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The Ewing Family, continued (page 4)

The Early Ewing’s.... children of William Ewing

William Ewing  (II) (born ca 1655) and his second wife, whose name was possibly Ann,
had the following children:

* William EWING of Ulster, Ireland (b.Abt 1655-near Stirling Castle - Scotland d.apparently in Ulster,Ireland)  by his (2nd Wife)  * (possibly Ann)

1)   John EWING (b.Cal 1695-County Donegal,Ireland d.1751-Queen Anne County,Maryland)
 | sp: Elizabeth
2)  Joshua EWING of Cecil Co, MD (b.Cal 1697/1704-County Donegal,Ireland d.16 Aug 1753-Cecil Co.,Maryland)
 | sp: Jane PATTON
3)  SAMUEL EWING * of Prince Edward Co., VA (b.Cal 1699/1705-Diocese of Raphoe,(Ulster) County Donegal,Ireland d.Sept/Oct 1758-Fork Creek,Prince Edward County,VA)  (our line)
 | sp: Margaret  * (m.Abt 1728 d.Cal 1770)
4)   William EWING (III) (b.Cal 1700-Ulster,Ireland d.1782)
 | sp: Catherine
  | sp: Anne SHANNON (b.1711-Ireland d.1801-Rockingham County,Virginia)
5)  Ann EWING (b.Cal 1707)
 | sp: George GILLESPIE
6)  Capt. James EWING (b.Cal 1712 d.1788-Prince Edward Co,VA)
 | sp: Anne DUNN
7)  George EWING (b.Cal 1715 d.1798-Spartanburg County,SC)
 | sp: Catherine LAWSON (b.Abt 1738 m.Abt 1752)
8)   Henry EWING


The Children of William Ewing (II) and his second wife, possibly “Ann”

John EWING    John Ewing was born about 1695 in Ulster, Ireland.  He died 1751 in Queen Anne County, Maryland.  . He was the son of William Ewing and his second wife. John came to America in 1727 with his brothers Joshua, Samuel, James and Nathaniel (a half-brother), and perhaps others.   John settled in Queen Anne County, Maryland, Joshua and Nathaniel in Cecil County.   John died about 1751 in Queen Anne County, Maryland. He married Elizabeth [———?———]. John Ewing established the community called Ewingville located about six miles north of Church Hill in Queen Anne County, MD.   It is not on present day maps, but it is shown on the survey maps printed and for sale by U.S. Geological Survey, Washington Distribution Section, Arlington, VA.   The administration papers for the estate of John Ewing are in Queen Anne County, Maryland, for the year 1751-1752. The record is #763 and it gives all the names and ages of the children of John Ewing.    Sara Ewing Myers, who wrote the book, "John Ewing Immigrant from Ireland 1660-1974", in 1975, is a descendant of John.  Some of her notes are used in this report.   The children of John were obtained from her book:  

John married Elizabeth.    Elizabeth was administrator of her husband's estate, and filed estate papers in 1751 and 1752.  The inventory of his estate was done January 27, 1752.

They had the following children:
2 F i. Ann EWING was born about 1728.   Was of age at the time her father's will was probated.
+ 3 M ii. John EWING was born about 1730.
+ 4 M iii. James EWING was born 1732.
5 M iv. Charles EWING was born 1735.
6 F v. Dorcas EWING was born 1738.  Dorcas married John TURNER on 16 Dec 1756.
7 M vi. William EWING was born 1741.
8 F vii. Elizabeth EWING was born 1743.
9 M viii. Isaac EWING (never married) was born 1745. He died 1774.   Probate records for Isaac Ewing show his next of kin as John and William Ewing, the administrator of his estate as Robert Carson, largest creditors as Nathan Godwin, Jesse Bishop and James Finley - years 1774 and 1775.

Second Generation of John & Elizabeth Ewing
3. John EWING (John) was born about 1730 in Ewingville, Queen Anne County, Maryland.     John Ewing as born 1730 at Ewingville, Queen Anne County, Maryland, son of John Ewing and wife Elizabeth.  He married Mary Pratt 29 April 1759.  Their marriage is recorded in St. Luke's Protestant Episcopal Church records of Queen Anne County.  Said records are now located in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD.   Mary was born 1738 in Queen Anne County, MD, daughter of John Pratt and Mary Burk (who was daughter of Thomas Burk and wife Sarah.)     John and Mary migrated to Richmond County, North Carolina in 1785, and settled by Big Mountain Creek, near a small community called Capels Mills, where rugs were woven.  The same Capels Hill being now (1966) located in Troy, NC.  Big Mountain Creek is located in the northeast corner of Richmond County, and there you will find the old Ewing Cemetery, fairly well kept up, and to my surprise with an occasional funeral still taking place there.  The old church, the Concord Methodist Episcopal Church, due to age, was torn down and built new about one mile distance from the old site.  John and Mary are both buried in the old Ewing Cemetery, their graves marked, but the headstones crumbling with age.  Their children, all born at Ewingville, Queen Anne County, Maryland."   Sarah Ewing Myers obtained certain dates of John and his sister Dorcas's marriages from a search of St. Luke's Protestant Episcopal Church.  In the 1795 Tax Lists for Richmond County, NC, John Ewing owned 820 acres of land, 0 slaves

John Ewing’s Will was written 9 April 1803.   
FIRST, Son Isaac Ewing, all that part of my land lying below a line beginning at the mouth of Nells Branch and running with the run of the branch up stream to small branch comes from John Stringers, and then up small branch to the back line of my land and so round my outside lines till comes to the creek, and not to extend over the creek except one quarter of an acre whereon James Sanford dwelling house stands for the use of James Sanford, and the land leave discovered to their proper use forever.
SECOND, and all the land of mine on the same side of the creek I give and bequeath to my grandson Samuel Ewing, to his proper use forever, except he should die without lawful heirs, then the above land shall be the proper and right of my grandson Joseph Ewing.   Also I give to my grandson Samuel Ewing four head of cattle and their increase, and one feather bed and furniture.  And my land lying on the south side of Mountain Creek…. I give and bequeath to my two grandsons to be equally divided between them, William Ewing son of Isaac Ewing, and William McGuire son of William McGuire to their proper use forever.
RESERVING that my WIFE shall have any part of my land during her natural life for her use in reason, I give all the rest of my personal estate to my well beloved wife Mary Ewing and to her proper use forever.   
It witness I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this ninth day of April 1803.   

He appointed wife Mary Ewing and Isaac Ewing and William McGuire Executors.   The will was proved in Richmond County, North Carolina in June 1804.

John married Mary PRATT on 29 Apr 1759 in St. Luke's Protestant Episcopal Church, Queen Anne County.
They had the following children:
     10 M i. Thomas EWING was born about 1761.
     11 M ii. Joseph EWING was born about 1763.
     12 M iii. William EWING was born about 1765.
     13 M iv. Christopher EWING was born about 1767.
     14 M v. Samuel EWING was born about 1770. Samuel married Rachel ROE.
  + 15 F vi. Mary EWING was born about 1772.
     16 M vii. Isaac EWING was born 11 Sep 1774 in Ewingville, Queen Anne County, Maryland. He died 9 Jan 1857 in Richmond County, NC and was buried in Old Ewing Cemetery near Ellerbe, Richmond Co., NC.
Isaac married Phoebe JACKSON on 6 Mar 1796. Phoebe died 24 Jun 1855 in Richmond County, NC and was buried in Old Ewing Cemetery near Ellerbe, Richmond Co., NC.
Their children were:
1) John Samuel, born 4 Oct 1797, died 24 Jan 1875, married Mary Chishol 22 April 1818
2) William T. Ewing, born 17 Aug. 1799, married 1) Sarah Thomas Everett 2 Oct. 1822; 2) Jane McIntyre
3) Joseph W. Ewing, born 9 Oct. 1801, died 7 Dec. 1866, married Mary Raeford 16 June 1829.
4) Mary Ewing, born 9 Dec. 1803, died 27 Oct 1868, never married
5) Elizabeth Ewing, born 29 Dec. 1805, died 5 Aug. 1811
6) Isaac Ewing, Jr., born 3 Dec 1807, died 13 Feb. 1873, married Martha H. Ingram October 1831
7) Ann Ewing, born 5 Jan. 1810, died 1 June 1872, married Calvin A. Everett.
8) Phebe Ewing, born 17 Dec. 1812, died 22 May 1846, never married
9) Rebecca Ewing, born 10 January 1815, died 18 Oct. 1874, married William S. Parsons
10) Eliza. Ewing, born 23 Sept 1817, died 21 June 1899, married Daniel Parsons 9 Aug. 1849

All of the information on the children were found recorded in the Bible of Kiziah (Ewing) Parsons.  Said Bible was owned by Mrs. Bernie McIntyre, Ellerbe NC.   Six of the above children are buried in the old Ewing Cemetery.   Census records of Richmond County, NC further verify this record.

4. James EWING (John) was born 1732 in Ewingville, Queen Anne County, Maryland.  James, son of a pioneer and immigrant from Ireland, was himself a pioneer.  Sometime after the death of his father in 1751, he set out to explore the land for himself, settling in Caroline County, MD where he built a plantation near the community of Denton.  There he met and married Anastasia Councell, daughter of Henry Councell and Elizabeth Banroche.  She was of the Catholic faith so the births of their children were found recorded in the parish of that community.     James and Anastasia married on 17 May 1767, and James died on 23 October 1796, as recorded in the church records.  Their children were all born near Denton in Caroline County, MD.     The descendants of James Ewing who married Anastasia Councell can be found in the book From Edentowne to Bethlehem, by W. Francis Ewing.
James married Anastatia COUNCELL on 17 May 1767.   They had the following children:
17 F i. Anastatia EWING was christened 18 Dec 1768. She died 19 Apr 1801.
Anastatia married (1) James MEREDITH on 27 Jul 1789.
Anastatia also married (2) Joseph WRIGHT on 26 Sep 1796.
18 M ii. James EWING was christened 4 Aug 1771. He died 25 Mar 1798.
James married Elizabeth GRIFFITH on 15 Feb 1792.
19 M iii. John EWING (never married) was born about 1774. He died 22 Dec 1800.
20 F iv. Mary "Polly" EWING was christened 2 Jun 1776.   Mary married William COUNCELL on 1802.
21 F v. Susannah EWING was born 29 Apr 1778.   Susannah married John RICHARDSON on 29 Jan 1799.
22 M vi. Henry EWING (never married) was christened 29 Mar 1780. He died 1803.
23 M vii. Joseph EWING was christened 13 Apr 1783. He died 14 Aug 1842.   Joseph married Sarah BEWLEY on 16 Nov 1802.
Third Generation of John & Elizabeth Ewing
15. Mary EWING (John, John) was born about 1772.   Mary married William MCGUIRE.   They had the following children:
       24 M i. William MCGUIRE.   Mentioned in his grandfather Ewing's will.
Joshua Ewing (2nd son of William & “Ann”) of Cecil County, MD.      
Ancestor of Vice President Adlai Stevenson
Joshua Ewing  was born about 1704 in Ulster, Ireland. He was the son of William Ewing  and his second wife.  Joshua's oldest (half) brother Nathaniel brought the family over from Londonderry, Ire. in 1727.   Joshua settled in Maryland, on the east side of the Susquehanna, in Cecil County, near the Pennsylvania line, and there he purchased an adjoining plantation next to his half-brother Nathaniel - where he married and raised his family.    

He married Jane Patton.  She was the daughter of Robert Patton. (His wife was named Jane according to his will.)  Her maiden name is based on a will of her father Robert Patton.  Joshua died Aug 1753 in Cecil County, Maryland.  His will was probated 4 Dec 1755, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Will Book B-1, page 116. He states in his will "to Daughter, Jean who married Joshua Ewing £55".     In a much earlier document M. E. Fife had indicated that the wife of Joshua was Jane Gillespie, but in correspondence in 1995 she indicated the earlier Gillespie information was incorrect.

Joshua's birth is based on a Cecil County, Maryland Land Commissions records 1724-1751 in a deposition dated October 28, 1736, where he states he is about 32 years of age. His will is recorded in the Cecil County, Maryland Will Book 2 folio 125, and it is dated 9 Aug 1753 and probated 16 Aug 1753. In 1728, he purchased 600 acres called Dividing jointly with his half-brother Nathaniel.

Joshua Ewings will was written August 9, 1753 in Cecil County, MD.   Items:
1) Order all just debts and funeral expenses paid
2) "Beloved wife Jane" to have a third part of all his lands, with improvements, during her life time or widowhood, but "if she marry she must leave it, taking for it ye yearly dowry of 12 pounds (for no stranger shall ever inherit here)."
3) Daughter Catherine, or her husband, to have 100 pounds value of goods or chattels out of moveable estate by way of dowry (78 pounds already being paid), plus another 20 pounds if possible,
4) Eldest son Patrick Ewing to have the value of 30 pounds of the goods he chooses, the remainder to be divided into five equal shares between wife and 4 sons:  Patrick, Robert, Samuel & Nathaniel.
5) Two eldest sons Patrick and Robert to have the plantation bought of Jared Nelson called "Borans Forrest," and "Addition to Success." - or to their lawfully begotten heirs of their body.
6) Two youngest sons, Samuel and Nathaniel Ewing to have plantation "I now live on called the "Dividing" containing 300 acres.

Joshua stipulated that the boys were never to alienate or sell, mortgage, or rent said lands.  "But in process of time, if they and their best friends see cause, they  may sell one to another, but the lands not to depart from the family while there is a righteous or lawfully begotten heir to be found belonging to me, and if any of my four sons die a minor before they come of age his part to be divided" among the survivors.   However, if Patrick or Robert were to die minors, their part(s) of the estate were to be divided equally only Samuel to succeed the deceased brother.   He stipulated that there be no division made between my sons "until the two eldest come of age" or see cause to marry.  He ordered that "ye two plantations be subservient one o another both in meadow and timber as occasion will require, and if they see cause tomake any improvements by a mill, they must be equal in the expense of it, etc.     His wife, Jane, and oldest son Patrick were appointed administrators.  He further appointed James Porter, William Ewing, Sr. (Alexander Ewing's son), and John Ewing, Jr. (Nathaniel Ewing's son) to be guardians to see that justice and equity be done.     On August 16,1753, John Ewing affirmed in court, Cecil County, MD,  that he saw Joshua write the will.  (Will Book 28, pages 542-544, from Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD)

1. Joshua EWING of Cecil Co, MD (b.Cal 1697/1704-County Donegal,Ireland d.16 Aug 1753-Cecil Co.,Maryland)
sp: Jane PATTON
 |-2. Margaret EWING (b.30 Dec 1730 d.Bef 1753)
 |-2. Catherine EWING (b.Abt 1735 d.1794)
 | sp: William (son of Nathaniel & Rachel Porter) EWING (b.Abt 1723-Coleraine,County Londonderry,Ireland d.10 Sep 1788-Cecil Co.,Maryland)
 |  |-3. Rachel EWING (b.Abt 1762)
 |  | sp: Stephen DORSEY (m.22 Apr 1787)
 |  |-3. Nathaniel EWING (b.Abt 1765-Cecil County,Maryland d.1812-Fort Meigs  in the War of 1812)
 |  | sp: Jane Elinor EWING (b.2 Apr 1778 m.Bef 1795 d.10 Oct 1810)
 |  |-3. William (Jr.) EWING
 |  +-3. Alexander EWING
 |-2. Patrick EWING of Cecil Co, MD (b.1 Feb 1737-Cecil County,Maryland d.11 Apr 1819-Cecil County,Maryland)
 | sp: Jane PORTER
 |  |-3. Jane Elinor EWING (b.2 Apr 1778 d.10 Oct 1810)
 |  | sp: Nathaniel EWING (b.Abt 1765-Cecil County,Maryland m.Bef 1795 d.1812-Fort Meigs  in the War of 1812)
 | sp: Elizabeth PORTER
 |-2. Robert EWING (b.Abt 1739-Cecil County,Maryland d.Bef 1780)
 |-2. Samuel EWING (b.1741-Cecil County,Maryland d.1817-Russell County,VA)
 |   sp: UNKNOWN
 |  +-3. Margaret (dau of Samuel) EWING (b.7 Jun 1770-Cecil Co.,Maryland d.10 Jul 1837)
 |    sp: George EWING Jr. (b.20 Jul 1766 d.19 Feb 1838-probably Wythe County,VA)
 |     |-4. Samuel (son of George, Jr.) EWING (b.7 Jun 1794 d.1859)
 |     | sp: Sally BRALY (d.4 May 1828)
 |     |-4. George (III) EWING (b.1 May 1797 d.5 May 1838-Scott County,VA)
 |     | sp: Elizabeth WOOD (m.4 Oct 1821 d.19 Dec 1882)
 |     |-4. John (son of George, Jr.) EWING (b.13 Mar 1799 d.14 Nov 1845)
 |     | sp: Polly PAINTER (m.23 Feb 1830)
 |     |-4. James V. EWING (b.14 Feb 1805 d.13 Jun 1878-Marshall Co.,TN.)
 |     | sp: Elizabeth E. EWING (b.12 Feb 1813 m.3 Jul 1830 d.19 Nov 1886-Marshall Co.,TN)
 |     |  |-5. Flavius Josephus EWING (b.19 Aug 1831)
 |     |  | sp: Mary
 |     |  |  +-6. Flavius J. (Jr.) EWING (d.Aug 1890)
 |     |  |-5. Margaret Eleanor EWING (b.9 Feb 1833)
 |     |  |-5. James Oliver EWING (b.3 Jan 1835)
 |     |  |-5. Mary Phidonia EWING (died a child) (b.14 Oct 1837 d.21 Sep 1845)
 |     |  |-5. John Craig Caldwell EWING (b.12 Nov 1839)
 |     |  |-5. Ophelia Tennessee EWING (died a child) - twin (b.21 Jul 1842 d.22 Sep 1845)
 |     |  |-5. George Wythe EWING (died a child) - twin (b.21 Jul 1842 d.19 Sep 1845)
 |     |  +-5. Calvin Lile EWING (died young) (b.12 Oct 1844 d.10 Mar 1861)
 |     |-4. Joshua EWING (b.25 Aug 1809)
 |     | sp: Mary LEONARD
 |     +-4. Sally EWING (b.23 Jan 1812)
 |       sp: Patrick (son of Samuel & Mary Houston) EWING
 +-2. Nathaniel EWING (ancestor of VP Adlai Stevenson) (b.1742-Cecil County,Maryland d.23 Aug 1822-Christian County,Kentucky)
   sp: Rebecca OSBORNE
    |-3. Adlai Osborne EWING (b.1780 d.1820)
    | sp: Sophie Goodrich GILLESPIE-WALLACE
    |  |-4. John Wallis EWING (b.1808 d.1855)
    |  | sp: Maria McCleland STEVENSON
    |  +-4. Eliza Ann EWING (b.20 Oct 1809)
    |    sp: John Turner STEVENSON (b.1808 d.1857)
    |     |-5. ADLAI Ewing STEVENSON  - VICE PRESIDENT of the U.S. (b.23 Oct 1835-Christian County,KY. d.14 Jun 1914-Chicago,IL)
    |     | sp: Letitia GREEN (b.8 Jan 1843 m.20 Dec 1866)
    |     |  |-6. Lewis Green STEVENSON -Illinois Secretary of State (b.15 Aug 1868)
    |     |  | sp: Helen DAVIS
    |     |  |-6. Mary Eliza STEVENSON (b.18 Sep 1872)
    |     |  |-6. Julia Scott STEVENSON (b.30 Jun 1874)
    |     |  +-6. Letitia Ewing STEVENSON (b.22 Jun 1876)
    |     |-5. Sophia Elizabeth STEVENSON
    |     |-5. James Bell STEVENSON
    |     |-5. William W. STEVENSON
    |     |-5. Fielding Alexander STEVENSON
    |     |-5. John Calvin STEVENSON
    |     +-5. Thomas W. STEVENSON
    |-3. Nancy EWING
    |-3. Anne EWING
    |-3. James EWING
    +-3. Alexander EWING