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HOPKINS FAMILY,  continued (page 3)

The children of Thomas & Rebecca Lambeth Hopkins, continued:

Rebecca C. Hopkins (Nov 1847-14 Apr 1907) was their youngest child.    Rebecca married Judge William May Dunbar on 13 Nov 1866 in Augusta, GA.    She died in 1907 of complications from diabetes, and is buried in Magnolia Cemtery, Augusta.      WILLIAM M. DUNBAR of Augusta, GA : 1906, elected Mayor of Augusta.  He was born in Barnwell district, S.C., April 6, 1846.   His ancestors on both sides were soldiers in the armies of the colonies during the war of the revolution.  He was the son of Allen Dunbar, and William was reared and educated in the common schools of his native district.  In January, 1863, he went to Augusta, Ga., to attend school, and the following May he enlisted as a private in Company A of Maj. George T. Jackson's battalion, and served until November, 1864, when he lost his right arm at the battle of Griswoldville, GA., and returned from the service.  After his recovery Mr. Dunbar attended school at Athens, GA., six months, and then commenced to clerk in Augusta, for Winchester Graham, stock and bond brokerage, remaining two years.   In November, 1866, he was married to Miss Rebecca C. (Hopkins), daughter of the late Thomas Hopkins, of Augusta, Ga., and went to his old home in Barnwell district, SC, and planted two years.  Returning to Augusta, Mr. Dunbar became engaged as a purser of a steamboat running between Augusta and Savannah, retaining that position two years.   He then worked a year for R. H. May & Co., of Augusta, and in 1872 he was elected treasurer of Richmond County, Ga., in which capacity he served ten years, when he resigned."   In 1893 Judge Dunbar was appointed postmaster at Augusta by President Grover Cleveland, which position he held until 1898.   In 1898 the Clark Milling Company was organized, he being a member of the firm and its manager.  In 1907 he was elected Mayor of Augusta, serving for three years, having just before being elected major served as a member of city council.  In 1911he was elected postmaster of the House of Representatives, Washington, DC.  In 1915 he was again elected to this position, and remained in that capacity until 1919.  He then returned to Augusta where he retired from all activities.   In 1913 Judge Dunbar was married to Mrs. Virginia T. Bennett of Virginia.      From his obituary:  “Judge Dunbar was one of the ablest men in Augusta during his years of activity.  As mayor of Augusta he proved to be one of the most progressive citizens that ever occupied that office.  During his term of office the city progressed rapidly.  He was a staunch believer in the future of Augusta and while mayor paved the way for the further progress of the city.”    William died 7 Nov 1925 and is buried in Magnolia Cemetery.  

Here are their descendants, as I know them:

1. Rebecca C. HOPKINS (b.Nov 1847-Augusta,Ga d.14 Apr 1907-Augusta,Ga)
sp: Judge William May DUNBAR Mayor of Augusta; C.S.A. (b.6 Apr 1846-Barnwell,SC m.13 Nov 1866 d.7 Nov 1925-Augusta,Ga)
 |-2. Laura May DUNBAR (b.27 Jun 1868-Augusta,Ga d.14 Jan 1906-Augusta,Ga)
 | sp: Thomas HOPKINS (b.18 Apr 1867-Augusta,Ga d.16 Nov 1941-Birmingham,AL)
 |  +-3. Thomas (Jr.) HOPKINS (b.1897-Augusta,Ga d.Unknown)
 |-2. Rebecca Allen DUNBAR (b.Augusta,Ga)
 |-2. Edwin Junius DUNBAR (died an infant) (b.1873/1874-Augusta,Ga d.May 1874-Augusta,Ga)
 |-2. Clement Evans DUNBAR (b.25 Sep 1875-Augusta,Ga d.25 Sep 1938-Augusta,Ga)
 | sp: Helen KNAPP (b.Circa 1886-PA m.Circa 1908)
 |  |-3. Clement Evans (Jr.) DUNBAR
 |  |-3. Helen Elizabeth DUNBAR (died a baby) (b.11 Jul 1912-Augusta,Ga d.31 May 1913-Augusta,Ga)
 | sp: Ethel P.
  |-2. Francis "Frank" Marvin DUNBAR (b.17 Oct 1878-Augusta,Ga d.22 Jul 1929-Albany,NY)
 | sp: Clara Eugenia EVE (m.6 Apr 1904 d.15 May 1908-Augusta,Richmond County,GA)
 |  +-3. Eleanor Eve DUNBAR (b.11 Feb 1905 d.9 Jan 1986-Huntington,New York)
 |    sp: Douglas DOWNIE
 |    sp: (Mr.) GARVIN of New York City
 |-2. William Doughty DUNBAR (died a baby) (b.1880/1881-Augusta,Ga d.9 Nov 1881-Augusta,Ga)
 |-2. Stiles Hopkins DUNBAR (b.27 Mar 1885-Augusta,Ga d.12 Oct 1921-Athens,Clarke Co.,GA)
 | sp: Rebah E. PERKINS (b.12 Apr 1887-GA m.8 Jul 1905)
 |  +-3. Frank Perkins DUNBAR (b.21 Jul 1908-Augusta,Ga)
 +-2. William M. (died an infant) DUNBAR (b.Apr 1888-Augusta,Ga d.Feb 1889-Augusta,Ga)

Laura, of course, married her cousin, Thomas Hopkins, who is discussed on the page 2 of this information about the Hopkins family  (there is a picture of Tom).    My mother’s “Uncle Tom.”

Common  Ancestors:

Since I have the room, I will briefly explain that the Dunbar’s mentioned here are descendants of George Heyward Robison, just as my  DeLaigle’s are.  So further ‘kin.’    The quickest way I know  to explain it is with the following chart:  

                                               GEORGE Heyward ROBISON                                                

1. GEORGE Heyward ROBISON (b.Abt 1730-Virginia d.28 Mar 1805-Orangeburg County,South Carolina)
sp: Elizabeth Ann STEWART (d.Abt 1806)
 |-2. Elizabeth ROBISON (b.Abt 1762 d.1792-Charleston County,SC)
 | sp: William DUNBAR (b.23 Feb 1752-Belfast,Ireland d.17 Nov 1798)
 |  |-3. George Robison DUNBAR (b.21 Sep 1783-Steel Creek Plantation,Orangeburg County,SC d.27 Mar 1863-Barnwell District,SC)
 |  | sp: Mary Susan FICKLING (b.23 Feb 1787-Barnwell County,South Carolina m.5 Feb 1807 d.12 Oct 1838)
 |  |  |-4. Allen Robison DUNBAR (b.17 Dec 1807 d.5 Feb 1871)
 |  |  | sp: Laura HEXT/HEX
 |  |  |  |-5. Judge William May DUNBAR Mayor of Augusta; C.S.A. (b.6 Apr 1846-Barnwell,SC d.7 Nov 1925-Augusta,Ga)
 |  |  |  | sp: Rebecca C. HOPKINS (b.Nov 1847-Augusta,Ga m.13 Nov 1866 d.14 Apr 1907-Augusta,Ga)  |  |  |-4. Maj. Frank (Francis Fickling) DUNBAR (b.28 Jul 1809 d.20 Jan 1870-Dunbar Plantation)
           OTHER CHILDREN, Gen 5, deleted to save space
 |  |  | sp: Lucy Eleanor SMITH (b.23 Jul 1807-Burke County,GA m.1833 d.17 Nov 1883)
 |  |  |-4. Elizabeth DUNBAR (b.2 Apr 1811 d.2 Jun 1832)
 |  |  | sp: Leroy ALLEN
 |  |  |-4. William Patrick DUNBAR (b.20 Feb 1813-Barnwell District,SC d.17 Apr 1890-Barnwell District,SC)
 |  |  | sp: Eliza Gertrude MURPHY (b.5 Nov 1823-Barnwell District,SC d.1 Dec 1905)
 |  |  |-4. Andrew Jackson DUNBAR (b.28 Sep 1815 d.7 Apr 1857)
 |  |  |-4. Maj. George Robison (Jr.) DUNBAR C.S.A. (b.8 Jan 1818)
 |  |  |-4. Samuel DUNBAR (b.21 Jun 1820 d.21 May 1896)
 |  |  | sp: Katherine JOHNSON (m.1844)
 |  |  |-4. Lucy Ann DUNBAR (b.15 Aug 1822-South Carolina d.8 Jun 1909-Augusta,Richmond Co.,GA)
 |  |  | sp: Council J. ASHLEY (b.1824-Barnwell County,South Carolina m.1841 d.1885-Barnwell County,South Carolina)
 |  |  |-4. Mary DUNBAR (b.28 Apr 1825 d.1877)
 |  |  | sp: James Welcome BOYD
 |  |  +-4. Sarah Richardson DUNBAR (b.2 Dec 1828)
 |  +-3. Lucy DUNBAR (b.Abt 1790 d.1856)
 |    sp: Henry Young PATRICK
 |     |-4. Lucy Laura PATRICK
 |     +-4. Caroline PATRICK (b.1814 d.1851)
 |       sp: William Washington GARVIN (b.Abt 1811 d.Abt 1864)
 |-2. Mary Stewart ** ROBISON (b.Abt 1764-Barnwell County,South Carolina d.2 Aug 1833-Richmond County,GA)
 | sp: Capt. Jeremiah BUGG (b.1752/1757-Lunenburg County,VA m.Abt 1780 d.27 Aug 1787-Richmond County,GA)
 |  |-3. Samuel (son of Jeremiah & Mary) BUGG (b.1784 d.27 May 1819-Goshen,Richmond County,GA)
 |  | sp: Nancy JONES (b.1788 m.26 Feb 1807 d.9 Nov 1868)
 |  |  |-4. Mary Anne Elizabeth (died an infant) BUGG (b.26 Dec 1807)
 |  |  |-4. William Henry BUGG (b.30 Jul 1810 d.1888)
 |  |  |-4. Elizabeth Watkins BUGG (b.16 Apr 1813 d.11 Jan 1872)
 |  |  |-4. Louisa Mariah BUGG (b.26 Apr 1815 d.26 Aug 1897)
 |  |  +-4. Robert Watkins BUGG (b.29 Apr 1817 d.18 Jun 1892)
 |  |    sp: Caroline Cordelia Smith RHODES (b.31 Jul 1817 m.21 Jul 1836 d.27 Jul 1897-Richmond County,Augusta,GA)
 | sp: Henry ARRINGTON * (b.Abt 1764 m.12 Apr 1792 d.14 Apr 1793-Richmond County,Augusta,GA)
 |  |-3. Mary ARRINGTON (b.1792 d.25 Jan 1817-Bellevue,near Augusta,Georgia)
 |  | sp: Gen. Valentine WALKER (b.19 Dec 1779 m.5 May 1807 d.28 Apr 1852-Richmond County,GA)
 |  |-3. Elizabeth E. Henry * ARRINGTON (b.1793 d.1817/1820-Augusta,Richmond County,GA)
 |  | sp: Col. THOMAS ** WATKINS (b.bet 1787-1788 m.22 Feb 1809 d.7 Mar 1823/1824-Augusta,Ga)
 |  |  |-4. MARY ELIZABETH MARTHA WATKINS (b.1811/1812-Augusta,GA d.22 Dec 1852-Augusta,Ga)
 |  |  | sp: CHARLES L. DELAIGLE (b.29 Mar 1806-Augusta,GA m.21 Jan 1829 d.30 Apr 1866-Augusta,GA (age 60))
 |  |  |-4. Robert Arrington WATKINS (b.Abt 1812 d.1865-Augusta,GA)
 |  |  | sp: Harriet T. HALL (b.South Carolina m.5 Mar 1834)
 |  |  |-4. Isaac Thomas WATKINS (b.Aft 1813-Augusta,Richmond Co.,GA)
 |  |  +-4. Valentine Walker WATKINS (b.1815/1820-Augusta,Richmond Co.,GA)
 |  |-3. Henry * (perhaps not Mary's Son) ARRINGTON
 | sp: Capt. Archibald HATCHER (b.Abt 1755-Virginia m.4 May 1795 d.13 Jan 1808-Richmond County,GA)
 |-2. George Stewart ROBISON (b.1 Jan 1768-Barnwell District,SC d.3 Sep 1853-Barnwell District,SC)
 | sp: Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" ROBISON (b.Mar 1767-Mecklenburg County,VA d.8 Jul 1830-Barnwell County,South Carolina)
 |  |-3. Allen ROBISON (b.3 Oct 1786-Barnwell District,SC)
 |  +-3. "Betsey" - Elizabeth (Augusta?) ROBISON (b.25 Jan 1792 d.2 Feb 1812)
 |    sp: William KIRKLAND (m.Abt 1809)
 |     +-4. Augusta Georgeanna KIRKLAND (b.2 Feb 1812 d.20 Jun 1880)
 |       sp: Edward Junius Rosario BLACK (b.30 Oct 1805-Screven County,GA m.20 Mar 1832 d.1 Sep 1846-Millettville,Allendale County,S.C.)
 |-2. Ann ROBISON
 | sp: (Mr.) SQUIRE
 |  |-3. Betsey Robison SQUIRE
 | sp: George ODOM
 |  |-3. Sarah Robison ODOM (b.Abt 1800-Barnwell District,SC)
 |  | sp: Henry M. PEEPLES (b.1797 d.1824)
 |  | sp: John M. MATHENY (b.1803 d.1862)
 |  |-3. Lucy Dunbar ODOM
 |  | sp: Darling Pinckney PEEPLES (b.1802 d.1829)
 |  | sp: William M. JONES
 |  |-3. George Robison ODOM
 |  | sp: Roseanna
  |  +-3. Allen Madison ODOM
 |    sp: Eliza HAGOOD
 |-2. Louisa ROBISON
 | sp: Daniel GOVAN (d.1797)
 |  |-3. Andrew Robison GOVAN (b.13 Jan 1794-Orangeburg District,South Carolina d.27 Jun 1841-Marshall County,Mississippi)
 |  | sp: Mary Pugh JONES
 |  |  |-4. Gen. Daniel Chevilette GOVAN (b.3 Jul 1827/1829 d.12 Mar 1911-Seattle,WA)
 |  |  | sp: Mary Fogg OTEY (m.20 Dec 1853)
         Other children, Gen 4,  deleted to save space.  
  |  |-3. Elizabeth Ann GOVAN
 |  | sp: Nash ROACH (d.28 Feb 1858)
 |  |  |-4. Andrew Govan ROACH
 |  |  |-4. Claudia ROACH
 |  |  +-4. Chevilette Eliza ROACH (b.1817 d.10 Sep 1863)
 |  |    sp: William Gilmore SIMMS (b.17 Apr 1806 m.Nov 1836 d.11 Jun 1870)
 | sp: John CHEVILETTE
 +-2. Sarah ROBISON
   sp: (Mr.) MILLS