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McCLURE FAMILY, continued (page 2)

William McClure of Lancaster, England (b ca 1745-d ca 1796) was the eldest son of Martin McClure of Scotland.   He married Alice ((Irian?) of  Middle Hulton Co., Lancaster, England.   We know William had five children.   One of his sons, also William, had fourteen children, one of them a John, who had six children, one of whom was Edward Craig McClure - Dean of Manchester; John William (1835-1901)  became a First Baronet and was a conservative Member of Parliament.  The second Baronet was John Edward Stanley McClure and was one of seven children, with his son John William Spencer McClure being third Baronet.

This is all I have been able to determine about his descendants.  I am sure it’s not complete, and doubtless not entirely accurate, either!   

1. William MCCLURE of Lancaster, England (b.Abt 1745 d.Abt 1796)
sp: Alice (Irian?)  of Middle Hulton Co., Lancaster, England
 |-2. John MCCLURE (b.1771 d.1840)
 |   sp: UNKNOWN
 |  |-3. John MCCLURE (b.1815 d.1849)
 |  |   sp: UNKNOWN
 |  |  |-4. John MCCLURE (b.1843 d.1875)
 |  |  +-4. Annie MCCLURE (died a baby) (b.1846 d.1846)
 |  +-3. William MCCLURE (b.1817 d.1848)
 |-2. William (II) (had 14 children) MCCLURE (b.16 Oct 1773 d.1847)
 | sp: Hannah GRUNDY
 |  |-3. Alice MCCLURE (b.1797 d.1877)
 |  |-3. Henry MCCLURE (b.1798 d.1850)
 |  |-3. John (son of Wm II) MCCLURE of England (b.1800 d.1850)
 |  |   sp: UNKNOWN
 |  |  |-4. Edward Craig MCCLURE Dean of Manchester (b.1833 d.1906)
 |  |  |-4. John William MCCLURE Baronet, Conservative Member of Parliament (b.1835 d.1901)
 |  |  |   sp: UNKNOWN
 |  |  |  |-5. John Edward Stanley MCCLURE 2nd. Baronet (b.1869 d.1938)
 |  |  |  | sp: Ruth MCHARDY
 |  |  |  |-5. William George Percy MCCLURE (b.1871 d.1953)
 |  |  |  |-5. Lt. Col. Alan MCCLURE (b.1873 d.1931)
 |  |  |  |-5. Ethel MCCLURE
 |  |  |  |-5. Mildred MCCLURE
 |  |  |  |-5. Margaret MCCLURE
 |  |  |  +-5. Constance MCCLURE
 |  |  |-4. Mary MCCLURE (never married) (b.1828 d.1907)
 |  |  |-4. William Kearsby MCCLURE (died a baby) (b.1830 d.1830)
 |  |  |-4. Henry Martyn MCCLURE (b.1837 d.1902)
 |  |  +-4. Elizabeth MCCLURE (b.1841 d.1903)
 |  |-3. Robert MCCLURE (b.1802 d.1839)
 |  |-3. Fanny MCCLURE (b.1804 d.1844)
 |  |-3. William MCCLURE (b.1806 d.1884)
 |  | sp: Mary Ann ADSHED
 |  | sp: Sarah Ann LEES
 |  |-3. Mary MCCLURE (b.1808 d.1884)
 |  |-3. Hannah MCCLURE (b.1810 d.1888)
 |  |-3. George MCCLURE (b.1812 d.1882)
 |  |-3. Eliza MCCLURE (b.1814 d.1893)
 |  | sp: Tom RADFORD
 |  |-3. Thomas MCCLURE (b.1819 d.1888)
 |  | sp: (Miss) SMITH of Inverness
 |  |  |-4. Louisa MCCLURE (b.1849 d.1934)
 |  |  |-4. Charles MCCLURE (no Issue) (b.1852 d.1924)
 |  |  |-4. Thomas MCCLURE (no Issue) (b.1854 d.1929)
 |  |  |-4. Henry MCCLURE (twin - died a child) (b.1857 d.1868)
 |  |  |-4. Robert MCCLURE (twin) (b.1857)
 |  |  | sp: Adeline KEATING
 |  |  |  |-5. Douglas MCCLURE (b.1893 d.1963)
 |  |  |  |   sp: UNKNOWN
 |  |  |  |-5. Alan MCCLURE (twin)
 |  |  |  |-5. Adeline MCCLURE (twin)
 |  |  | sp: Florence TYLER
 |  |  |  +-5. Hilda MCCLURE (b.1904 d.1968)
 |  |  +-4. Frederick MCCLURE (b.1860 d.1940)
 |  |      sp: UNKNOWN
 |  |     |-5. Stanley MCCLURE (died a baby) (b.1889 d.1889)
 |  |     |-5. Evelyn MCCLURE (b.1890)
 |  |     | sp: (Mr.) DRUMHELLER
 |  |     +-5. Frederick (Jr.) MCCLURE (b.1891 d.1918)
 |  |-3. Maria MCCLURE (b.1821 d.1902)
 |  +-3. Sarah MCCLURE (died a child) (b.1824 d.1829)
 |-2. Robert MCCLURE (b.1775 d.1815)
 |-2. Thomas MCCLURE (b.1776 d.1814)
 +-2. Mary MCCLURE (b.1776 d.1818)

JOHN McCLURE was the second son of Martin McClure, and our immigrant ancestor.  John  was born in Scotland ca 1747, but was taken to Ireland as a child during a religious disturbance. He apparently grew to manhood in the area of Ballymoney, Antrim County, Ireland.  There he was married to Rebecca Ewing, born in Ireland, and  sometime between 1785-1790 they emigrated to America and settled near Baltimore.   From there they moved to Lynchburg, Virginia.  Later he moved to east Tennessee, near Jonesboro in Washington County.   He died there in 1808.  His will is recorded in Washington County.   We have family notes that say Rebecca died in Greeneville, TN.  

Washington County Tennessee Will Book No. 1 Pages 76-77
John McClure's Will

In the name of God, Amen

I, John McClure, being weak in body but in perfect mind and memory (blessed be God) do make and publish this my last will and Testament in manner following, that is to say -- My land to be equally divided between my sons Robert and Ewen so that Robert may have one half and Ewen the other by a line run from east to west through the tract and if they cannot agree about a choice of sides they are to draw lots in presence of my executors.  Said Robert & Ewen my sons are to have said land on condition they pay to my Legatees the sums hereafter named and my wife Rebecca McClure is to have and enjoy the (??rents??) and profits of said land her life time and she is also to have the use and benefit of my moveable effects except such things as may be considered cumbersome by my executors and said property or personal estate or the amount thereof is to be equally divided among my children after the death of my wife.  Robert & Ewen are to pay the sums hereafter named in horses or other property if it suits the parties as (??will??) the first payment to be fixed by executors at which time Robert & Ewen are to pay one hundred dollars each and so are to pay one hundred annually until all the sums hereafter directed are paid and applied by the executors to the use of my legatees as hereafter directed.  I give to my son James ten dollars the products of my land as hereafter directed -- and his son John Twenty dollars but if his son John does not arrive at the age of twenty one years said sum to be equally divided among my legatees after my James receives the sums heretofore directed and included he is to receive no more of my estate.  I also give to my son William McClure two hundred & ???? dollars together with what is heretofore included to be paid as heretofore directed by Robert & Ewen my sons.  Said Robert & Ewen are also to pay my son John two hundred & twenty three dollars in manner aforesaid.  Said Robert & Ewen are further directed to pay my daughter Mary one hundred dollars in manner aforesaid.  Said Robert & Ewen are also to pay my daughter Nancy one hundred dollars in Manner aforesaid and I hereby constitute and ordain William Bayles, William McClure and John McClure my sole executors.  And I hereby empower all forementioned . . . . . (line obscured in the copy). . . . . to be my last will and testament in witness whereof I the said John McClure have to this my last will and testament set my hand and seal this ninth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eight.

Signed sealed etc. in John McClure (Seal)
the presence of

William Crabtree} The foregoing will was proven in court by
Thomas Macy    } the oaths of Thomas Macy & Samuel Cloyd, two
Samuel Cloyd } of the subscribing witnesses thereto at
Dutch Name } February Sessions 1808 and ordered to be
             } recorded.  William McClure & John McClure
             } qualified as executors to the foregoing
             } will.

The parents of Rebecca Ewing are not known, but she was doubtless related to the Ewings/Purdom’s who would marry into our McClure family in just one more generation.   

John and Rebecca’s children were:
1)    William E. MCCLURE * (b.1785-near Ballymena,Antrim Co.,Ireland d.1854-Tennessee)
 | sp: Eleanor Ewing PURDOM * (b.17 Nov 1793-Tennessee m.11 Nov 1813 d.29 Jul 1872-Cornersville,Marshall Co.,Tennessee)
2)   Ewing MCCLURE (b.Abt 1786 d.Dec 1865)
 | sp: Rachel Antoinette SLEMMONS (b.Abt 1799)
3)   Robert Ewing MCCLURE (b.4 Feb 1787-Ireland d.18 Apr 1852)
 | sp: Elizabeth JOHNSTON (m.10 Sep 1800)
4)   James MCCLURE (b.Abt 1788-Ireland)
 |   sp: UNKNOWN
5)   Mary "Polly" MCCLURE (b.Abt 1789 d.4 Jan 1849)
6)   John Ewing MCCLURE (b.1790-Baltimore,MD d.1835-Louisburg,Arkansas)
 | sp: Margaret Ann KENNEDY (b.1793 m.21 Nov 1811 d.1864)
7)    Nancy America MCCLURE (b.1792-Lynchburg,VA d.Madison County,Ark.)
   sp: Robert MCCRACKEN (b.29 Aug 1783 m.8 May 1810 d.14 Dec 1855)