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Watkins Family, continued (page 4)

The Children of Thomas Watkins “of Swift Creek” and Elizabeth Pride (continued)

5)   Thomas Watkins of “Chickahominy” was born about 1714 and died Nov 1783 in Henrico Co, VA.   It is thanks to the original 1852 work of Francis N. Watkins of Prince Edward County, Virginia, that so much is known about Thomas.   Francis Watkins’ work, entitled “A Catalogue of the Descendants of Thomas Watkins of Chickahominy, VA” is one of earliest known examples of Virginia family histories written before the War.   As cousin Eugenia says, it might not be 100% correct, but you can credit him with being one of those who started our modern genealogy work in the U.S.!   The Catalogue is invaluable to those of us descended from this line.   I won’t repeat, here, all that Francis says about Thomas, but it is transcribed in it’s entirety in the notes attached.    

Thomas Watkins lived on Swift Creek, Cumberland County, VA (part that was later cut off to form Powhatan Co.).   He is said to have been the eldest son of Thomas Watkins “of Swift Creek,” (the older children being daughters).   “Thomas farmed his father's land in southeastern Henrico County and he reached out for new lands in what are now Charlotte and Prince Edward Counties.”  

In 1735:   Thos. Watkins, of Henrico parish, lands joined  those of Joseph Woodson, Wm. Porter, Sr., Col. Harrison, Wm. Lewis, Thos. Binford, Edward Mosby and George Freeman, and were on the Chickahominy swamp.
In 1746, Thomas and "Frances his wife" sold some land in Henrico County.
In 1752, "Thomas Watkins Junr." bought 773 acres "on south side of Chickahominy Swamp."   
In 1768 he, with others, appointed to select a new site for Curl's Church - (St. John's Register).  In the same year he was a vestryman of St. John's Church, Henrico.

He would remain on that land in northeastern Henrico County close to the Bottom's Bridge crossing of the Chickahominy for the rest of his life.”  

The following quote, to me,  seems to sum up Thomas Watkins:   "Of Thomas Watkins, of Chickahominy," said Mr. Leigh, "I have heard very full accounts from my mother and from my uncle Thomas, both of whom knew him very well;  he was a man of the highest respectability in every point of view, and in particular, a man of the most indefatigable industry.  He reared a large family of children (four sons and seven daughters), with limited means, and when they entered upon the active duties of life, he seems to have made but little, if any advancements, to his sons at least, leaving them, either from necessity or prudential considerations, to depend mainly on their own energy and resources.   I have seen his will, and find among the papers of his executors, in relation to its execution, evidences of a very affectionate regard among the children for the wishes of the father, and of their great integrity.  There is a codicil attached to his will, in which he designed to devise real and personal estate, of a value I infer, equal to my bequest in the will to persons not members of his family.   There was no proof of the execution of the writing, purporting to be a codicil to the will, and it never went to record.   By the operation of the then existing law, the old man died intestate as to the property mentioned in the codicil, and the real estate descended to the eldest son, Henry, and the personal assets, by virtue of the will, went to the brothers and sisters.   The sons, daughters, and sons-in-law appear to have been anxious to carry out the old gentleman's wishes, although it deprived them of interest of some value to them.   There being infants interested (the children of Thomas Jr., who had died) some difficulties occurred in carrying out the intentions of the testator.   The children not only relinquished to the intended beneficiaries their right and title to the property in questions, but made liberal contributions to the intended devisees."     

Thomas “Chickahominy” Watkins married Frances Anderson (born about 1715, death date not known, but after 1750) the daughter of Henry Anderson and Prudence Stratton.   Henry Anderson mentions his daughter, Frances Anderson,  in his will which was proven in 1734, so Frances married Thomas Watkins after that date, (the exact date of their marriage is unknown).  Also, the exact dates of birth for most of their children are not known, but they were obviously married after 1734/35, and their children began arriving by the late 1730’s.   

Thomas Watkins and Frances Anderson had the following children:

1)  Henry  WATKINS (4th of the name) (b.Aft 1735-Prince Edward County,VA d.Abt 1798)
 | sp: Temperance HUGHES of Chesterfield, VA (b.1739 m.28 Jan 1760 d.Bef 1798)
2)  Elizabeth (Betsey) WATKINS (b.Abt 1739 d.Bef 1783)
 | sp: Nathaniel MASSIE
3)  Col. JOEL WATKINS (b.Abt 1737-Henrico County,VA d.2 Jan 1820-Charlotte County,VA)
 | sp: Agnes (dau of Joseph & Agnes) MORTON (b.26 Feb 1747-Charlotte County,VA d.1814-Henrico County,VA)
4)  THOMAS * WATKINS  (called "Jr.) (b.Abt 1738/1741-Powhatan Co,VA d.1778-Henrico County,Virginia)
 | sp: Sarah "Sally"  * WALTON (sister of signer) (b.1746-Swift Creek,Goochland/Cumberland County,VA m.8 Feb 1762 d.20 Nov 1805-Kentucky)
5)   Susan (Susanna) WATKINS (b.Abt 1744-Henrico County,VA d.Abt 1814-Charlotte County,Virginia)
 | sp: Col. William MORTON (b.27 Nov 1743-Charlotte County,Virginia m.29 Oct 1764 d.29 Nov 1820-Charlotte County,Virginia)
6)   Mary WATKINS (b.Abt 1742)
 | sp: Stephen, Jr. PANKEY (b.1742/1752 m.4 Jun 1788 d.1 Dec 1799-Campbell Co.,KY)
7)  Nancy WATKINS (b.Abt 1743)
 | sp: Smith BLAKEY of Henrico Co., VA
8)   Jane WATKINS (b.Abt 1744)
 | sp: Charles HUNDLEY
9)  Francis WATKINS (Sr.)of Poplar Hill (b.15 Jul 1745-Henrico County,VA d.1826-"Poplar Hill" Prince Edward County,VA)
 | sp: Agnes (dau of Richard & Ann Michaux) WOODSON (b.4 Oct 1748-"Poplar Hill",Henrico co.,VA m.9 Jan 1765 d.Jul 1820-Henrico County,VA)
10)   Prudence WATKINS (b.Abt 1745)
 | sp: William ROYSTER of Goochland (VA)
11)  Sally WATKINS (b.Abt 1748 d.Abt 1765-Charlotte County,VA)
   sp: John SPENCER of Charlotte Co., VA (b.16 Dec 1745 d.1828-Charlotte County,VA)

(Their children and their descendants are discussed in more detail on the next page)

6)    Joel Watkins (I call him “1st of the name”), was born about 1716 in Henrico Co. VA; died 27 Jan 1776 in Prince Edward County, VA..  Joel is mentioned in his father’s will (1760)  Item:  I give unto my son Joel Watkins three Negroes Ajax, Cato & Will with the former now in his possession.  I also give my said son sett of S? (page torn) maker's tools, one iron pot of a midlin size, a pair of Iron hooks and one Iron pot, two stone juggs, one stone ? , brass skimmer and ladle, one cooper's axe, one cooper's adz, one shovel, and one Carpenter's adz, all the above ? goods I give to my said son and to his heirs forever.    

1754 was appointed Justice of Prince Edward County Court
1761 he was commissioned Captain in the county militia

Joel married Rhoda Gresham on 15 July 1752.   Rhoda was daughter of Barbara Holcombe, and possibly Thomas Gresham.    Rhoda was fairly young  (est. about 17) when she married Watkins in 1752, since her mother supplied consent.     I have bits & pieces about Joel and Rhoda’s children, and would appreciate others’ input about them.    Note:  There was a Rhoda Watkins,”widow of Joel Watkins,” who married  Patterson BULLOCK (m.5 Jan 1792).  If this was she (and I believe it was), then Rhoda would have been about age 57 at the time of her 2nd marriage.   
 I realize I have a lot more to learn about Joel Watkins and his descendants!  

Joel & Rhoda Gresham Watkins’ children (& descendants)

1)   Silas WATKINS (b.Abt 1754-Virginia d.by 1799)
 | sp: Phoebe (dau of John W.) WATKINS of Cumberland County, VA (b.1753-Cumberland Cty,VA m.26 Apr 1773)
    A) Joel, III (son of Silas) WATKINS (b.5 Jul 1776-Buckingham County,VA)
        |  | sp: Mary (dau of Wm & Eliz) JONES
                -i . William (son of Joel, III) WATKINS
     B)  Elizabeth (dau of Silas) WATKINS (b.10 Jun 1778-Buckingham County,VA)
     C)  Phoebe (dau of Silas) WATKINS (b.30 Sep 1780-Buckingham County,VA)
     D) Silas (II) WATKINS (b.30 Sep 1782-Buckingham County,VA)
      |  | sp: Lucy M. CLARK  (m.26 Apr 1810)
     E) John (son of Silas) WATKINS (b.31 Jul 1784-Buckingham County,VA)
     F) Rhoda (dau of Silas) WATKINS (b.22 Apr 1786-Buckingham County,VA)
      |  | sp: Samuel (son of John) WATKINS
             I.  John WATKINS  (son of Samuel) of Missouri
    G)  Benjamin H. (son of Silas) WATKINS (b.28 Jun 1788-Buckingham County,VA)
       |  | sp: Maria CARRINGTON (m.25 Mar 1818)
     H)  Mary (dau of Silas) WATKINS (b.9 Apr 1791-Buckingham County,VA)
      I)  Samuel (son of Silas) WATKINS (b.6 Apr 1794-Buckingham County,VA)
     J)  Francis (son of Silas) WATKINS (b.2 Sep 1795-Buckingham County,VA)
2)   Joel (2nd) WATKINS (b.Abt 1758-Virginia)
 | sp: Martha STRATHAM  (sp? - could also be Statham) (m. about Nov 1808)
  |  A)  Holcombe Pride WATKINS (b. 1810)
 |   B)  Susannah Elizabeth WATKINS (b.10 May 1819) (cousins married - see below) - needs further research
 |    sp: Joel (3rd of name) WATKINS (b.14 Nov 1805 m.21 Dec 1836)
 |     +-I. Elizabeth W. WATKINS
3)   Phillip WATKINS (b.Abt 1759-Virginia)
4)   Elizabeth WATKINS (b.Abt 1760-Virginia)
     sp:  David WALKER
     sp:  Samuel ROUTON  
5)   Agnes  WATKINS (b.Abt 1763)
     sp:  John HAGGATT
6)   Susannah  WATKINS (b.Abt 1763-Virginia)
      sp:  Charles McKINNEY
7)   Rhoda  WATKINS (b.31 Mar 1764-Virginia)
 | sp: John CHAMBERS of Buckingham Co., VA (b.Abt 1750 m.31 Mar 1778 d.1810)
    A)  Agnes CHAMBERS (b.Abt 1779 d.1819-Franklin Co,VA)
    B)  Samuel CHAMBERS (b.1781)
    C)  William CHAMBERS (b.7 Jan 1783)
    D)  Joel CHAMBERS (b.1784 d.Apr 1831-Franklin Co,VA)
    E)   Philip CHAMBERS (b.1786)
    F)   Rhoda CHAMBERS (b.1790)
    G)   Mary CHAMBERS (b.1794)
    H)   John (Jr.) CHAMBERS
     I)    Susannah CHAMBERS
8)   Mary Ann WATKINS (b.Abt 1765-Virginia)
 | sp: William PATRICK  (m.9 Sep 1794)
9)  Samuel WATKINS (b.Abt 1773-Virginia)
   sp: Martha CANNON
      A)  Joel (3rd of name) WATKINS (b.14 Nov 1805) (cousins married) needs further research
      sp: Susannah Elizabeth WATKINS (b.10 May 1819 m.21 Dec 1836)
       +-i. Elizabeth W. WATKINS (*Already Printed*)

7)  Stephen Watkins was born about 1720 in Henrico County, VA; died 1755 in Amelia Co., Virginia.   His will named his brothers Joel and Thomas, wife Mary, children Charles, Thomas, Stephen, Elizabeth and Susannah.   All of Stephen's children were under 18 years of age when his will was written:      
WILL of STEPHEN WATKINS.  dated April 25, 1754; proved April 24, 1755

Wit: James Vest, Richard Puckett.  Ex. Brother Thomas Watkins, his two sons Henry and Thomas, my brother Joel Watkins, friend Charles Christion.  Leg:  wife Mary Watkins, instead of her third of all my lands, the use of my plantation whereon I live and all land lying below my mill up to first branch S/S mill run, up branch to head to cor. Between me and Colo. Wm. Cannon, on his line to River, up river to mouth of sd. Mill run;  also lend wife Negroes and use of mill til son Charles is 18; daughter Elizabeth Watkins; son Charles plantation aforementioned, also 145 acres bought of Joseph Akins at age 18; son Thomas Watkins all my land N/S mill run and all my land S/S sd. Mill run not given to son Charles to be his at age 18; son Charles and Thomas the mill, each to have equal part; son Stephen Watkins 400 acres in Goochland Co., VA at age 18 dau. Susannah Watkins;  wife Mary Watkins rest of my est. for life, then to be div. Between all my children.  Slaves:  Sarah and Agge;  Will and Sue; Robin and Pompey; Jemy and Samson; Jack and Ned; York and Agge.

Stephen married Mary Christian.   I am not sure of the date of their marriage, and have seen different dates reported.       These are their descendants (as I know them):  

1. Stephen WATKINS (b.1720-Swift Creek,Henrico,Virginia. d.1755-Amelia Co.,Virginia)
sp: Mary CHRISTIAN (m.1731d.Amelia Co.,Virginia)
 |-2. Stephen (Jr.) WATKINS of Goochland (VA)
 |-2. Elizabeth  WATKINS
 |-2. Susannah  WATKINS
 |-2. Charles WATKINS
 | sp: Lucy CURD (m.1772)
 |  |-3. Edward (son of Charles & Lucy) WATKINS (b.1773)
 |  +-3. Nancy (dau of Charles & Lucy) WATKINS (b.1776)
 +-2. Thomas  WATKINS of Halifax Co., VA (b.Abt 1742 d.1816)
   sp: Magdalene DUPUY (b.1733 m.1775)
    |-3. Ptolomy Lefevre WATKINS (b.1793)
    | sp: Harriet Amasia DUPUY (b.1807 m.1825)
    |  |-4. Mary Elethia WATKINS (b.10 Jan 1826)
    |  |-4. Thomas Dupuy WATKINS C.S.A. (b.9 Dec 1827 d.7 Apr 1865)
    |  |-4. Margaret Louisa WATKINS (b.17 Jul 1830 d.28 Oct 1856)
    |  |-4. Powhatan Virginius WATKINS (b.17 Mar 1832 d.1 Jul 1835)
    |  |-4. Adelaide Amelia WATKINS (b.16 Mar 1835)
    |  | sp: Rev. Williamson Milner FERGUSSON (b.22 Sep 1822 m.18 Jan 1853 d.2 Aug 1864)
    |  |  |-5. Mary Elethia FERGUSSON (b.10 Aug 1854)
    |  |  | sp: George Washington SWAIN (b.16 Jun 1846 m.5 May 1873)
    |  |  |-5. Harriet Louisa FERGUSSON (b.24 Jun 1855 d.27 Dec 1855)
    |  |  |-5. Samuel James FERGUSSON (b.10 Sep 1856)
    |  |  |-5. Agnes Virginia FERGUSSON (b.1 Sep 1858)
    |  |  |-5. Elizabeth Noel FERGUSSON (b.4 Oct 1862)
    |  | sp: Peter HUNTER (b.6 Sep 1804 m.24 May 1876)
    |  |-4. Charlotte Harris WATKINS (b.6 Jan 1839 d.28 Mar 1843)
    |  |-4. Peter Dupuy WATKINS (b.12 Dec 1840 d.16 Aug 1862)
    |  |-4. James Martin WATKINS (b.23 Jun 1842 d.6 Jun 1843)
    |  |-4. Linnaeus Dupuy WATKINS C.S.A. (b.12 Apr 1844 d.31 May 1864)
    |  +-4. Harriet Virginia WATKINS (b.10 Feb 1846)
    |    sp: John Thomas THORNTON (b.9 Mar 1848 m.16 Feb 1875)
    |     +-5. John Thomas THORNTON (b.18 Dec 1875 d.23 Jul 1877)
    +-3. Stephen Dupuy WATKINS
      sp: Sarah Holman DUPUY
       |-4. Mary Louisa WATKINS (b.22 Mar 1819 d.8 Oct 1820)
       |-4. Thomas Linnaeus WATKINS (b.20 Oct 1821 d.24 Sep 1823)
       |-4. Washington Lafayette WATKINS Esq./of Henrico Co, VA (b.10 Jan 1824)
       | sp: Maria Sophia HALL (b.4 Jun 1833 m.10 Jun 1851 d.21 Sep 1864)
       |  |-5. Thomas Gholson WATKINS (b.17 Jun 1852)
       |  |-5. John Dupuy WATKINS (b.13 Jul 1854)
       |  |-5. Anna Martin WATKINS (b.20 Jun 1856 d.17 Dec 1857)
       |  |-5. Harriet Hall WATKINS (b.20 Mar 1858 d.18 Jul 1859)
       |  |-5. Sallie Harrison WATKINS (b.7 Aug 1860)
       |  |-5. Alverda Hall WATKINS (b.19 May 1862 d.16 May 1864)
       |  |-5. Maria Hall WATKINS (b.3 May 1864 d.17 May 1865)
       | sp: Lizzie STRINGFELLOW (b.9 Sep 1845 m.9 Oct 1866)
       |-4. Anna Margaret WATKINS (b.16 May 1826 d.22 May 1866)
       | sp: Richard TAILAFERRO (b.12 Jun 1807 m.25 Sep 1861)
       |-4. Marcellus Dupuy WATKINS (b.30 Nov 1828 d.22 Oct 1846)
       +-4. Elaine Amelia WATKINS (b.19 Dec 1831 d.Sep 1833)
My Watkins line of descent:

Henry Watkins & Catherine, to their son:

Thomas Watkins “of Swift Creek” & Elizabeth Pride, to their son:

Thomas Watkins “of Chickahominy” & Frances Anderson, to their son:

Thomas Watkins & Sarah “Sally” Walton, to their son:

Col. Robert Watkins of Augusta, GA, who married his first cousin, Elizabeth Walton, to their son:

Col. Thomas Watkins & Elizabeth E. Henry Arrington, to their daughter:

Mary Elizabeth MARTHA Watkins, who married Charles DeLaigle of Augusta, GA, to their daughter:

Virginia DeLaigle & Thomas Newton Hopkins, and their daughter:  

Rebecca “Pet” Hopkins, & Thomas Davis Jackson,  to their daughter:

Helen Jackson & Robert McClure, to their daughter,

Jeanne McClure - my mother, who married Samuel H. Sanders, Jr.  

By:  Virginia Sanders Mylius