children of Manoah Bostick Hampton and Cynthia Mitchell are:

Mary Hampton (1823-1899) married Thomas Franklin Houston (b 30 Jul 1818 Hunting Creek, Iredell County, NC- died ?) the son of Capt. Placebo Houston and Elizabeth Ragsdale Young.    Thomas Houston was a witness at the marriage of Walter Flavis McClure (1856-1915) and Mary Elizabeth "Lilie" Hampton (1863-1925).  Lilie (her nickname) was the daughter of Manoah Bostick Hampton II and Emma Jane Battle, a niece of Thomas Houston's wife, Mary Hampton.  Lilie & Walter married August 11, 1885, in Houstonia, Missouri, even though they lived in south Tennessee or north Alabama during their lifetimes.   They were my great-grandparents, and are buried here in Birmingham, AL.   The Houston’s were obviously friends or relations of many of our ancestors, including the Wright's, Dalton's, and Mitchell's.  Nancy Young was one of our ancestors.  As were Cynthia Mitchell; and Daniel Wright.   

• The life of Col. Thos. F. Houston is recounted in the 1882 History of Pettis County, MO, portions of which reads:

    “He laid out the town of Houstonia.   His early youth was spent in acquiring an education, and assisting his father in the duties of the plantation. When about twenty years of age he began the study of law under the tuition of Gen. James Cook, of Mocksville, and afterwards with Hon. R.M. Pearson, late Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina, and was licensed to practice by the Supreme Court of the State in June, 1840. In 1845, he located in Leighton, Ala., where he was married that year to Miss Mary M. Hampton, a lady of culture and refinement. She is a native of North Carolina, but was raised in Alabama. In the autumn of 1848, he came west, locating where now stands the village of Bunceton, Cooper County, Mo. Here he continued farming until the spring of 1851, when he came to Pettis County, locating on his present farm. His original purchase was 920 acres, to which he subsequently added until he was in possession of a body of near 5,000 acres. Since his coming to this county Colonel H., has changed the appearance of this locality to a great extent, and in a few years the fruits of his industry were plainly visible. Broad fields of wheat and corn, to the extent of 3,000 acres, large herds of cattle, sheep and swine, could be seen where but a few years previous was barrenness and waste. His improvements were of a substantial as well as an extensive character. At the breaking out of the war, Col. Houston was a strong Union man, but on account of the policy adopted by the Federals, he became an earnest sympathizer with the Southern cause, and early in 1861, joined the Confederate corps under Capt. Robinson. Early in 1862, he was commissioned Lieut.- Colonel, to organize and drill a regiment, which he succeeded in doing, and was captured by the Federals when about ready to depart for the front. He was kept a prisoner, and was indicted by the United States Court, and kept under parole until 1865. When he returned home he again took up the peaceful pursuits of his business. That he has been identified with the development of the county, as well as the organization of society, are facts too widely known to admit of question. He was one of the founders of the Agricultural Society, and was chosen president and director, which offices he filled efficiently for many years. He, in fact, gave liberally of his time and means to its support. He organized and established the first school in this section, and has been an active worker for educational interests since. He was also one of the founders of the Houstonia Christian Church, and has been a liberal contributor since its organization. During the agitation of the railroad project the Colonel was elected a director of the Lexington & St. Louis R.R. Company. He was then elected vice-president, and later, president; which office he held until the road was transferred to the Missouri Pacific Railway Company. In the autumn of 1880, he was unanimously chosen by the Democratic Convention as a candidate for Representative to the Legislature, and was elected by a large majority, although he persistently refused the office. He has made an efficient and honorable Representative, and identified himself with measures which resulted to the advantage of his constituents. He has raised a family of five children: Frank, an attorney of Sedalia; Augustus Y., also a business man of Sedalia; Mary, wife of Jas. S. Napton; Elizabeth, who died in 1875, wife of John Napton; and Emma who resides with her parents.

Their descendants, as I know them, were:
1. Thomas Franklin HOUSTON (b.30 Jul 1818-Hunting Creek,Iredell Co.,NC)
sp: Mary Mitchell HAMPTON (b.Abt 1823-North Carolina d.1 Feb 1899-Lincoln County,MO.)
 |-2. John Franklin HOUSTON (b.28 Dec 1845-Alabama)
 | sp: Harriet BROWN
 |  |-3. Rose HOUSTON (b.Abt 1873)
 |  |-3. William B. HOUSTON (b.Abt 1876)
 |  | sp: Gertrude
  |  |-3. Lillie HOUSTON (b.Abt 1878)
 |  +-3. Harriett HOUSTON (b.Abt 1878)
 |-2. Mary Mitchell HOUSTON (b.1 Jan 1848-Missouri d.4 Mar 1932-Hazelton,Jerome County,Idaho)
 | sp: James Smith NAPTON (b.27 Aug 1845-Saline County,Missouri m.4 Oct 1873 d.25 Apr 1919-Homedale,Owyhee,Idaho)
 |  |-3. Houston Thomas NAPTON (b.15 Sep 1874-Missouri)
 |  |-3. William Berkeley NAPTON (b.11 Jan 1878-Missouri d.30 Apr 1947-Homedale,Owyhee,Idaho)
 |  | sp: Meryl Morrison VIOLIN
 |  |  +-4. Mary NAPTON
 |  |-3. James L. NAPTON (b.Mar 1880-Missouri)
 |  |-3. Nadine N. NAPTON (b.Feb 1884-Missouri)
 |  +-3. Mary P. NAPTON (b.Jul 1887-Missouri)
 |-2. Augustus Young HOUSTON (b.10 Dec 1849-Missouri d.12 May 1926-Missouri)
 | sp: Mary E. MCKEAN (m.10 Oct 1883)
 |-2. Cynthia Elizabeth HOUSTON (b.7 Jan 1854-Missouri d.by 1903)
 | sp: John NAPTON (b.8 Jun 1843-Saline County,Missouri m.1 Jun 1875)
 |  +-3. Placebo NAPTON
 |-2. Susan Matilda HOUSTON (b.5 Aug 1856-Missouri)
 +-2. Emma Amanda HOUSTON (b.21 Jan 1859-Missouri d.15 Nov 1941-Payette,Payette County,Idaho)
   sp: John NAPTON (b.8 Jun 1843-Saline County,Missouri m.16 Dec 1903)
   sp: Louis William NAPTON (b.15 Sep 1857-Saline County,Missouri m.6 Nov 1919)