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Wright Family (continued) pg 4

JOHN WRIGHT (II), son of John Wright & Dorothy, was born 1706/1707 (another source says he was born in October, 1700) in Copel Parrish, Lower Machodoc, Westmoreland Co., VA; died 27 Feb 1792 in Fauquier County, VA, buried at "Pine View.”     "The Washington-Wright Connection" by Charles Arthur Hoppin, 1923, states:    “John Wright, gentleman, vestryman, captain, justice and sheriff, was born in the "great house" on the Wright "manour plantation" on the Lower Machodoc peninsula in Westmoreland county, circa 1710, his parents John and Dorothy Wright, having married between 1705 and 1708, and his brother Francis having been born as the eldest son, there being no evidence as to the existence of any daughters of this marriage.   Before exhibiting some of the numerous official records establishing the long life and honorable career of this younger son, who, alone of his father's children, survived to perpetuate the fame and name of this family in Prince William and Fauquier counties, Virginia." (portions not quoted)  
"That John Wright, Gent., though powerless in the face of the law of primogeniture to prevent the sale of that fine estate near the western bank of the Potomac and on the northern side of Powell's run, did not approve the proceeding by his elder brother is fairly evident from subsequent records."
"[The] track of land to which Capt. John Wright removed in 1741, from the estate of his deceased father three miles north of Dumfries, is situated about twenty miles west of Dumfries.  The fact that Capt. Wright was a lawyer, vestryman and county officer at this time and a judge then or very soon afterward and so continued for thirty years, in addition to being a gentleman-farmer suggests that in removing further away from the county courthouse he must have had a supreme reason.   This reason undoubtedly was that he had married Elizabeth Darnall.  This is no record proof of this marriage; as none is likely to be discovered, the author does no go beyond the expression of his beliefe, hereby set down, that the Elizabeth, named in the will of Capt. John Wright, as his wife, as the daughter of WAUGH DARNALL, Gentl., and sister of the Jeremiah Darnall, Gentl., who accommodated Capt. Wright with a share of the estate of the deceased Waugh Darnall, thus still closer drawing these families together."
"The records describing him as "Captain" indicate that as a young men he received training in the colonial militia of Virginia, and upon his appointment as a judge in the county court he automatically became a caption in the militia."  "That Captain Wright was not a Tory is certain for his sons William and James were American soldiers in that war, his son John having left Virginia for North Carolina in the year before the war."
"[|That in] 1787 he, his wife, unmarried daughters Rosamond and Mary, and son James Wright were living together on that remaining portion of the estate that the judge had purchased forty-six years earlier.  The son William had a separate estate."  
"Though the longest-lived of any of the Wrights, he maintained, during the reigns of three kings, one queen, a Council of State, and one president the prestige and English characteristics of his ancestors..  "He lived to see his second cousin, George Washington, twenty-two years younger, become the first president of the first genuine republic of the world."  " [he had quite a few children] as he had thirty-three known grandchildren, not counting children by his daughter, Elizabeth, albeit his two other daughters died unmarried."  His will names three sons and three daughters.   
"By 1741 Capt John Wright embraces the estate of the late Samuel Robinson..." "This tract is described in modern deeds as "the old Major Wright Tract"; ;the major having been James Wright, to whom his father, Capt. John Wright (the first Wright owner of the land) bequeathed this land by his will dated 1 June, 1785."  "This estate remained to the Wright descendants until sold to the said Samuel Robinson on 8 Nov 1847, by the great-great grandchildren of the said Capt. John Wright, namely Granville J. Kellyl and his wife Harriett E.; Elizabeth Taliaferro, John P. Kelly (in the right of Margaret J. Blackwell and Jane P. Kelly."   "ON THIS ESTATE, John Wright and his wife Elizabeth lived for fifty years; in that private burial ground they were interred, as also two of their three daughters and one if not two of their three sons."
"John Wright was the first male member of the Wright family in America to live beyond middle age.  he died shortly before 27 February, 1792, aged over eighty years, leaving a will dated 1 une, 1785.  He repeated in a more extended way the professional careers of his father and grandfather."  "His education and political preferment were the gift and inheritance from his father, but he soon made his individuality apparent."   "He early entered into public affairs, and as he was a judge of the county court before 1743, he must have served in minor offices before that date."  
"That He married Elizabeth (Darnall?) by 1733 is for certain for one of his sons was old enough to marry in 1753.   He was the seventh judge, the sixth military officer, the second sheriff, and the seventh "gentleman", successively, in the American history of his ancestry."
"Well may we recount... that his great-great grandfathers were Lt. Col. Nathaniel Pope, gentleman and justice, and Col. John Mottrom, gentleman, justice, and burgess of the colony of Virginia;  his great-grandfathers were Col. John Washington, gentleman, justice and burgess, and Capt Richard Wright, gentleman and justice; he was second cousin of General George Washington, First President; his grandfather Major Francis Wright was a justice and sheriff, while his father, John, was the sixth successive justice of Westmoreland and a founder of the county of Prince William.   ...."he was a man of dignity and reserve, who held the respect and confidence of men."

Capt John Wright married Elizabeth Bronaugh, born 1710/1713 Prince William Co., VA; died about 1789 in Prince William County, VA.    Elizabeth was the widow of Waugh Darnall, at the time of their marriage about 1728.    

John and Elizabeth had the following children:  

1)  JOHN (III) WRIGHT * Capt. of Militia (b.30 Oct 1728-Prince William Co.,VA d.30 Oct 1789-Deep Creek,Surry Co.,VA)
 | sp: ANN WILLIAMS * (b.15 Oct 1738-Fauquier Co.,VA m.1753 d.Oct 1825-Surry County,NC)
2)   William WRIGHT (d.1809-Franklin County,VA)  (see article about William Wright)
3)   Elizabeth WRIGHT (b.1741 d.Abt 1822-Fauquier Co.,VA)
 | sp: Shadrack PARLOW
4)    Rosamond WRIGHT (b.1746 d.1804-Fauquier Co.,VA)
5)   Mary WRIGHT (b.Abt 1745)
6)   Maj./Rev. James WRIGHT
7)   Francis WRIGHT
8)   Richard WRIGHT


JOHN WRIGHT (III) was born 30 Oct 1728 in Prince William Co., VA; died  30 Oct 1789 in Deep Creek, Surry Co., VA.   There are several excellent sources for information about John, including  "The Washington Ancestry, and Records of the McClain, Johnson, and Forty Other American Families," and "Washington-Wright Connection" by Charles Arthur Hoppin, 1923.  

CAPTAIN JOHN WRIGHT of FAUQUIER AND NORTH CAROLINA.   John Wright (John, John, Francis, Richard), surveyor and captain, doubtless was born upon his grandfather's thousand-acre estate of Leesylvania between Powell's Run and Neapsco Creek, near the Potomac River in Price William County, about the time (1731) that county was formed from Stafford County.    This was very soon after his paternal grandfather, who had come with his family to Leesylvania about eight years before from the "great house" in Westmoreland County, had died there.  As John's grandmother (Dorothy (Awbrey) Wright, died but a few years after his birth, it may be true that he did not well remember her, and he never saw his grandfather, John Wright, who died in 1729 or 1730.   That he was educated to follow the practice of law and to maintain the position of the family in public office is likely; but neither he nor his brothers, William and James, became the administrators of law from the bench, however often they figured in the courts in other capacities.  John Wright, after his uncle Francis Wright, had sold Leesylvania in 1741, must have lived upon his father's new estate called, "Pine View," near Liberty, from 1741 when he was aged about ten years, until after he married in 1753; son after that date he appears as residing upon and managing the estate of his mother-in-law, Honour Williams, which adjoined the Wright estate.  The Leesylvania estate became but a very faint memory to him.  Before April 25, 1764, however, we find him again upon his father's estate; on the day before that date he received from his father "by virtue of an Indenture, the gift of 116 acres.  He changed his mind overnight, however, and desired the gift of a sum of money instead; thereupon he reconveyed the land to his father, took the money, and proceeded to follow his own notions, perhaps to the displeasure of the parent.  The first three official records of John Wright begin with his service as a grand juror when his father was sheriff, the separate identity of father and son being clear in each record because the father was the sheriff.  (portions of court records not quoted).    

John Wright (III) gentleman, surveyor and captain.  He “was a man of independent spirit, not inclined to follow the conservative path of his judicially-minded and self-restrained forebears.  He was adventurous; he was bold; he was outspoken--disinclined mentally at that period to judicial functions.  That he was strong headed, bent upon having his own way, and quite fearless of others and of consequences is apparent."    "He was a strong man, in his way; his individuality and virility carried him far from the scenes of his childhood.  Hard were the propositions to which he put his hand and his mind, but he held his own.  He went back to the conditions in which his first American direct ancestor began, i.e. the wilderness.  [...he created] in a few years a new estate and bequeathed it, together with the magnificent gift of eighteen adult children and many grandchildren to the progress and development of his country.  Far flung upon this wide continent and many, therefore, have been his descendants since."

There is no question that John Wright was a Patriot.   He was aged about 49 at the outbreak of the war.   As his family consisted of not less than 12, if not 14, children, his enlistment into the Continental army was not the fanciful contemplation of a young man having no responsibilities.   The proofs that he did so enlist and serve are absolute, including a copy of the War Department, Adjutant General's office, Washington, DC, August 27, 1917, sent to Mr. Hoppin that says...   "John Wright served as a soldier in Smith's Co., 4th N. C., Regiment in service in that War [the Revolution].  His name appears only on a book copied from the rolls which shows date of enlistment - 1777."   

 "While serving in the war he took a violent cold that settled on his lungs and eventually caused his death."  Aged about sixty years, Capt. John Wright died and was buried, if not on his own land, in the churchyard of either the Flat Rock Creek Baptist chapel, more than a mile easterly of the Wright estate, or in the yard of the much closer Elsberry Chapel founded by his neighbor and his daughter Agatha's father-in-law, John Elsberry.   The record of his death appears on a page of the family Bible of his son, Thomas Wright, whose heirs applied for arrears due on Thomas's pension in 1853, tore out that page and sent it to the pension office.   To quote.. "Father departed this life OCTOBER 30, 1789,"  on his birthday.   The will of John Wright was dated October 8, 1789.

John Wright, III married Ann Williams (15 Oct 1738-Fauquier Co., VA; Oct 1825 in Surry Co., NC).   They were married in 1753 in Fauquier County, VA, and had 18 children.   Ann was an executor of her husband's will.   Upon his death, she was left with nine children living with her, and nine more that were married.   "Though the original Wright house has been replaced by a different structure, the general aspect of the estate remains nearly as it was a century ago save for the enlargement of the rich cultivated area on which tobacco, maize, and some cotton were produced.  Ann (Williams) Wright, the widow and mother of Captain John Wrights eighteen children (alive at his death), is last and only of further record as is stated on pages 333-334 (Vol. II) of the Williams chapter, the exact date of her death in her ninetieth year in 1825 is unknown.   Interment, however, is judged to have been beside that of her patriotic husband in a spot in the cemetery now indeterminable."   

I have not made a concerted effort to determine descendants of their many children, and would welcome hearing from others.  I would also welcome any information on Ann Williams’ family.   I believe her father was Jonah Williams, mother “Honour.”    Our descent is through John and Ann’s son, Daniel.   

1. JOHN (III) WRIGHT * Capt. of Militia (b.30 Oct 1728-Prince William Co.,VA d.30 Oct 1789-Deep Creek,Surry Co.,VA)
sp: ANN WILLIAMS * (b.15 Oct 1738-Fauquier Co.,VA m.1753 d.Oct 1825-Surry County,NC)
 |-2. Elizabeth WRIGHT (m. Samuel Arnold) (b.Abt 1754-Prince William County,Virginia d.(probably Surry County,NC))
 | sp: Samuel ARNOLD (b.1750 m.5 Sep 1771 d.1831)
 |  +-3. Sarah ARNOLD (b.1789-Surry (now Yadkin County),NC)
 |-2. Nancy Ann WRIGHT (m. Lewis Elliott)
 |-2. Capt. DANIEL WRIGHT * (b.27 Sep 1759-Fauquier Co.,VA d.24 May 1838-Madison Co,AL)
 | sp: * NANCY (Ann/Anna) YOUNG (b.7 Jul 1762 m.24 Jan 1782 d.23 Jun 1833-Madison Co,AL)
 |  |-3. Gen. Thomas WRIGHT (b.15 Dec 1782-Surry County,VA d.14 Feb 1844-Lauren County,SC)
 |  | sp: Nancy SIMPSON (b.23 Dec 1794)
 |  |  |-4. Oliver Perry WRIGHT
 |  |  |-4. Thomas WRIGHT (Jr.) (died young) (b.14 Mar 1820 d.19 Nov 1846)
 |  |-3. Nancy WRIGHT
 |  |-3. Amelia WRIGHT (b.1785 d.23 Mar 1806)
 |  |-3. William WRIGHT
 |  |-3. John WRIGHT (b.19 Sep 1790-Surry (now Yadkin County),NC)
 |  | sp: Mary Yarwell WOOD
 |  |  +-4. John (Jr.) WRIGHT
 |  |-3. ELIZABETH (Betsy) * WRIGHT (b.12 Apr 1793 d.10 May 1821-Madison Co,AL)
 |  | sp: Maj. THOMAS * MCCRARY (b.17 Jan 1789-South Carolina m.23 Sep 1812 d.31 Aug 1865-Madison Co,AL)
 |  |  |-4. MARY ELIZABETH MCCRARY * (b.23 Jan 1817-Madison Co,AL d.20 Dec 1870)
 |  |  | sp: JOSIAH DAVIS BATTLE (b.18 Sep 1811-North Carolina m.20 Dec 1837 d.2 Jan 1864-Madison Co,AL)
 |  |  |-4. James Alfred MCCRARY (died a child) (b.4 Jul 1813 d.13 Aug 1820-(7 yrs 1 mo))
 |  |  |-4. Nancy Evelina A. MCCRARY (b.28 Mar 1815)
 |  |  | sp: Orville EASTLAND (m.8 Apr 1835)
 |  |  +-4. Lucinda MCCRARY (b.21 Jul 1819)
 |  |    sp: James B. CLOYD (m.22 Apr 1840)
 |  |-3. Daniel W. WRIGHT (b.Abt 1796)
 |  |-3. James WRIGHT
 |  +-3. Lucinda WRIGHT (b.30 Jan 1803)
 |-2. William WRIGHT
 |-2. Sarah (Sally) WRIGHT (b.20 Mar 1764)
 | sp: Ninian (Jr.) RILEY
 |  |-3. Benjamin Wright RILEY (b.2 Sep 1793-Surry Co.,North Carolina)
 |  +-3. Nancy RILEY (Mrs.Clark)
 |-2. John WRIGHT
 | sp: Sallie MITCHELL
 |-2. Agatha WRIGHT (Mrs. Elsberry)
 |-2. James WRIGHT (b.Abt 1766)
 |-2. Thomas B WRIGHT (represented Surrey Co in the legislature)
 |-2. Lucretia WRIGHT (m. William Pettey)
 | sp: William PETTEY
 |-2. Amelia WRIGHT (m. Dr. Robert Martin)
 | sp: Dr. Robert MARTIN
 |-2. Frances WRIGHT (m. Gerard Riley) (b.14 Feb 1769-Fauquier Co.,VA d.Nov 1835)
 | sp: Gerard RILEY
 |  |-3. Zachariah RILEY
 |  +-3. Nancy RILEY
 |-2. Susannah (Sukey) WRIGHT
 |-2. Margaret (Peggy) WRIGHT
 |-2. Mary (Polly) WRIGHT
 |-2. Rosanna (Rosey) WRIGHT
 |-2. Patsy WRIGHT
 +-2. Williams WRIGHT (b.5 Apr 1779-Surry County,NC d.19 Jul 1825-Madison Co,AL)
   sp: Sarah "Sally" MITCHELL (b.6 May 1784 d.1 Aug 1835-Madison Co,AL)
    |-3. John WRIGHT (b.12 Nov 1807-North Carolina d.11 Jan 1867-Madison Co,AL)
    | sp: Mollie STEGER
    |-3. Sally WRIGHT (b.2 Aug 1807 d.15 Oct 1874-Bryan,Texas)
    | sp: Col.  ECHOLS
    |  +-4. Annie ECHOLS
    |    sp: Mr.  DAVIS
    |-3. Cynthia WRIGHT (b.28 Jun 1813)
    | sp: Oswald KING
    |-3. Matilda WRIGHT (b.17 Nov 1815 d.Nov 1863-Bryan,Texas)
    | sp: Reuben WILKERSON (m.17 Oct 1837)
    |  +-4. Sarah Mildred WILKERSON (b.13 Jan 1848-Huntsville,AL d.21 Nov 1921-Chattanooga,TN)
    |    sp: Robert Durham COMPTON (b.7 Mar 1836-Perryville,KY. m.28 Apr 1869 d.21 May 1892-Franklin,TN)
    |-3. Lucinda WRIGHT (b.21 Sep 1817)
    | sp: Dr. John KING
    |  |-4. Miles KING
    |  |-4. John KING
    |  | sp: Mrs. Fannie SMITH GAMBLE
    |  |-4. Katie Vail KING
    |  +-4. Cynthia KING
    |-3. Judy Eliza WRIGHT (b.29 Aug 1819 d.28 May 1895)
    | sp: Col. John Townes ABERNATHY (b.8 Dec 1799-Leighton,AL m.5 Nov 1856 d.27 Jul 1869)
    |  |-4. Harriet Wright ABERNATHY (b.18 Aug 1848 d.Feb 1926)
    |  | sp: James Council WOOTEN (b.18 Jul 1832-Columbia,TN m.17 Feb 1869 d.26 Feb 1920)
    |  |-4. 2 Sons, Willie & Emmett ABERNATHY (died young)
    |  +-4. Sallie ABERNATHY (b.16 Mar 1851-Lawrence County,AL d.7 Jun 1892-Monteagle,TN)
    |    sp: Francis Henderson PEEBLES (b.7 Dec 1843-Mooresville,AL d.30 Mar 1912-Weatherford,TX)
    |-3. Williams (II) WRIGHT (b.11 Feb 1823-Madison Co,AL d.Covington,KY.)
    | sp: Katie VAIL
    |  |-4. Williams (III) WRIGHT
    | sp: Lucy MOORE (b.Covington,KY.)
    |  +-4. Lucy WRIGHT (b.6 Jun 1856)
    |    sp: Julius F. GEDGE
    |-3. Harriet Atwood WRIGHT (b.21 May 1821-Madison Co,AL d.28 Jul 1883)
    | sp: James William WOODROOF (b.28 Nov 1813-Greenvesville Co.,VA d.23 Apr 1897-Mooresville,AL)
    |  |-4. William Walton WOODROOF (b.11 Dec 1854 d.Apr 1894)
    |  |-4. Sallie Bettie WOODROOF (b.26 Nov 1856)
    |  | sp: James Abram HILL (b.8 Feb 1856-Grenada,MS d.28 Jan 1922-Mooresville,AL)
    |  |-4. Nancy McCrary WOODROOF (b.2 Jun 1859-Mooresville,AL)
    |  | sp: Oliver B. WARWICK
    |  |-4. James Wright WOODROOF (b.30 Apr 1863 d.30 Apr 1920-Ashville,NC)
    |  | sp: Sallie SANDERS
    |  |-4. Thomas Sanders WOODROOF
    |  |-4. Charles (twin) WOODROOF
    |  +-4. Walton (twin) WOODROOF
    +-3. Nancy WRIGHT (b.26 Dec 1805-North Carolina d.16 Oct 1895-Madison Co,AL)
      sp: Maj. THOMAS * MCCRARY (b.17 Jan 1789-South Carolina m.22 Nov 1823 d.31 Aug 1865-Madison Co,AL)
       +-4. Williams Wright MCCRARY (b.17 Oct 1827)
         sp: Alice B. HEWLETT (b.26 Apr 1841)