Manoah Bostick Hampton and Cynthia Mitchell Hampton
     “Lilie” Hampton             4 oldest children of Lilie Hampton & Walter McClure          Lilie Hampton McClure and her family, 1923

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Hampton Family, continued (page 4)                      

The children of Manoah Hampton and Cynthia Mitchell (continued)  

Thomas Hampton  was their youngest child; he died young, on August 1, 1835.    Betty Bostwick obtained the following inscription from his tombstone:  
In Memory of
Departed this life
Aug, 1835         


Manoah Bostick Hampton, II  
(6th child of Manoah & Cynthia Mitchell Hampton)

Manoah Bostick Hampton,  II/Jr. was born 16 Apr 1835 in Leighton, Colbert County, AL.   Dr. Justin Glenn provided the following information about Manoah, which I have subsequently proved through Civil War proofs:
“Manoah attended U. of North Carolina;  joined the Confederate army in 1862 and was commissioned 1st lt., Co. H, 35th Ala. Infantry.   Subsequently he was commissioned captain. and raised a company of cavalry, which became Co. B, 11th Ala. Cavalry, CSA.  Though badly wounded at the battle of Corinth, he recovered and rejoined his regiment, in which he served until the end of the war.  He resided in Leighton, Ala., where he was active in Camp Fred A. Ashford, UCV.”      Manoah married Emma Jane Battle (1840-1882) on 31 May 1860 in Meridianville, AL.  After Emma’s death, he remarried a woman named Lida, who was much younger.   He left everything to her in his will.    All of his children had moved away prior to his death, and I can find no further information about his second wife; they had no children.    Their children are noted on the Battle Family page, but here are some of their descendants.   Living descendants not posted.    

1. MANOAH BOSTICK (II) HAMPTON (C.S.A.) (b.16 Apr 1835-Leighton,Colbert C.,AL d.2 Mar 1915-Leighton,AL)
sp: EMMA JANE * BATTLE (b.17 Aug 1840-Meridianville,(Madison County),AL m.31 May 1860 d.7 Jun 1882-Lawrence County,AL)
 |-2. Cynthia Mitchell HAMPTON (b.12 May 1861-Huntsville,AL d.5 May 1937-Pasadena/Los Angeles,CA)
 | sp: Arthur Wallace SIAS   (b.7 Jun 1855 m.30 Oct 1907 d.2 Aug 1928-Pasadena,California)
 |-2. * MARY ELIZABETH "Lilie" HAMPTON (b.6 Sep 1863-Leighton,AL d.23 Jun 1925-Nashville,TN)
 | sp: WALTER FLAVIS (Sr.) MCCLURE * (b.1 Mar 1856-Cornersville,TN m.11 Aug 1885 d.24 Jul 1915-Birmingham,AL)
 |  |-3. Mary Battle MCCLURE (b.30 Aug 1886 d.1979-Birmingham,AL)
 |  | sp: William Watson WALKER (b.28 Apr 1882-Clay Co.,AL m.8 Jun 1910 d.1943-Birmingham,AL)
 |  |-3. William Hampton MCCLURE (b.22 Jul 1889-Lewisburg,TN d.1959-Birmingham,AL)
 |  | sp: Mary BRYAN (b.1889 m.29 Nov 1911 d.1969-Birmingham,AL)
 |  |-3. Walter Flavis (Jr.) MCCLURE (b.3 Nov 1892-West Point,TN d.Feb 1981-Covington,Saint Tammany,LA)
 |  | sp: Bessie WILSON (b.14 Mar 1898-Warrington,England d.31 Aug 1990-Mandeville,Saint Tammany,LA)
 |  |-3. Robert P. MCCLURE * (b.29 Oct 1894-Lewisburg,TN d.16 Jun 1955-Birmingham)
 |  | sp: Helen Virginia JACKSON (b.20 Jun 1899-Georgia m.12 Jun 1920 d.25 May 1974-Birmingham,AL)
 |  |-3. Lilie MCCLURE (b.9 Mar 1898-Lewisburg,TN d.1986-Nashville,TN)
 |  | sp: Campbell Gentry (Sr.) MILES (b.12 Dec 1878 m.14 Mar 1923 d.29 Apr 1960)
 |  +-3. Sue Chilton MCCLURE (b.5 Feb 1904-Lewisburg,TN d.15 Oct 1987-Birmingham,AL)
 |    sp: Lamar ALDRIDGE (b.16 Aug 1894-Catherine,AL m.20 May 1924 d.10 Jul 1939)
 |    sp: Robins Pharr ALDRIDGE (b.Birmingham,AL)
 |-2. Dr. Thomas McCrary HAMPTON (b.9 Jun 1865-Leighton,AL)
 | sp: Anne Mackintosh CAMERON (b.14 Feb 1875 m.7 Oct 1895)
 |-2. Emma Battle HAMPTON (b.14 Jul 1869-Leighton,AL)
 | sp: James Theodore WOOD (b.4 Feb 1865-Illinois m.21 Jul 1894 d.Mar 1935-Meagher County,Montana)
 |  |-3. James T. (Jr.) WOOD (b.3 Aug 1895)
 |  | sp: Unknown
  |  +-3. Mary J. WOOD (b.1894-Montana)
 |    sp: C. A. LINN of Montana (b.1884-Minnesota)
 |-2. Matilda Parberry HAMPTON (b.26 Jul 1873 d.30 Jan 1953-Helena,Montana)
 | sp: Gideon Kennedy SPENCER (b.21 Oct 1873-Canyon Ferry m.16 Oct 1902 d.Aft 1953)
 |  |-3. Louise SPENCER (b.10 May 1905-White Sulphur Springs,Montana d.8 Mar 1912-White Sulphur Springs,Montana)
 |  +-3. Matilda SPENCER (b.20 Sep 1908-White Sulphur Springs,Meagher County,Montana)
 |    sp: Milton V. RITTER (m.27 Dec 1930)
 |-2. Manoah Bostick (III) HAMPTON (b.14 Aug 1877-Alabama d.1 Dec 1957-Los Angeles,CA)
 | sp: Eva HARTFIELD (b.23 Dec 1884-Minnesota m.16 Nov 1911 d.2 Jul 1974-Los Angeles,CA)
 |-2. Brock Chilton HAMPTON (b.15 Sep 1880 d.5 Sep 1960-Los Angeles,CA)
 | sp: Anna Edith BOITANO (b.24 Nov 1886-Mayfield,CA m.31 Jul 1918)
 |  +-3. Jane Elizabeth HAMPTON (b.13 Jan 1921-Washington,D.C. - Dec 25, 2000)
 |    sp: Gerald (Jerry) Sherman COLLINS (d. Nov 2002)     (they had 3 children)  
sp: Lida  (b.Nov 1875-Illinois)

Further information about their children continued on the next page.  

Pictures below
Manoah Bostick Hampton (II)’s home in Leighton, AL  
Many thanks to Clyde Wikle for furnishing some of the photos shown on this page!    
Picture of Dr. John P. Hampton standing in front of his Meridianville home.  Seated on the horse is his grandson, also John Placibo Hampton - my great-grandfather.  Then from left to right, front row: Harriet Cecil (Bayou) Hampton, Mary Rebecca (Maibec) Hampton; back row:  Elise (DeeDee) Hampton, unknown, unknown, & Burtie Wyche Hampton.  The children that I can identify are all Dr. John P.'s grandchildren through his son John Manoah.  I can't identify the two young ladies in the middle. Guessing at the age of the children, the photo dates from 1894 or 1895.    (notes of Clyde Wikle)
Mary Elizabeth “Lilie” Hampton McClure’s gravestone, Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, AL  
Spencer home in White Sulphur Springs, Montana

This house is across the street from the Parberry House