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Knowler Family, continued (page 3)

Eighth Generation

19. Richard KNOWLER  (ROBERT KNOWLER , GEORGE, ROBERT, THOMAS (III), THOMAS (II), THOMAS (I), JOHN) was born 13 Sep 1601 in Hearne, Kent. He died 20 Feb 1660 in Hearne, Kent.
Richard married Anne SANDWELL.
Marriage 1 Anne Sandwell
Married: Aug 1631
Susan Knowler b: 23 Apr 1655
John Knowler b: 04 Jun 1650
Thomas Knowler b: 14 Nov 1644
Robert Knowler b: 11 Jun 1635
Richard Knowler b: Jun 1642
Margaret Knowler b: 16 Sep 1632
Anne Knowler b: 18 May 1637

They had the following children:
32 F i. Margaret KNOWLER  (m. J. Tall) was born 16 Sep 1632.
+ 33 M ii. Robert KNOWLER  was born 11 Jun 1635 and died 15 Jul 1688.
34 F iii. Anne KNOWLER  (died a baby) was born 18 May 1637. She died 28 Mar 1640.
35 M iv. Richard KNOWLER  was born Jun 1642. He died 15 Jul 1688.
36 M v. Thomas KNOWLER  was born 14 Nov 1644.
37 M vi. John KNOWLER  was born 4 Jun 1650.
38 F vii. Susan KNOWLER  was born 23 Apr 1655.
21. Anne KNOWLER  (ROBERT KNOWLER , GEORGE, ROBERT, THOMAS (III), THOMAS (II), THOMAS (I), JOHN) was born 6 Jul 1606. She was buried 1639 Jan 9 in Hearne, Kent.
1604  30 Sep  - Christening - Hearne, co Kent

Herne, County of Kent ENGLAND
 1629 -   Age: 25 Marriage to George Knowler

Burial:  1639  9 Jan - Age: 34 Burial in Herne, County of Kent ENGLAND

Anne married George KNOWLER of Norwood.  The Farm and Manor of Norwood:   Southwestward from Herne bay is the farm of Norwood, formerly belonging to a collateral branch of the KNOWLERS of Stroud-House; and Sir William Segar, garter, in 1629, granted to GEORGE KNOWLER of Norwood, in Hearne, kinsman and son-in-law to Robert Knowler of Stroud, in that parish, descended collaterally from that family, these arms:  Ermine, on or bend, between two cotises, sable, a lion passant-guardant of the first, crowned, or, langued and armed, gules.  From them it came by marriage to Tucker, and is now the property of the Rev. John Tucker, rector of Gravesend and Luddenham."
George Knowler was appointed guardian for the children of Benjamin Cobb, his brother-in-law.  Alice Knowler was Anne's sister, and had predeceased her husband Benjamin Cobb.

They had the following children:
39 M i. Robert KNOWLER was born 1632. He died 1681.
40 M ii. George (Jr.) KNOWLER.
41 M iii. John KNOWLER was born 1636. He died 1685.
42 F iv. Susan KNOWLER.
43 M v. Thomas KNOWLER.
22. JOHN KNOWLER (KNOWLES) of Hearne (died 1655) (ROBERT KNOWLER , GEORGE, ROBERT, THOMAS (III), THOMAS (II), THOMAS (I), JOHN) was born Aug 1597 in (age 33 at time of marriage). He died 1655 and was buried in the Church of Herne, South Chantry Chapel ("Knowler Chapel"), in Kent, England.
Also under the organ, John Knowler, another son (died 1655), Robert, son of John (died 1693), and Elizabeth his wife (also died 1693), also of Catherine, their daughter (died 1708), and of Elizabeth, another daughter (died 1724). The epitaph is still visible.

" All must to their cold graves ;
But the religious actions of the just
Smell sweet in death, and blossom in the dust."

Notes from "The Parish of Chislet, Kent," by Francis Haslewood, Edward Maynard Collard:     

A Sesse (assessment) made on landholders the 21st day of April 1630, for relief of the poor people of the parish of Chisleett (sic) in the county of Kent:

William Knowler,  x
Joane Knowler,  ij

Those owning land and assessed:  
Robert (Robart) Knowler, 55 acres in mershland
JOHN KNOWLER, THE ELDER, 34 acres in mershland
Richard Knowler & John Knowler, 27 acres in mershland

A Sesseat Robert died possessed of it in 1635, and was buried in the Chantry Chapel of this church, and his descendants con (assessment) made on landholders the30th day of October 1666, for the relief and maintenance of the poor of the parish, by the churchwardens and overseers.   On that list was
JOHN KNOWLER, rent 100;   £2  10s

The 'Out Dwellers'
Robt. Knowler, rent 15   8s
Thomas Knowler, rent 14, 7s
Stephen Knowler, rent 56, £1 8s

An assessment made in the parish of Chstlett the 16th May 1675,tinued to reside at it down to Gilbert Knowler, who resided at Stroud.   It afterwards became the property of the Oxendens (a very ancient family), one of whom, Sir George, rebuilt the house.  

The Manor of Underdowne:   The mansion is situated in Herne Street, within the borough of Stroud, was called, as Philipott writes, in early times "Sea's Court.   John Atte Sea, of Herne, as appears by his will, died possessed of it in the 36th year of Henry VI [cal 1458], in whose descendants, resident here, it continued down to Edward Sea, esq., who passed away, by sale, his manor, or mansion of Underdowne, to ROBERT KNOWLER, gent of Herne, whose family had been resident in this parish as early as Henry VII's, reign.  He resided at this seat, which seems from thenceforward to have been called Stroud-House, and died in 1635, bearing for his arms:  argent, on a bend, between two cotises, sable, a lion passant-guardant, crowned, or; and his descendants continued to reside at it down to Gilbert Knowler, esq., who removed from hence to Canterbury, where he now resides, and is the present owner of it."

"HERNE CHURCH:   A few miles east of Whitstable, the port of Canterbury, and in the north of Kent, is situated the pleasant watering-place of Herne Bay.   It stands on a gently-rising ground, about a mile and a half from the old village of Herne, 8 ½ miles from Canterbury, 4 ½ miles from Reculver, and 16 from Margate.  According to some authorities the name is derived from the number of herons that formerly frequented the shore; and the family of KNOWLER, who have settled in the parish for some centuries, have that bird for their crest, a fact which rather strengthens the conjecture.  

The Church of Herne:    South Chantry Chapel (commonly called the "Knowler Chapel") is divided from the nave by an arch of simple but good proportions; it has a perpendicular, or third pointed, window of four lights on the east side, and two of two lights of the same period, on the south.  The old oak roof still remains.   This chapel literally teems with monuments of the Know for lers, and also of the Pembrooks and Fairmans, with whom they are connected by marriage.   The following are a few of the most important.  *  In the Southeast corner, a very handsome Jacobean mural monument, in memory of ROBERT KNOWLER of Herne (died 1635) and SUSAN his wife (died 1631).   [a drawing of the monument is on page 28 of Memorials of Herne, Kent [and Guide to the Church], by James Robert Buchanan

Article from the Kent Records Society
Added by MTolcher on 30 May 2008
By Indenture dated 13 July 1641 between "John Knowler of Herne, Gentleman and Nicholas Baker of Bishopsbourne, County of Kent, Miller" John Knowler leased for 60 years, at an annual rent of 5 pounds to Nicholas Baker, a messuage or tenement in Herne "near to the mansion-house or newe dwelling" of John Knowler.  Witnesses, George Knowler and Thomas Knowler. Nicholas Baker's mark. Sealed with the Knowler crest. (Kent Records Society)

JOHN married1 MARY BRODNAX *, daughter of THOMAS (II) BRODNAX *of Godmersham (barrister) and Elizabeth TAYLOR *, on 17 Feb 1630 in Godmersham, Kent, England. MARY was born 1610 and was christened 26 Aug 1610 in Godmersham, Kent, England.
Quote from Brodnax By Mildred Seab Ezell:    "Mary Brodnax, baptized 26 August 1610 at Godmersham, married 17 February 1630 at Godmersham, John Knowler (sic), bachelor of Heame, born c. 1597, son of Robert, Heame, co Kent, and PORDUGE."

A genealogy of the Brodnax family is in the William and Mary Quarterly XIV, 52-59, 135-137.  This genealogy is illustrated by a portrait of Gen. William H. Brodnax and cuts of an armorial seal used by him.    The pedigree of Brodnax in Berry's 'Kent', page 126, shows Thomas Brodnax Esq. of Godmersham Kent, who died 1658 (and who was sixth in descent from Robert Brodnax living temp. Henry V) married Elizabeth Taylor and had issue:   1) Thomas of Godmersham, Esq., who died 1667; 2) Robert (died 1673)

Canterbury Marriage Licences By Diocese of Canterbury, Joseph Meadows Cowper, states the following...and note that how the groom's name is spelled:    KNOWLER, JOHN of Herne, g., ba., about 33, and MARY BRODNAX of Godmersham, v., about 20, dau. of Thomas Brodnax, s.p., Esquire, who consents, as is testified by George Knowler of Herne, g., at Godmersham, Feb 14, 1630.

1630:   JOHN KNOWLER of Herne, g., ba., about 33, and MARY BRODNAX of Godmersham, v., about 20, dau. of Thomas Brodnax, s.p., Esquire, who consents, as is testified by George Knowler of Herne, g., at Godmersham, Feb 14, 1630.

They had the following children:
+ 44 M i. Capt. JOHN KNOWLER (KNOWLES) * was born about 1631/1635 and died 1676.
+ 45 M ii. Robert KNOWLER  (died 1693) was born 3 Jan 1631 and died 1 Nov 1693.
+ 46 F iii. Elizabeth KNOWLER (KNOWLES) was born 19 Jan 1632.
+ 47 F iv. Cecily KNOWLER  (immigrant to the colonies) died 1703/1704.
48 M v. Thomas KNOWLER  (died young, age 18) was born 23 Dec 1635. He died 23 May 1654.
23. Alice KNOWLER  (died age 35) (ROBERT KNOWLER , GEORGE, ROBERT, THOMAS (III), THOMAS (II), THOMAS (I), JOHN) was born 21 May 1609. She died 7 Jun 1641 in Reculver, Co Kent and was buried in St. Mary's Church, Reculver, Kent, England.
The family fortunes were at a low ebb until Richard's grandson, Benjamin Cobbe of Christ Church, Canterbury, inherited the property of Reculver and Chislet and married Alice Knowler. Robert Knowler of Herne is mentioned in Alexander of Reculver's will of 1544 and we are told that he occupied the lands belonging to Alexander at Rash-bourn in the parish of Sturry, near Canterbury, and there can be little doubt that Alice was of his family, and that she was an heiress.    


Alice married Benjamin Cobb of Reculver.   Their son, Robert Cobb of Reculver was buried there in 1676.   He married Mary, daughter of Jonas Hunt of Chislet, co Kent.

Alice married Benjamin COBB of Reculver (died age 38), son of Henry COBB, on 23 Sep 1626. Benjamin was born2 calculated 1604. He died 10 Jun 1642 in Reculver, Co Kent and was buried in St. Mary's Church, Reculver, Kent, England.
Some Monumental Inscriptions of St Mary's Church, Reculver  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758.
This church is perched on the edge of a cliff. In1809 it was abandoned and a new St Mary's Church built inland

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On Another Flat Stone. (written only, on the impd. sh.). COBB as above. KNOWLER as at P.8. (Alph. Cant.). Here lieth buried The Bodies of Benjamin COBB, of Reculver, in the Countye of Kent, Gent. and of Alis his Wife, Daughter of Robert KNOWLER of Hearne in this County Gent. He had Issue by her, 2 Sonnes, Robert and Francis; and Foure Daughters, Susan, Mary, Anne and Margaret. He departed this Life on the 10th Day of June 1642 in ye 38th Year of his Age. Shee dyed before, upon the 7th of July 1641 in the 33d. Yeare of her Age. Heare also lieth buried the Body of Robert Cobb of Reculver, in the County of Kent, Gent. Sonne of Benjamin Cobb; he married Mary, Daughter of Thomas HUNT, Gent, Sumtimes of Chislett; by whome he had Issue, 3 Sonnes, viz. Benjamin, Robert, and John; and 2 Daughters, Anne and Mary. he died June 17 1676. Aged 42 Yeares.

Note:  this quote is incorrect.   Benjamin died age 38, not age 58:   "Benjamin COBB (Henry-11, Richard-10, Alexander-9, Thomas-8, John-7, Thomas-6, Edmund (Edward)-5, Edward (Edmund)-4, Richard-3, John-2, Henry-1) was born in 1584 in Reculver, Kent.  He died in 1642.  He was buried in Reculver, Kent.
  "Benjamin, at the time of his death at the age of 58, was a widower and was buried with his wife in the middle of the aisle of Reculver Church. His eldest son Robert, was eight years old at the time of his death, and George Knowler of Herne was appointed as their guardian. His wife Alice died in 1641, a year before her husband, and at the age of 55."

The Gentleman's Magazine has the following transcript of his tombstone:     On a black marble slab:    "Here lyeth buried the bodys of Benjamin Cobb of Reculver, in the county of Kent, gent., and of Alis his wife, daughter of Robert Knowler of Herne, in the said county, gent.   He had issue by her two sonnes, Robert and Francis, and fowre daughters, Susannah, Mercy, Ann, and Margaret.   He departed this lyfe one ye 10 day of June, 1642, in ye 38 year of his age.   She dyed before, 13 July, 1641, in the 33  year of her age."   

Also buried there was Robert Cobb of Reculver, son of Benjamin:     "Here also lieth buried ye body of Robert Cobb of Reculver, in the county of Kent, gent., sonne of the above Benjamin Cobb.  He married Mary the daughter of Thomas Hunt, gent., sumtime of Chislet, by whome he had three sons, viz: Benjamin, Robert, Johne, and two daughters, Anne and Mary;  died June 17th 1676, aged 40 years."   

ARMS:   COBB impaling KNOWLER, viz:  a lion passant guardant crowned between two cotises.

They had the following children:
+ 49 M i. Robert COBB (died age 42) was born calculated 1634 and died 17 Jun 1676.
50 M ii. Francis COBB (died young).
To Francis, his second son, he leaves two houses at Canterbury, some houses in Herne, and some small pieces of land in Chislet and Reculver. Francis died before he was 21 and his property reverted to Robert.

51 F iii. Susannah COBB "Susan".
Benjamin died in 1642 in the reign of Charles I and left to each of his four daughters the sum of ?200 which would, in to-day's currency be worth about ?8,000.

52 F iv. Mary (Mercy) COBB.
On Another Flat Stone. Her lyeth buried The Body of Mary COBB, Daughter of Robert and Mary Cobb, she departed this Life the 23d. Day of Aprill, in the Yeare of our Lord 1681 aged 10 Yeares.

53 F v. Ann COBB.
54 F vi. Margaret COBB.