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Woodward Family, continued (page 2)

CHRISTOPHER WOODWARD (son of Edward, grandson of Richard) was born probably about 1530, and died probably by 1575.   He is buried in the churchyard of St. Olave, Southwark, Co Surry, England.

In Register of Freemen of the City of London in the Reigns of Henry VIII and Edward VI., by the Corporation of London (England)... there is a Christopher Woodward listed, son of Edward.   That Christopher was a "citizen and vintner, of London," about 1563.    September 16, 1563, Christopher Woodward, "Citizen and Vintner of London" was one of the executors listed in the will of Henry Leke, "citizen and clothworker of London."  Henry desired to be buried in the church of "St. Olyve's Southwerke" of which he was a parishioner. The will was proved Dec 13, 1563.  

The Visitations of the County of Surrey Made and Taken in the Years 1530 states that Christopher married l) Margaret, as his first wife.  
1)  Sara m. Thomas Emerson of Southwark in com. Surrey
2)  Elizabeth m. 1) Thom. Langley; 2) John Saracole
3)  Catherine m. Bacoeman of the City of York
4)  Anne m. John Browne of London

Christopher married 2nd, ELIZABETH OLDBURY, daughter of John Oldbury of  com. Sallop.
5)  Susan m. 1) John King;  2) Henry  Walton of London
6)  CHRISTOPHER WOODWARD of Lambeth in com. Surrey 1623, m. Catherine, dau of Thom. Audley of London
7)  Rebecka m. John Sawyer of Battersey

Regarding Elizabeth Oldbury.   I have been unable to find any particulars about her father, John.   The last name can be spelled various ways, and this hinders my research, so far.     It is interesting to note that there was a JOHN OLDEBURY "of Suthwerk," in 1398 (much, much too early, but I think we probably could assume he is "of the family.")   Also, in Abstracts of Probate Acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury there is mention of a later John Oldbury - in 1635:   The will of Sir George Paule, of Water Lambeth (p. Lambeth, Surrey, Kt.) was proved April 14, 1634-5 by John Oldbury, Exor.

     Elizabeth married 2nd) Robert Feltham.    Robert Feltham, a vintner, and the parish of St. Olave Southwark where they lived, is mentioned in The Pursuit of Stability, by Ian W. Archer:  This book discusses local governments, neighbourhoods and communities, and on page 71 mentions that "select vestries were not necessarily unrepresentative of their communities.  In inner city parishes, communities typically of about eighty households, the establishment of a select vestry of twenty men hardly represented the imposition of a tiny elite.   These parishes were small enough to give bestrymen many connections, whether through friendship, employment, landlordship, credit, patronage, or poor relief, with those householders not represented on the vestry.    Most householders could therefore count on the advocacy of some member of the vestry.  The same may have been true to a lesser extent even of extramural parishes like ST. OLAVE SOUTHWARK where thirty vestrymen governed 1800 householders.”   

ELIZABETH'S WILL can be found in Abstracts of Wills in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury at Somerset House ... page 418.   She lived a long life, being a great-grandmother when she died in 1620.     

#1244:    Elizabeth Feltham of St. Thomas the Apostle, Southwark, co. Surrey, widow. (Dat. 14 Aug. 1620.) Buried in churchyard of St. Olave, Southwark, in tomb where late husbands Christopher. Woodward and Robt. Feltham lie; gowns to 40 poor people; poor chn. of Christ's hosp., London; poor of St. Thomas' hosp., Southwark, of St. Olave's, of St. Thomas', Southwark, of Obury, co. Salop., wh. l was bo., of St. George's, Southwark, and of Bromley, co. Kent. ; poor prisoners of the 3 prisons in Southwark, viz., the King's Bench, Marshalsea and the White Lyon; Nichs. King; son-in-law Henry Walton; Thos. and Wm. (und. 24), sons of son Christr. Woodward, his daus. Eliz., Cath., Susan, Mary and Anne Woodward (und. 21); Henry and John Kyng, Saml. Walton and Eliz., wife of Robt. Long (all und. 24), chn. of dau., Susan Walton, decd.; Eliz. and Margt. Long (und. 21), chn. of sd. Eliz. and Robt. Long; John, the yr., Rd., Christr., Henry, Edw. and Robt. Sayer (all und. 24), sons of dau. Rebecca Sayer, decd., her 2 daus., Eliz. and Rebecca Sayer (both und. 21); son-in-law, John Sayer; kinsm. Robt. Long; Co. of Vintners, Lond.; dau.-in-law Kath. Woodward; bro.-in-law Mr. Daynes; sist. Margt. Oldeberry, wife of bro. Rd., her dau., Fraunces; cos. Emlyn James; sist. Knighte; Thos. Westwood als. Oldberye, his daus. Eliz. and Susanna (und. 21); neph. Edw., son of bro. Christr. Westwood; John and Edw. Westwood ah. Oldberye, chn. of bro. Rd. Westwood als. Oldberrye, decd.; Eliz., wife of Thos. Wilboone; Mary, wife of Thos. Jenninges; Thos. (und. 21) son of Agnes Crowe; John Hasell and his wife; Mary, wch. dwells wt. goodwife Hasell; frd. Nichs. King of Bromley, co. Kent; goddaus. Rebecca Cheney and Rebecca Phillippes; son of Robt. Warde my ten.; sometime servt. Walter; Exor: son Christr. Woodward, [mark] Wits: Robert Thurlebye, Rich: Lee, James Read, scr. (Proved 27 Nov. 1620)

The Children of Christopher Woodward and Elizabeth Oldbury

1)  CHRISTOPHER WOODWARD was born about 1570 in Lambeth, Surrey, England, he died 25 Aug 1627.   Christopher was the executor of his mother's estate, as proved in her will of 1620.   

In 1617, Christopher Woodward donated wainscoting for the chancel of the parish church in Lambeth, and in 1621 he donated a “frame” to be constructed about the communion table.   According to Featley, who wrote about it in the 1640's, "WOODWARD in addition to bearing some of the associated costs [of the communion table] had as churchwarden taken it upon himself to move it 'down to the middle of the chancel,' from the east end of the church.    There follows some accounts of an inconvenience this caused, and subsequent re-moving of the table.

Christopher married KATHERINE AUDLEY:   Katherine is mentioned as Christopher’s wife in her mother-in-laws will.    Katherine died in 1638:    Abstracts of Probate Acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury :   Probate Court of Canterbury, Anno 1638:  WOODWARD, KATHERINE, of Lambeth Marsh, Surrey, widow.   Will (St. Lee), probated June 4 by EDWARD ASHE.  (Note:  Edward was her son-in-law).   The Visitations of the County of Surrey Made and Taken in the Years 1530, 1572 AND 1623, states that Christopher Woodward and Catherine Audley had the following children (who are covered in more detail on the next page):

1) Catherine
2) Susan
3) Mary
4) THOMAS (14 yere old)
5) William (12 yere old)
6) Anne
7) Elizabeth


2)   SUSAN WOODWARD (daughter of Christopher & Elizabeth Oldbury Woodward.)   Susan WOODWARD died before 1620.   Susan was deceased by the time her mother wrote her will in April 1620.

Susan married (1) John KING of Bromley, Kent (& London). John was born 1552. He died1 5 Sep 1603 and was buried in parish church of Bromley, Kent..
KING OF BROMLEY, KENT.    “This family of King is first recorded in the Visitations of Kent, and therein is set forth as starting from John King of London, Gent, born 1552, died 5 September, 1603, who was a "draper and free of the companye of Cloth Workers," and married Susan Woodward, daughter of Christopher and Elizabeth (Oldbury)bury) Woodward by whom he had three sons, John, James and Henry, and one daughter, Elizabeth.  JOHN KING and SUSAN WOODWARD can also be found in Debrett's Baronetage of England, by John Debrett, page 968:    JOHN KING of Bromley, Kent, citizen and clothworker of London (who died Sept. 1603) married Susan Woodward, and by her had 3 sons and a daughter, Elizabeth.    (see their children for further information)

There were several King families at Beckenham, Cranbrook and Bromley, Kent, and in the Parish Church of Bromley, Kent in the Nave is the tomb of John Kinge of London. The brass is in the pavement of the centre isles, is still in good condition and

"Here underlyeth buried the body of John Kinge
of London, Draper and Free of the Companye of
Cloth Workers' who departed this worlde the
fifte of September, Dom. 1603 Aetatis
He had to wife Susan Woodward by whom he left
issue then living Henry, James, John and Elizabeth."

They had the following children:
+ 2 M i. Henry KING.   Henry is mentioned in his grandmother’s will.   
3 M ii. James KING. James is not mentioned in his grandmother's will.
4 M iii. John KING. John is mentioned in his grandmother Elizabeth Oldbury Woodward's 1620 will:    Henry and John Kyng
+ 5 F iv. Elizabeth KING (m. Robert Long).

Susan also married (2) Henry WALTON of London.
They had the following children:
6 M v. Samuel WALTON of St Mary's Cray, in Kent died Apr 1631.  Saml. Walton is mentioned in the will of his grandmother Elizabeth Oldbury Woodward's 1620 will:   Saml. Walton and Eliz., wife of Robt. Long (all und. 24), chn. of dau., Susan Walton, decd.

The following is a full abstract of the will of "SAMUEL WALTON, of St Mary's Cray, in Kent, gentleman," dated on the 2nd of April 1631, and proved at Doctors' Commons on the 9th of the same month. He bequeathed to his uncle John Walton, of Mathfield, in the county of Stafford, yeoman, an annuity of five pounds ; to his brother-in-law, Henry King, of Foster Lane, London, gentleman, and John King, of Fleet Street, London, gentleman ; to his sister-in-law, Elizabeth Long, of Bury St Edmunds ; to his "kinsman," George Rowell, citizen and upholder of London; to his cousin, Anne Brookhouse, of Bubton in the county of Derby, sister of the said George Rowell, and wife of Robert Brookhouse, husbandman ; to his cousin, Thomas Kerobyn, of Burton, in the county of Stafford, chirurgeon ; to his cousin Anne Aldridge, sister of the said Thomas Kerobyn, and wife of Robert Aldridge, gentleman, of Burton, a gift of thirty shillings each : to his cousin and late servant, William Walton, of Bromley, in Kent, yeoman, a house and garden in Bromley, which was purchased by the testator's late father, HENRY WALTON, citizen and clothworker, of London : to his cousin, Margaret Burrows, of Ashbourn, in the county of Derby, widow, and to his cousin, Matthew Andrews, of Mathfield, a gift of thirty shillings each ; to Elizabeth Chatfield, of Bermondsey Street, in Southwark, wife of William Chatfield, twenty shillings ; to his tenant, Ellen Hobson, of Bromley, widow, thirty shillings ; and he appointed his cousin, Henry Walton, of Whitechapel, citizen and haberdasher, his residuary legatee and sole executor.   

Second Generation - for Susan Woodward

2. Henry KING  (Susan).  Henry is mentioned in his grandmother Elizabeth Oldbury Woodward's 1620 will:    Henry and John Kyng    This is undoubtedly the Henry King mentioned in Samuel Walton's will as:   "Henry King of Foster Lane, London, gentleman"   They were half-brothers.
HENRY KING, the eldest son, married AVIS, daughter of William Priest of Bromley, by whom he had a son, Edward (who died May 1719) having married Mary, daughter and co-heiress of Richard Gatwicke of Bromley, gent., who died before her husband and by whom he had several children, among whom were Richard King of Romney (sic) in Kent, gent., who married Anne Curtis, by whom he had 2 sons & 6 daughters.

They had the following children:
+ 7 M i. Edward KING died May 1719.
5. Elizabeth KING (m. Robert Long) (Susan).   Elizabeth is mentioned in the will of her grandmother Elizabeth Oldbury Woodward's 1620 will:   Saml. Walton and Eliz., wife of Robt. Long (all und. 24), chn. of dau., Susan Walton, decd.   Elizabeth Long is also mentioned in the will of her half-brother Samuel Walton, as his "sister-in-law," a term often used for such relationships.   Elizabeth married Robert LONG.
They had the following children:
8 F i. Margaret LONG. she is mentioned in her great-grandmother Elizabeth Olbury Woodward's will:   
9 F ii. Elizabeth LONG. Elizabeth is mentioned in her great-grandmother’s will.

Third Generation
7. Edward KING (Henry KING, Susan) died May 1719.  Edward married Mary GATWICKE, daughter of Richard GATWICKE. Mary died (before her husband).    
They had the following children:
+ 10 M i. Richard KING of Romney in Kent.
Fourth Generation
10. Richard KING of Romney in Kent2 (Edward KING, Henry KING, Susan). From Debrett's:   Richard King of Romney (sic) in Kent, gent., who married Anne Curtis, by whom he had 2 sons & 6 daughters:  

  11 M i. Edward KING (died young).
+ 12 M ii. Lt. Curtis KING -Royal Navy died 1 May 1745.
13 F iii. Anne KING.
14 F iv. Mary KING (died young).
15 F v. Mary KING.  From Debrett's:   Mary married (1) William ANSELL.  Mary also married (2) Edward CRAYFORD.
16 F vi. Kesia KING (died young).
17 F vii. Karenhappuck (!) KING.
18 F viii. Jemima KING.
Fifth Generation
12. Lt. Curtis KING -Royal Navy (Richard KING, Edward KING, Henry KING, Susan) died 1 May 1745.
From Debrett's:      Curtis - master of the Torbay man-of-war, afterwards lieutenant R.N., and a master-attendant at Woolwich (who died May 1, 1745, married Mary, daughter of Benjamin Barnett, a lieutenant R.N., lost in the Stirling Castle, in 1704, sister of Curtis Barnet, by whom he had children.  The children of Lt. Curtis King and his wife, Mary Barnett, were:

They had the following children:
19 M i. Arnold KING.
20 M ii. Benjamin KING.
21 F iii. Elizabeth KING (died without issue).
+ 22 M iv. Sir Richard KING -1st baronet was born 10 Aug 1730 and died Nov 1806.
23 M v. Curtis (Jr.) KING (never married) died 1754 in Madagascar.
24 F vi. Mary KING (m. Thomas Orton, MD).

Sixth Generation
22. Sir Richard KING -1st baronet (Curtis KING, Richard KING, Edward KING, Henry KING, Susan) was born 10 Aug 1730. He died Nov 1806.   Debrett's:   Sir RICHARD, created a baronet,  b. Aug. 10, 1730, entered early into the R.N.  In June, 1795, he was promoted to the rank of admiral of the blue. In 1799 he became admiral of the white.   Sir Richard married Susannah-Margaret, daughter of William Coker, of Maypowder, co. Dorset, esq., and had issue, sir Richard, his successor; William-Robert, d. in 1793; and 3 daughters:  They had the following children:
25 M i. Sir Richard KING -2nd baronet.  From Debrett's:   SIR RICHARD KING, Bart, of Bellevue, Kent, June 17, 1792.     Rear-Admiral of the Blue, in the Royal Navy, succeeded his father, Sir Richard, in November 1806, married November 1803 the only daughter of Admiral Sir John-Thomas Duckworth, K.B., and "has issue a daughter, born Jan 1808."   Sir RICHARD, the present baronet. Residence — Devonshire-Place, Middlesex.

26 M ii. William-Robert KING died 1793.
27 F iii. Henrietta KING (m. June 26, 1803 - Francis-Thomas Hammond).
28 F iv. Lennox KING.
29 F v. Elizabeth KING.