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The Ewing Family, continued (page 7)                                                                                              

The Early Ewing’s....

Alexander Ewing was born 3 Oct 1656 in Londonderry, Ireland;  his baptism was recorded 9 Oct 1656 Derry Cathedral, Londonderry, Ireland.     

How long did these brothers, James, William, and Samuel, live in Cecil County, Maryland before they moved to Virginia? The deeds executed in Maryland and Virginia will give us a good indication as to the time that they moved to Virginia. Information from some of the Cecil County deeds are listed below:

Cecil County, Maryland Deed Book 11, pages 54-56

      "This Indenture made the Twelfth Day of September In the year of our Lord Christ one thousand Seven hundred Sixty and Seven Between John Ewing and William Ewing both of this County of Cecil and province of Maryland whereas Alexander Ewing late of the county aforesaid Deceased Father of the said John Ewing and William Ewing being in his life time _____ in Fee of and in one messuage or tract of land being part of a tract of land called Livil (Levell) situated and being in the County aforesaid did in and by his last will and Testament Give Devise and bequeath the said messuage and Tenement Here delaments and promises above mentioned with the appurtenances unto the said John Ewing and William Ewing and to their Heirs and assigns forever as by the said will may appear ~ Now This Indenture witnesseth that the said John Ewing for and in consideration of having already conveyed and secured to him his part of the above messuage and Tenement Here dilaments and premises as also for and in Consideration of the sum of eight pounds Ten shillings lawful money of the province of Pennsylvania to him in hand paid by the said William Ewing the receipt whereof he the said John Ewing do hereby acknowledge have given, granted, bargained, sold . . . unto the said William Ewing . . . Signed Sealed and Delivered in presence of . . .               John Ewing [Seal]

Alexander EWING (b.3 Oct 1656-Londonderry,Ireland)
sp: Margaret
1)    John (son of Alexander) EWING of Cecil, Maryland
2)    William (son of Alexander) EWING of Cecil, Maryland

(This is all the information I have on Alexander - any information welcomed!)

James Ewing “of Inch Island” is mentioned in Ewing in Early America.    I have little information on James.    Others have posted that his children were:

Children of JAMES EWING and “unknown”  are:
i.    ALEXANDER EWING, b. Bet. 1693 - 1694, Inch Island, County Donegal, Ulster, Ireland; d. July 21, 1752, Maryland.
ii.   ESTER EWING, b. 1697, Inch Island, County Donegal, Ulster, Ireland; d. Unknown; m. JAMES COWDEN; d. Unknown.
iii.  JOHN EWING, b. Bet. 1698 - 1699, Inch Island, County Donegal, Ulster, Ireland; d. 1753; m. SUSANNAH; d. Unknown.
iv.   HENRY EWING, b. 1701, Inch Island, County Donegal, Ulster, Ireland; d. 1782; m. JANE ALLEN; d. Unknown.
v.    SAMUEL EWING, b. 1701, Inch Island, County Donegal, Ulster, Ireland; d. 1772; m. REBECCCA GEORGE; d. Unknown.
vi.   THOMAS EWING, b. 1704, Inch Island, County Donegal, Ulster, Ireland; d. Unknown.
vii.  WILLIAM EWING, b. 1706, Inch Island, County Donegal, Ulster, Ireland; d. 1774; m. JANE GORDON; d. Unknown.

About his son, Alexander.....  I have only made these few entries:

Alexander EWING,  sp: Anne JOSHUA
1)  John EWING
2)  Thomas EWING
3)  Alexander (Jr.) EWING
4)  James EWING
 +-2. Martha EWING

The Children of Samuel Ewing & Margaret   (our ancestors)

I have to thank Jim McMichael,  Genealogist - Clan Ewing of America, for his help with this line of our family~ !

GEORGE EWING, was born about   1728/1729 in Cecil County, MD; he died about 1803 in Wythe County, Virginia.     George went with his father to Prince Edward County, Virginia where he married Eleanor Caldwell. Following the death of his mother in 1770, he moved to Montgomery County, Virginia, settling on Cripple Creek.    George was our direct ancestor.

He served in the militia at Guilford Court house during the Revolution.  Birth and death dates for George's children come from, "Maury County Cousins - Bible and Family Records", p. 640.

Notes of Jim McMichael,  Genealogist - Clan Ewing of America::    1753, 2 January, Amelia Co., VA Deed Book 5 page 36 :       "Between Edward Brathwet [Brathwaite] and Bridgett his wife of one part and George Ewing 'Jr' of the other part for £20 did grant to the said George Ewing, 'Jr.' 9 acres of land situate in the Fork of Fort Creek bounded by the lines of  Samuel Wallace,  Robert Gillespie and  Samuel Ewing."  Witnesses were  Hugh Challis, Samuel Ewing and Samuel Wallace. "at a court for Amelia Co., Va. 24 May 1753 this deed from Brathwet (sic) with Survey and endorsed thereon to George Ewing, Jr. was presented and proved by oaths of Hugh Challis, Samuel Ewing, and Samuel Wallace as witnesses-recorded by Samuel Cobb."      (George Ewing, Jr. proves to be a son, eldest, of Samuel Ewing, and a nephew to George Ewing, Sr. "Jr." was over 21 in 1753 so born ca 1728-31.)

Mary Faggot, born about 1720, was living in Prince Edward County in May 1757 when the court ordered George Ewing, Sr., to appear in court to prove that he was holding (her son) Jethro Faggott, a "Molatto boy," under legal indentures. In October 1757 the court ruled that the indentures were not legal and ordered Mary to pay her witness Charles Irby 103 pounds of tobacco for testifying for her and travelling twenty-six miles from his home (in Amelia County). The court also ordered the churchwardens of St. Patrick's Parish to bind Jethro to Ewing on condition that he post a bond of 300 pounds currency not to remove him out of the colony [Orders 1754-8, 112, 127, 129]. Mary may have been identical to Mary Taggat, a white woman, whose "Molatto" son Peter was bound out by the churchwardens of Lunenburg County to Hugh Lawson on 9 July 1752 [Lunenburg County Orders 1752-3, 69].

The Will of George Ewing was located in the State Library and Archives Nashville, TN, Manuscript Division. It is dated 1 May 1803 and he is “of Wythe County state of Virginia”.  Briefly it reads:

To beloved wife, Elenor during her natural life to live on land I now live with my son, James Ewing, and enjoy in common with James (other bequests to James) At the decease of my wife four negroes equally divided between my four sons: Samuel Ewing, John Ewing, George Ewing and James Ewing. Unto my daughter Elenor bequest. To George all part of my land lying on North Side of Cripple Creek whereon he now lives to be divided from my other land by a line, Cripple Creek being line and James all land on South side. Other bequests to Samuel, daughter Mary Ewing ten dollars and no more, to Margaret Purdom bequests. Order my still to be sold. Land in “Kaintoukey” if discovered and obtained to be sold. To daughter Anne Cozbie ... Four sons to be executors.      Signed Geo. Ewing [SEAL]                        witnesses were impossible to read!

The Will of George Ewing (above) dated 1 May 1803 is said to be recorded in Wythe Co., VA Records, Book Volume not given - page 284 - but unobtainable there. A Deed in Wythe Co. Deed Book #4 page 460, 1807 tells George Ewing died prior to 1807, it reads:

“Samuel Ewing laid off 325 acres on Cripple Creek in Wythe Co., Va. to George Ewing, agreeable to the last will and testament of his father, George Ewing, and 663 acres laid off to James Ewing adjoining his brother, George Ewing.” [Note: Samuel Ewing the eldest of George Ewing had already moved to Georgia. He and his brother, John Ewing, had already been given 225 acres each by their father in 1785 and 1786.]

* GEORGE EWING (b.Abt 1728/1729-Cecil County,MD  - d.Abt 1803-Wythe County,Virginia)
sp: Elinor/Eleanor CALDWELL * (b.Abt 1732)

1)   Samuel EWING (b.13 Jul 1753-Virginia d.2 Jan 1773-Clark County,GA)
 | sp: Mary DANIEL (b.Oct 1750 m.2 Jan 1773 d.10 Aug 1834-Bedford Co.,TN)
2)   Mary EWING (died a child) (b.18 Apr 1755 d.prior to Nov 1763)
3)   Ann EWING (b.3 Mar 1757)
 | sp: Samuel CROSBY/COSBY
4)  Margaret Purdonia EWING * (b.7 Jun 1759 d.15 Dec 1835)   (our direct ancestor)
 | sp: Alexander E. PURDOM * (d.probably 1802-Greeneville,TN)
5)  John EWING (b.20 Jun 1761-Prince Edward Co,VA d.3 Feb 1835-Logan Co.,KY.  (will recorded in Logan Co.,KY)
 | sp: "Polly" B. EWING
6)  Mary EWING (2nd of the name) (b.12 Nov 1763)
 | sp: Urbin EWING
7)  George EWING Jr. (b.20 Jul 1766 d.19 Feb 1838-probably Wythe County,VA)
 | sp: Margaret (dau of Samuel) EWING (b.7 Jun 1770-Cecil Co.,Maryland d.10 Jul 1837)
8)  Eleanor "Nelly" EWING (never married) (b.20 Nov 1768 d.Oct 1831)
9)   James EWING (b.23 Dec 1773 d.4 Jan 1826)

Alexander Ewing (son of Samuel & Margaret) was born 1724/1733 in Cecil Co., MD; Note that Jim has a  death date for Alexander of 16 October 1789 in Greene County, TN.     

Notes of James R. McMichael, Genealogist - Clan Ewing of America:   He married ca 1755/7  Rachel-Margaret Ewing, a daughter of  Nathaniel and  Rachel (Porter) Ewing of Cecil Co., MD.  She is listed in I.G.I. as having been "baptised in 1734 in St. Anne's Parish, Cecil Co., MD child of Nathaniel and Rachel Ewing."  In the Administration of the Estate of Nathaniel Ewing in 1750 "Rachel M(argaret) was about 15 years old." "Rachel Ewing died in Blount Co., TN 16 July 1823 at age 89."  This is from a family Bible kept by George Ewing, her 2nd son, and was a part of his Pension Application.     

 "EWING In Early American Life," Alexander Ewing proves to be the second son of Samuel.   • 1771, 19 October - Prince Edward Co., VA. Deed Book p127:   “Alexander Ewing and wife, Rachel Ewing of Botetourt Co., Va. sell to Robert Powell 232 acres of land lying between Fort and Falling Creek by Samuel Wallace’s line and Pugh Price’s line.”

They have already moved to Botetourt Co., VA from which in 1772 FINCASTLE CO VA. was created and discontinued in 1777.  From FINCASTLE, BOTETOURT and PULASKI COUNTIES, VA the county of MONTGOMERY VA was created 1776-77.    WYTHE CO. VA was created 1789 from MONTGOMERY CO. VA and it is here we find George Ewing and Eleanor as well as children of Alexander Ewing died 1738 Cecil Co., MD.

Alexander Ewing, second son of Samuel Ewing died 1758 had already moved to Botetourt Co., Va. prior to 19 Oct 1771 (see page 216). We have been unable to acquire copies of Deeds to land he bought there. There is a record attached to the 14 April 1770 Deed 3 page 448 in Prince Edward Co., VA. dated 2 August 1770 reads:

“Botetourt County Va. to wit ... In obedience to the within Commission to us directed, we did go to the said Rachel Ewing, wife of Alexander Ewing and did examine her privily ... touching her relinquishment of her right of dower in 395 acres conveyed to John and Abraham Thompson, which she declared she was willing to do ... Certified under our hands and seals this second day of August, 1770.” Signed John Montgomery and William Herbert.

When Alexander Ewing Sr. and Rachel-Margaret moved to Greene Co., TN, we are not sure. It was there he wrote his will. Prior to that we find him in Montgomery Co., VA. According to Thwaites and Kellog’s Lord Dunmore’s War of 1774 there is an Alexander, Sr. who enlisted in Capt. Robert Doaks Co. of Militia on June 2, 1774. The Alexander “Jr.” who enlisted in the same company in Montgomery Co., VA. is the son of John Ewing the second son of Alexander and Rebeckah Ewing of Cecil Co., MD.  Dr. John Connolly was sent by Lord Dunmore to Virginia to enlist aid to enforce the claims of Virginia in the controversy between Maryland and Virginia/Pennsylvania. Dr. Connolly was a half-brother to General James Ewing son of Thomas Ewing and Susanna (Howard) Patterson Ewing Connolly. Thomas Ewing was a brother to MY ANCESTOR, William Ewing.


The book by M. and V. Brown Ewing-McCulloch-Buchanan Genealogy page 53 states that Alexander Ewing died in Blount Co., TN in 1828 but that statement is incorrect. His Will was located in Greene Co., TN in Will Book 1 page 7. It was written 16 October 1789 and “proven and recorded ___?___ 1789.” It was indexed under Erwin but clearly EWING in the will and in his signature.  [Anne Kimball provided me with an abstract of his will, recognizing the name of his wife and those of his children. Bill Miner obtained a copy of the original and shared with me.] It reads, briefly:

“I Allaxander Ewing of Greene Co., TN being sick and weak of body ... give and bequeath ... in the following manner. To Rachal, my dearly beloved wife, the two negroes now in my possession as long as she remains in widowhood ... and allowing her a child’s part of the other cattle, etc ... I give to my well beloved son, Samuel, one £15 horse. I also leave to George, my second son a £15 horse. I leave to my third son, James, a bay colt four years old. I leave unto my son, William, one young mear (sic) three years. I also leave to my son John, one young mear three years old the ensuing spring ... to my son, Nathaniel, a young 3-year colt ... Rest to be divided equally only Samuel and George no more than what is mentioned ... Land I now live on to William and John, my sons, and a Plantation in the cove to Nathaniel. William and John to pay each to Nathaniel the sum of £20 each in good property. My daughter, Rachel, a mare ... to Margaret, daughter, a mear, feather bed and furniture ... daughter Rachel, the same....”
David Eagleton /signed/ Alexander Ewing [Seal]
David Caldwell
James Gillespy “Recorded 1789, Greene Co., TN”

1. Alexander EWING (marries a "cousin") (b.Cal 1724/1733-Cecil Co.,Maryland)
sp: Rachel Margaret EWING (b.2 Jan 1734-St. Anne's Parish,Cecil Co.,MD d.16 Jul 1823-Blount Co.,TN)
 |-2. Samuel (son of Alex. & Rachel) EWING (b.Cal 1755/1757)
 | sp: Diana BIRD
 |  |-3. Rachel EWING
 |  |-3. Margaret EWING
 |  |-3. Mary EWING
 |  |-3. Nancy EWING
 |  |-3. Samuel (Jr.) EWING
 |  +-3. Phillip EWING
 |-2. George EWING (b.3 Feb 1760 d.4 Jul 1840-Blount County,TN)
 | sp: Margaret CALDWELL (a "cousin") (b.13 Feb 1765 m.3 Jun 1785 d.4 Mar 1849)
 |  |-3. John EWING (b.27 Feb 1786 d.7 Oct 1819-Blount Co.,TN)
 |  |-3. Rachel EWING (b.15 Aug 1788 d.20 Aug 1826)
 |  | sp: Alexander EAGLETON (m.9 Feb 1813)
 |  |-3. Alexander EWING (b.25 Feb 1791)
 |  | sp: Jane WARNER (m.9 Dec 1817)
 |  | sp: Sally CALDWELL (m.20 Jan 1824)
 |  |-3. Eleanor EWING (b.4 Nov 1792)
 |  | sp: Samuel MCCULLOCH (b.Abt 1778-Augusta County,VA m.20 Jan 1824 d.13 Feb 1845-Blount Co.,TN)
 |  |-3. Margaret "Peggy" EWING (had 9 children) (b.4 Aug 1795)
 |  | sp: Rev. William E. EAGLETON (b.25 Mar 1796-Blount Co.,TN m.2 Apr 1816 d.28 Mar 1866-Murfreesboro,TN)
 |  |  |-4. Margaret Angeline EAGLETON (b.27 Jan 1817-Blount Co.,TN d.18 Aug 1895-Rutherford Co.,TN)
 |  |  |-4. George Ewing EAGLETON (d.12 Apr 1899)
 |  |  | sp: Ethlinda FOUTE
 |  |  |-4. John A. EAGLETON
 |  |  |-4. Samuel Ewing EAGLETON
 |  |  |-4. Edward H. EAGLETON
 |  |  |-4. Elvira H. EAGLETON
 |  |  +-4. William Clark EAGLETON
 |  +-3. Samuel EWING (never married) (b.27 Jan 1797 d.16 Dec 1822)
 |-2. James EWING (b.6 Apr 1766-Prince Edward Co,VA d.11 Nov 1856-Monroe Co.,TN)
 | sp: Mary THOMPSON (m.30 Apr 1798 d.25 Dec 1835-Blount Co.,TN)
 |  |-3. Alexander EWING (b.13 Feb 1799 d.10 Feb 1866)
 |  | sp: Margaret MCCULLOCH (m.14 Sep 1824)
 |  |-3. Samuel EWING (b.Cal 1801-Blount Co.,TN d.22 Jun 1858-Edgar County,IL)
 |  | sp: Mary MCCULLOCH
 |  |-3. George EWING (called "Jr." - Uncle was "Sr.") (b.22 Oct 1802 d.25 Jun 1866-near Neoga,IL)
 |  | sp: Eleanor PARKER (m.13 Sep 1827)
 |  |-3. James EWING (b.3 Nov 1804-Blount Co.,TN d.1 Mar 1889-Neoga,IL)
 |  | sp: Rachel EWING (dau of Nathaniel & Eliz. McCulloch Ewing) (d.1834)
 |  | sp: Mary ALEXANDER (m.1837)
 |  |-3. Nathaniel EWING (b.10 Feb 1809-Blount Co.,TN d.29 Dec 1866-Monroe,TN)
 |  | sp: Margaret CALDWELL (m.16 Mar 1837)
 |  +-3. Margaret EWING (b.Cal 1816)
 |    sp: Matthew MCSPADDEN (m.Cal 1829)
 |     |-4. James MCSPADDEN
 |     +-4. Mary MCSPADDEN
 |-2. Rachel EWING (b.1767)
 |-2. William EWING (b.Cal 1770/1771)
 | sp: Elizabeth MCNUTT (d.8 Jul 1817-Blount Co.,TN)
 |  +-3. Mary EWING
 |    sp: James M. EWING (son Of Nathaniel Ewing)
 |-2. Margaret EWING (b.Abt 1770)
 |-2. John EWING
 | sp: Mary CAMPBELL (m.6 Nov 1797)
 +-2. Nathaniel EWING (b.1777 d.23 Mar 1853)
   sp: Elizabeth MCCULLOCH (m.16 Oct 1805)

Jane Ewing - Jane/Jean Ewing, was born ca 1732 and was the third child mentioned in the 1758 will of Samuel Ewing her father.  By 1770 after her mother died, William Ewing, Jr. (Jane’s husband) of Cecil Co., MD asked that Andrew Porter of Prince Edward Co., Va. “act as his Attorney to receive the inheritance due him from the estate of Samuel Ewing, decd.” William Ewing, Jr. was a son of Alexander and Rebeckah Ewing who owned THE LEVELL in Octoraro Hundred, Cecil Co., MD.  Alexander died in 1738.   They had no children.

Jane died after 11 June 1793, when she signed a deed for land, most likely in Wythe County, Virginia. William died between 29 January 1793 and 11 June 1793. William's will was recorded 9 July 1793 in Wythe County. The full text of his will is presented later in this chapter. In Wythe County, Virginia Deed Book 1 page 327, an articles of agreement made between William Ewing and Alexander Ewing on 29 January 1793 was recorded and a deed from Jane Ewing to Alexander Ewing was recorded 11 June 1793. That deed indicated William was deceased.