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DeLAIGLE FAMILY, continued  (page 5)

Charles and Martha Watkins DeLaigle’s children (of Augusta, GA):  
Charles & Martha Watkins DeLaigle had 15 children, but seven died young.   The stories of the eight surviving children will be briefly recounted here;.   Only five (of the 15) married and had children.   There are many DeLaigle descendants, and they still hold a family reunion every May.    

Maj. Louis Nicholas DeLaigle (9 Aug 1830-1 Jan 1868) was an attorney.    By 1854 he was practicing law in Augusta, handling many of the legal affairs of his father.   He married Mary Stedman Clark (4 Jan 1840-3 Jul 1922) on 17 Mar 1858;  the daughter of Joseph Stedman Clark and Caroline E. Mealing.     By the time the Civil War broke out they had two children, Martha & Caroline.    Louis joined the 1st Regiment, Company D, Georgia Regulars as a 1st Lieutenant, and by the end of the war had been promoted to Major.   He was wounded in the head at some point, during the War, and it is felt this is what ultimately caused his early death in 1868.    Daughter Caroline died during the War, but they had two more daughters, Louise and Marie Emma.   Marie was born in New York, although we are not sure why Louis & Mary were there at the time of her birth.   She died at the age of 8 years in Augusta, and is buried at Magnolia Cemetery on Louise DeLaigle Reese’s family plot, as are all of this family.    

Perhaps one of the most interesting but tragic family stories involves Mary S. Clark DeLaigle (picture below), wife of Louis.   After Louis’ death, she and her young daughters lived in a large house on Greene Street (the yellow house pictured above).   As a young widow, Mary took in boarders to make ends meet.   One of these boarders was a young Irishman named Charles Tilly.  Charles, being a handsome young man, led some to speculate on a relationship with Mary.   Charles took exception to this and, on Dec 16, 1875, Tilly met George Ratcliffe at Sand Bar Ferry to defend the lady’s honor.    Both were mortally wounded in the duel, and Charles was brought back to the Greene St. House to die.   “Tilly was laid to rest in the DeLaigle family plot at Magnolia Cemetery, and a portrait of him still hangs in the Sexton's Lodge of the Cemetery with the rest of the DeLaigle Family portraits, a symbol of the Family's esteem for him and his courageous act.”   A handsome marble slab covers his grave.   Some claim that his ghost haunts the Greene Street house to this day!      Mary Clark DeLaigle never remarried, dying in Wilmington, NC at the home of her granddaughter, Miss Anne Munds.   

Louis & Mary Clark DeLaigle had the following children:   

1) Martha Stedman DeLaigle (1 Mar 1859-22 Aug 1913) (has descendants)
2) Caroline Clark DeLaigle (2 Nov 1860-26 Feb 1863).  (died a baby)   
3) Louise Adele DeLaigle (8 Apr 1864-29 Jun 1945 NY) (married twice, no children)  (see notes below)
4)  Marie Emma  (11 Sep 1865- Dec 1873).  (died a child)

Martha S. DeLaigle married James Dickson Munds, and there are descendants.   We have further notes on the Munds family, for anyone interested.   

 Martha Stedman DELAIGLE (b.1 Mar 1859-Augusta,Ga d.22 Aug 1913-Wilmington,NC)
sp: James Dickson MUNDS (b.26 Oct 1855-Columbia,SC m.15 Feb 1881 d.18 Jan 1893-Wilmington,NC)
1)   James Theus (V) MUNDS (b.26 Mar 1882-Wilmington,NC d.18 Apr 1938-New York City,NY)
 | sp: Elsie Welsh SALTUS (b.27 Nov 1897-Philadelphia,PA m.25 Oct 1917 d.8 Sep 1969-Paris,France)
2)   Anne B. MUNDS (b.25 Sep 1883-Wilmington,NC d.27 Dec 1940-New York City,NY)
3)   Marie Louise B. MUNDS (b.21 Dec 1883-Wilmington,NC d.19 Feb 1918-Wilmington,NC)
 | sp: William Romain TYREE (b.1879/1880-Virginia m.16 Apr 1906)
4)   Louis de L'Aigle N. MUNDS (b.29 Sep 1890-Wilmington,NC d.Mar 1952-St. Augustine,FL)
   sp: Anne FOLEY (m.Aug 1918)
   sp: Dorothy Frowert HAGERTY (m.11 Jul 1928 d.22 May 1984)
   sp: Lilly HOSKINS (m.1941 or 1942)

Louse A. DeLaigle married July 12, 1887 - Herbert Otto Seyd (1866-25 Sep 1906 New York City), and 2) Dr. Robert Grigg Reese (23 Sep 1866-18 Oct 1926 New York City), (married August 1908), both of whom predeceased her; no children.  Louise is one of the more fascinating members of the family.    Louise lived in New York where her husband, Dr. Reese, was a very successful ophthalmologist, one of the founders of the New York Eye & Ear Infirmary.   They also had a beautiful home in Augusta.   Louise built  ‘Sexton’s Lodge’ at Magnolia Cemetery in memory of her family, and numerous family portraits are housed there.   She died in New York, and left a copious will, and details of how her funeral was to be conducted in Augusta.    

Charles Arrington DeLaigle (1 Nov 1833-7 Jan 1859).    Charles married Albina V. Dortic, daughter of Germaine T. Dortic 5 May 1858 at St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Augusta, GA.     They were only married eight months before Charles died of a “brain inflammation” at age 25.   Albina remarried, but never had children.   

Dr. Augustus Armand DeLaigle (22 May 1835 - 29 Jun 1862) was a doctor who apparently received his medical education in the North.     He joined the Confederate  Army May 18, 1861; Company D; 10th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia.   He was killed at Savage Station, VA, June 29, 1862 during the Civil War.  In the Spring of 1863, Charles claimed his son’s body and brought him home. We can only imagine what a difficult journey that was for Charles.     Armand was buried in the family plot at Magnolia Cemetery, 3 Mar 1863.    

Henry Robert DeLaigle   (20 Mar 1837-16 Jul 1869) Henry never married.  He was a 1st Lieutenant, (June 23, 1864), (note:  5th Sergeant, Feb 28, 1862;  elected Jr. 2nd Lieutenant - Sept 24, 1862); in the Confederate Army, Company C, 48th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, (Georgia Light Guards) Army of Northern Virginia, (Burke County Volunteers) during the Civil War.  Henry was in many of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, only to die 4 years later at age 32.    

Virginia Martha DeLaigle (16 Aug 1838-1 Apr 1917 Augusta, GA).  Virginia was educated ‘up North.’   She married Thomas Newton Hopkins (17 Jun 1839-3 Jun 1893).  My grandmother told me that Virginia & Thomas took in boarders, as well, following the War.  The tale was that Thomas Hopkins, who served briefly for the Confederacy, had never ‘hit a lick at a snake,’ prior to the War.   He  taught school at Houghton Institute and was a Justice of the Peace, after the War.   Virginia also traveled with her niece, Louise DeLaigle Reese to visit the family in France.   

Virginia and Thomas had seven children:  1) Martha de l’Aigle Hopkins  2) Rebecca Hopkins  3) Charles H. D. Hopkins  4) Ella A. Hopkins  5) Edward S. Hopkins, 6) William Doughty Hopkins, and 7) Louis D. Hopkins.

  • The only child who married was my great-grandmother, Rebecca “Pet” Hopkins.   Rebecca married Thomas Davis Jackson of Ninety-Six, SC, and they only had one child, my grandmother Helen Virginia Jackson.    Rebecca and Thomas and young Helen moved to Birmingham, AL.   Helen married Robert McClure, and they had two children:  my mother:  Jeanne McClure, and Robert “Bobby” McClure, Jr.   Rebecca and Thomas are buried on the McClure plot at Elmwood Cemetery, Bham, AL, beside Helen and Robert.   

Mary A. DeLaigle (29 Jan 1845-14 Jan 1911 Charlotte, SC) married Osborne Minor Sadler (2 Oct 1842-18 Nov 1921 Atlanta, GA).     Osborne served with the ‘Hornets Nest Rifles,’ Company B., 1st North Carolina Regiment, Confederacy, during the War.    After the war, in 1870, they were living in Charleston, SC, where he was an express agent.  In 1884 he was promoted to Division Superintendent of Southern Express of Charlotte, SC.   It is believed they frequently visited family at home in Augusta.    Mary & Osborne had four children:   

1) Gillespie Sadler (15 Sep 1872-28 Aug 1949);    (see below)
2) DeLaigle Sadler (26 Jul 1874-10 Dec 1915)  
3) Marie de l'Aigle Louise Sadler (22 Dec 1877-21 Feb 1954) (see below)
4) Osborne Minor Sadler, Jr. (4 Sep 1880-20 Dec 1919).     

Gillespie Sadler married: Sarah “Sadie” Young  (b.31 Mar 1878-North Carolina d.19 Aug 1959-Fulton County,GA) & they had 2 children:  

 a)  Mary Gillespie SADLER (b.Abt 1904-Virginia); and  
 b)  Ida Sadler (b.Abt 1906-North Carolina d.Bef 1999)  married : Daniel O'Day, III  (m. Oct 1937 d. 30 Apr 1999-Rye,New York)   

Marie Sadler married Archie Hickley Harris 22 Nov 1899 in Charlotte, NC.  They had 3 children:

a)   Archie Hickley Harris, Jr.  (b.Abt 1901-North Carolina)   | sp: Ruth W.  (b.Abt 1906-North Carolina); (one child, Archie H. Harris, IIII - no descendants)    
b)   Minor S. HARRIS    (b. 4 Mar 1903 Baltimore, MD- d. 15 Feb 1946 Richmond, VA) m. Anne Cameron FLEMING 16 Nov 1929.   Anne was born 19 Dec 1904 Green Mont, The Plains, Fauquier County, VA; died  30 Dec 2002.  She and Minor are buried R. B. Lee Fleming Family plot, Warrenton, VA.    (there are descendants)
C)  Charles DeLaigle HARRIS (b.Abt 1906-Baltimore, Maryland)  (nothing more is known)

Nicholas L. Stedman DeLaigle (18 Jun 1846-26 Jul 1909 Burke Co, GA)  Nicholas was too young, at the start of the Civil War, to join the regular army… he served in the local militia.  He married Annie Mae Godbee (15 Oct 1863- 1 Mar 1931 Burke Co, GA) on 26 Feb 1879.    Nicholas and Annie Mae had 14 children.   Any male today surnamed ‘DeLaigle’ are descendants of Nicholas & Annie.    There simply isn’t enough room to tell you about all of their descendants - which at last count was over 500!     Their children were:   

1)   Charles Louis DELAIGLE (b.5 Dec 1879-Augusta,Ga d.20 Jan 1942-near Lyons,GA)
 | sp: Julia Lavonia BARGERON (b.26 Aug 1889-Burke County,GA m.23 Oct 1904 d.5 Oct 1977-Savannah,GA)
2)   DeRosset DELAIGLE (died a baby) (b.14 Oct 1881-Telfairville,Burke County,GA d.15 Nov 1882-Burke County,GA)
3)    Robert Steadman DELAIGLE (b.28 Jan 1883-Burke County,GA d.24 Aug 1956-Burke County,GA)
4)    Minnie Lamar DELAIGLE (b.6 Oct 1884-Burke County,GA d.4 Apr 1978-Burke County,GA)
 | sp: William Robert HICKMAN (b.16 Apr 1880 m.1 Dec 1907 d.3 Apr 1920)
5)    Capers Gaston DELAIGLE (b.19 Feb 1886-Telfairville,GA d.20 Apr 1946-Telfairville,GA)
 | sp: Lilly Ruth BARGERON  (b.21 Nov 1894-Girard,GA m.16 Aug 1912 d.13 Jun 1987-Waynesboro)
6)   Milledge DELAIGLE (b.16 Mar 1888-Telfairville,GA d.3 Jan 1907-Burke County,GA)
7)   Irene DELAIGLE (b.9 Aug 1889-Burke County,GA d.16 Nov 1954-Sardis,GA)
 | sp: Robert Lloyd MURRAY (b.27 Jan 1888-Burke County,GA m.14 Feb 1915 d.20 Feb 1962-Burke County,GA)
8)   Bronnie Louise DELAIGLE (b.23 Sep 1890 d.24 Dec 1970-Sardis,GA)
 | sp: Charles Burrs ELLIOTT (b.1 Jan 1890/1891-Burke County,GA m.28 Dec 1913 d.Jan 1981-Burke County,GA)
9)   Thomas Watson DELAIGLE (b.30 Jul 1893-Telfairville,Burke County,GA d.10 May 1908-Burke County,GA)
10)   Nicholas Louis DELAIGLE (b.19 Sep 1896-Telfairville,Burke County,GA d.6 Jul 1973-Burke County,GA)
 | sp: Jennie Lenn QUICK (b.1 Dec 1902 m.25 May 1918 d.22 Apr 1992-Burke County,GA)
11)   Mary Martha DELAIGLE (b.19 Jan 1898-Waynesboro,Burke County,GA d.15 Aug 1983-Telfairville,GA)
 | sp: Thadyes (Thaddeus) Powell BRIGHAM (b.11 Jan 1895-Girard,GA m.28 Nov 1920 d.29 Mar 1959-Girard,GA)
12)   Theus Watson DELAIGLE (b.8 Sep 1899-Burke County,GA d.2 Jun 1972-Burke County,GA)
 | sp: Anna Lucille SHARP (b.11 Dec 1905-Burke County,GA m.23 Nov 1924 d.19 Nov 1979-Burke County,GA)
13)   Herbert DELAIGLE (b.17 Dec 1900-Telfairville,GA d.18 Oct 1922-Burke County,GA)
 | sp: Martha MEEKS
14)   Captain Jack DELAIGLE (b.18 Sep 1902-Waynesboro,Burke County,GA d.13 Jul 1974-Cobb County,GA)
   sp: Mollie Lee OGLESBEE (b.25 Feb 1910-Millen,Jenkins Co m.26 Jan 1929; d.Burke County,GA)

Emma E. DeLaigle, (born 1848 - she is buried in Summerville Cemetery, Augusta, GA, next to Joseph Harriss, but we don’t know the date of her death, yet).       In the Family Bible we found and later verified that she married Joseph B. Harriss, son of Gen. Robert Y. Harris & Sophia Bryan of Augusta.   Also in the Bible was noted the birth of a daughter, Bryan.   

In January 2008, we received - (many thanks to Russell K. Brown) -  a 5 page document of “Recollections” written by Patrick D. Walsh (who died 1996) about Emma and her daughter.   From these notes we learned that Joseph Harriss deserted her and later died in Savannah, GA in 1909, and was brought home for burial in Summerville Cemetery in Augusta.  The stories about Joseph Harriss are upsetting.   Emma was described as being “pathologically polite,”  “a sweet young lady without much willpower who Joseph Harriss took advantage of.”  

Bryan Harriss, Emma’s daughter,  married William Washington Hughes, Jr., 23 Feb 1889,  son of a judge in Burke Co., GA.    He was a fireman, and we know that not long after their marriage he moved to Savannah.   We know that he remarried Sept 1898 to Catherine Lee.    We don’t know what happened to Bryan, if they were divorced or if she had died by that time.   

Their’s is a very sad tale, and I will gladly share the document with any family members interested.     These disturbing notes state that Bryan had 3 children, two girls and a boy.    She “abandoned” these children:   the little boy died, and one girl was adopted out to another family through a sealed adoption (we don’t know her name).  The other girl, Jo, was last heard from by the Harriss family in the 1930’s.  She was living in Florida and had a family.     Perhaps one day we’ll hear more about any descendants.    

All of the other children of Charles and Martha Watkins DeLaigle died young:  
Elizabeth, died age 10
Anna died age 6 yrs 9 mos  
Emily died age 9 yrs 1 mo
Edward, died age 1 yr 8 mos
Arrington, died age 1 yr
Martha, died age 2 yr 2 mos
Catherine, died age 2 yrs 10 mos



Martha Watkins DeLaigle
Virginia DeLaigle Hopkins
Nicholas Stedman DeLaigle
Capers Gaston DeLaigle holding his grandchild, Joy Wheeler
Alice, Susan, Leroy, Dean, and Nick
DeLaigle Brickyards and factory
Grady DeLaigle
Mary Clark DeLaigle
Celeste DeLaigle Wheeler
DeLaigle’s at the Lafayette re-enactment ball, Augusta, GA
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